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Study Of The Effectiveness Of A New Inhalation Chamber
In Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
Nabile Boukhettala1,2, Patrice Diot1, Thierry Porée2 and Laurent Vecellio1,3 1 EA6305 Aérosolthérapie et biomédicaments à visée respiratoire, Bretonneau University Hospital, François Rabelais University, Tours, France2 Protec'Som Laboratory, Valognes, France3 Aerodrug, Faculty of Medicine, Tours, France Introduction
To administer aerosol medication in mechanical In addition, three devices were compared for After nebulization, the use of the new prototype After the use of pMDI, the mass of salbutamol ventilation, different devices can be used either chamber increases the deposition of salbutamol deposited on the filter was similar between the nebulizers or pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI). The pMDI is recommended to be used with a spacer and nebulizer is used with a T- -Inhalation chamber with a short cone (PX01) adapter. A new chamber has been developped -Inhalation chamber with a long cone (PX02) inhalation was more effective than the PX02 aerosol generators and to increase aerosol inhalation chamber (659.7 ± 224.6 µg vs 477.7 The aim of this study was to evaluate the in vitro performance of two prototypes of inhalationchamber for both pressurized metered dose -Salbutamol mass loaded in the nebulizer : 5 The mass of salbutamol deposited on the filter, that is located after the endotracheal tube, was twice higher with the PX01 inhalation chamber -10 actuations of Ventolin (100 µg / dose) was than the Aerogen T-adapter (659.7 ± 224.6 µg conducted at the beginning of the inhalation phase and we waited 10 breaths between eachactuation.
clinical conditions, assembly below including arespirator (Volume controlled, Vc = 450mL, f = The results shown that an inhalation chamber 15/min, PEEP = 6, P max = 19, Ti / Ttot = with a short cone was more effective than an 40/60) and a model of adult lung Dual TTL inhalation chamber with a long cone during model 5600i (Michigan Instruments) was used.
nebulization. However, after the use of pMDI, A filter was placed after the endotracheal tube the results showed that the length of the to measure salbutamol by spectrophotometry after nebulization and after aerosolization.
In conclusion, the new prototype of inhalation In this study, three devices were compared for chamber (PX01) allows the efficiency of aerosol delivery for both pMDI and nebulizer in invasivemechanical ventilation.
Finally, the nebulization time was identical with The use of the new prototype of inhalation - Inhalation chamber with a short cone (PX01) the spacer and the T-adapter. Thus the rate of chamber increase by a factor 2 the aerosol drug delivered with the inhalation chamber was - Inhalation chamber with a long cone (PX02) delivery by mesh nebulizer in comparison with twice higher compared to the T-adapter.


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