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National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT®) Certification Examination Information and Resources During the 2004 ASD Pre-Conference meeting in Minneapolis, MN, NBCOT was invited to present information to the attendees about: • The national certification examination format and content; • The certification examination application and test scheduling process; • Examination preparation tools; and The presentation was followed by a question and answer period that proved to be a very productive. We know that over 95% of the certification candidates access certification information and/or apply to take the certification examination online through our Internet site One of our organizational goals is to enhance students and candidates’ access to information about NBCOT’s programs and services. To support this goal we have implemented changes to the “Exam Candidates” section of NBCOT's home page. My purpose in writing to you is to inform you of these changes and ask that you provide this information to your colleagues in your education program as well. Should you or one of your colleagues have a question or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at NBCOT headquarters My e-mail address is or by fax at 301-590-3014. Thank you. NBCOT® Certification Examination-Related Information

1. NBCOT Internet address:
2. Examination information Ä Go to the Tab Labeled Ä Exam Candidates
3. For general questions about the examination application, processing,
examination preparation, etc. Ä Go to the Tab labeled Ä Frequently Asked
then Ä Go to the File named Ä NBCOT Certification FAQ

4. For testing accommodation information Ä Go to the File named Ä Special
Testing Accommodations

5. For candidate eligibility information Ä Go to the Tab labeled Ä Candidate
Information/Application (North America)
6. Candidates can submit their applications in one of two ways: Online using the Internet or by paper. To apply to take the certification examination online Ä Go
to the Tab labeled Ä Online Examination Application
7. Please note – if you have not taken the certification examination, you must click the box and follow the directions.
8. Candidates who submit their application online should: • Have access to the Internet. • Have a valid e-mail address. • Have Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher or Netscape 6.0 and higher. All versions (4.0 and higher) will work, but some versions of Netscape 4.7 have been problematic. • Have a computer connected to a printer in order to print the “Application Receipt” or invoice. If you are paying by check, printing your “Application Invoice” to mail with your payment will prevent delays in application processing. 9. Candidates should not have their Transcripts or ACVF Forms (Academic Credential Verification Form) sent to NBCOT until they have completed their application – see NBCOT® Candidate Handbook for additional information. 10. Regardless of how an application was submitted, online or by paper, the status of a certification examination application can be accessed online Ä Go
to the Tab labeled Ä Online Application Status Check
To logon, you will need to enter your existing Username (e-mail address on file) and
your password.

11. After all required materials have been received and evaluated, the candidate’s Authorization To Test (ATT) Letter will be sent to the candidate by e-mail or by regular mail. Please note, candidates are permitted to take the certification examination with an ACVF on file with NBCOT, but an official transcript must be received before certification can be granted. 12. State regulatory entities and employers can request verification of your certification status. To access these and other forms Ä Go to the Tab labeled
Ä Forms
The following forms can be assessed from this Tab: of examination registration and eligibility to examine notice. candidate's eligibility to take the certification examination until the school’s registrar submits an official/final transcript. 13. To learn about and access NBCOT developed examination preparation tools that are available to students and candidates Ä Go to the Tab labeled Ä
Examination Preparation Tools
NBCOT is pleased to offer several online exams to assist in your professional preparation. Candidates can now take these exams at the time and place of their choice, with any computer that can connect to the Internet using a The official NBCOT study guides for the OTR and COTA certification examinations have been revised and now include chapters on: General Test-Taking Strategies; Specifics on the NBCOT Examinations; and A Practice Test, which mirrors the domain/content areas that will be used by NBCOT on their examinations beginning January 2005.


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