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TUESDAY, Feb. 1, 2005
Cristina Kelley to manage First Indy’s
Portland private banking office

Cristina Kelley has been named manager of First Independent Bank’s new private banking
office in the KOIN Center in Portland and promoted to senior vice president of the Vancouver-
headquartered bank.
Kelley will maintain offices in Portland and Vancouver, where she has been with First Inde-
pendent’s Premier Banking Group for the past two years. Kelley has 25 years of banking experi-
ence. Prior to joining First Independent she was a senior vice president and team leader with the
Bank of America.
Kelley is a member of the board of Boys and Girls Clubs in Southwest Washington, the Chil-
dren’s Auxiliary Trust for Vancouver and is a past co-president of the Vancouver Symphony.
Utility commissioners endorse
bill to legalize appliance repair
Although they have consistently and publicly supported Clark Public Utilities’ appliance repair
program, the utility board of commissioners today officially endorsed the program by resolution.
This afternoon in Olympia, the Senate Water Energy & Environment Committee is holding its
first hearing on Senate Bill 5348, introduced by first-term state Sen. Craig Pridemore (D-49th),
which would give Clark statutory permission to continue the program it has carried with it since it
was formed in 1940. The proposed bill is straightforwardly aimed solely for Clark Public Utilities
by stating: “A public utility district located within a county that has a contiguous border with the
state of Oregon and a population of three hundred forty thousand or more that provides electrical,
water, and sewer service to its customers may operate an electrical appliance repair service.”
Twice since, however, the utility has been sued and twice courts have declared the popular
Christina Kelley
program illegal. The utility has persisted, though, and currently the state Supreme Court is consid-ering whether to uphold or reverse lower court action. Opposition to the program has come primarily from local heating and ventilating contractors who view the practice by the utility an incursion into private business territory. One of those, Miller’s Heating, yesterday in a quarter-page advertisement in the Columbian, said in part, “.Small business families of all kinds must rise up to defeat this misguided bill [SB 5348], or it will lead to government takeover of auto repair, plumbing, electrical,
groceries, etc. We will all end up standing in lines to buy toilet paper with our tiny government issued paychecks while the savior public
servants sit on the beach sipping exotic drinks.”
Rosalyn Hart, running start student,
to get Marshall Youth Leadership award

Rosalyn Hart, Washougal High School and Clark College Running Start program student, has been named 2005 winner of the Gen.
George C. Marshall Youth Leadership Award, Vancouver mayor Royce Pollard announced yesterday.
Hart is one of two Clark College students named to the All-Washington Two Year College Academic Team for campus involvement and academics. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the two-year college honor society, and was selected as the 2004 Running Start Stu-dent-of-the-Year. The Running Start program gives high school students an option of attending Clark during their final two years of high school and thus earning a two-year college associate in arts degree at the same they graduate from high school. Hart will be presented the award at a reception at 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, in the Marshall House on Officers Row. With it she earns a $1,000 scholarship and a paid summer internship with the Vancouver National Historic Reserve Trust, a sponsor of the award.
PDX noise committee to hold Vancouver
meeting to review recommendations

Although a three-year noise compatibility study conducted by the Port of Portland on behalf of its Portland International Airport found there was little that could be done to mitigate airport noise in Vancouver and Clark County, the committee which conducted the study will hold a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16, in Hudson’s Bay High School, 1206 E Reserve Street, to give citizens an op-portunity to review committee recommendations. The committee is also holding a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, in the Hayden Island Double Tree Hotel, and another in east Multnomah County at 6:30 p.m. in The Lake House, 21160 NE Blue Lake Road, Fairview
Fairy Godmother puts out call
for gowns and fancy accessories

Gently used but still in-style gowns are among high school prom wear items being sought by The Vancouver School District Founda- tion’s Operation Fairy Godmother, which, for the second year, will make gowns and accessories available at modest prices to all Clark County high school girls headed for school proms. In addition to gowns, semi-formal dresses and such accessories as evening bags, shawls and gloves are also being sought. The Daily Insider is published by Tony Bacon 7007 Corregidor Rd. Vancouver, WA 98664. (360) 696-1077. Fax 694-9886. E-Mail tony@dailyinsider.info. Annual subscription, $315.00. Free to all retired persons. www.dailyinsider.info
Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005 Page 2
Gowns and accessories will be on display and ready for sale on Saturday, March 19, in the Roosevelt Elementary School. Prom items may be taken to the following locations: Nordstrom, Vancouver Mall, The Clothes Closet, 6405 Mill Plain Boulevard, Jim Parsley Community Center, Hostess House/Bridal Arts, 10017 NE 6th Avenue, and two Spanky’s locations, 812 Main Street and
13503 SE Mill Plain Boulevard. Monetary contributions may be mailed to the Vancouver School District Foundation, Operation Fairy
Godmother, P.O. Box 6039, Vancouver, WA 98668. Donations of clothing or money are tax deductible. For further information, call 313-
News brief
Clark County Commissioners meet in an informal session at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 2. Mistakes
The Vancouver Planning Commission’s First Thursday informal session on neighborhood traffic planning is, of course, on Thursday, Feb. 3, not Tuesday, and the correct spelling of the name of one of the presenters is Tim Schauer. That takes care of most of the mistakes
in the Monday, Jan. 31, edition of the Daily Insider.
Tuesday headlines from at home and around the world:
Utility shines light on program for renewable energy--Columbian, Erik Robinson
Roots gets Bon Appetit boost--Columbian, Angela Allen
"Strawberry blond" Craig Pridemore getting good marks as freshman senator--Oregonian, Brian Turner
Army, tribes to talk about Hudson's Bay graveyard--Oregonian, Allan Brettman
Northwest utilities' bills for Enron fiasco as high as $1.8 billion--Seattle Times, Christopher Schwarzen
U.N. to put former president Clinton in charge of tsunami reconstruction--USA TODAY, AP
Medicare to cover Viagra, other sex performance drugs--Washington Post, AP, Laurie Kellman
Tuesday on the air
Building vs. Buying Talent for Tomorrow— 4 p.m. CVTV
Capital Perspectives— 6 p.m. CVTV
Clark College Vocal Jazz Festival— 7 p.m. CVTV
Portland Blazers at Lakers (live)— 7:30 p.m. KGW-TV, KXL, KRMZ
Clark College Jazz Band Festival— 9 p.m. CVTV
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra: Mostly Mozart— 11:30 p.m. CVTV
Town Tabloids and the weather
John Bryden offering aid and comfort. ? Judith Davis filling up birthday dance card. ? Nancy Kerfoot getting extra ink. ? Sue
supplying approbation. ? Denisse Haney wielding wand. ? Tuesday, sun follows fog, 55. Wednesday, sun may foil ground-
hog’s hoped for prediction, 57. Thursday, mostly sunny as some clouds gather, 59.
The Daily Insider is published by Tony Bacon 7007 Corregidor Rd. Vancouver, WA 98664. (360) 696-1077. Fax 694-9886. E-Mail tony@dailyinsider.info. Annual subscription, $315.00. Free to all retired persons.

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