Living on and off refuse Children's Relief
the dump-site collapsed, killing more than 500 men, women and children. In addition Here live thousands of families trying to bish. However, as a result of the people’s desperation, they returned to their labo- rious task, and it continues to this day. It Special points of
people, including their children, has arisen such avalanche occurs and tragically takes on this dump-site. The families work in the lives of many more people. This could shifts during the day, awaiting the trucks be avoided if the poverty of the people was alleviated, giving them a better, more collect, the more they earn. For this rea- son, the children are withheld from their their work. The constant clouds of bil ow- tory illnesses which are having a tragic effect, especially on the children. Inside this issue:
on 11 July, 2000, when a large section of CRF begins child sponsorship programme
the opportunity to sponsor families will find hope and the Papa John Centre. This that an individual or group chance to personally play a terest in their develop- Substance abuse
Street children who live on their
studies. Some have never attended on Substance Abuse that the sub-school. They are more heavily ex- abusing drugs, alcohol and solvents. glue (“rugby”), cannabis, alcohol, A survey taken of street children erally in their teens and adolescent Many of these children living on Risks and hazards vides them with ample time and
cities, the street children are gener-ally found roaming the streets and loitering in places such as parks and tourist spots; large shopping centres, commercial complexes and markets; hotels, motels and restaurants; promi-nent entertainment places such as discotheques and pub houses; by bridges and overpasses; church Mental and physical abuse
grounds, bus terminals, boat piers and in and around dumpsites. All these Tomorrow’s Future Today
Romar Aguirre
Romar is one of 7 siblings. They
berculosis. At that point they were ished grade 4. He longs to be with taken in by a foster mother who earned, Romar began staying in the his marketplace. One of the storeown- The PJC’s ongoing
displayed great insecurity due pri-marily to the fact that he couldn’t centre and the hundreds being helped in the streets and at the Payatas dump-site is only scratching the sur-face of a problem that is estimated by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to be grow-ing at a rate of 2 percent per year. The PJC’s resources are stretched to the limit, and can do no more unless it Christian Cortes
receives funds to accomplish the task it set out to do in 1994. This includes like you who are willing and able to set dren deserve the chance we’ve all had. members and relatives, and has no recollection of his own name. Volume 1, Issue 2
Children's Relief Fund
Children’s Relief Fund, Inc. is a European non-
profit foundation established in the Philippines in or- -Raise funds for street children and the less advan- -Implement programs/projects, through donor funds, to alleviate conditions besieging the less fortunate; The children’s future in our hands
-Promote and advocate for the rights of children, provide educational opportunities and skills training; -Provide basic needs such as food, clothing and shel-ter for the less advantaged. CRF was registered with the Securities and Ex-change Commission of the Philippines under No. CN200259125, on 30 October 2002. How You Can Help
The United Nations has called the
them love and compassion, and teach to help them so that they may one dren’s children. However, if we don’t send your donations to: help them, who will? What lessons are we then passing along to the Children’s Relief Fund, Inc.
CITIBANK, Greenhills
Account Number: 8241085751
“I need your help!”


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