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Week 2 – Rosemary
Answer Sheet

Patient details

Name Rosemary Aaaaaaaaaaa Age 46 Known allergies NKA
Known medical conditions HT, high cholesterol, diabetes
Current therapy (brief) Avapro, Lipitor, Daonil

Prescription details (for extemporaneous products, proprietary name is not required)

Proprietary name Avapro HCT 150/12.5 Formulation Tablets (combination)
Generic name irbesartan/hydrochlorthiazide Quantity 30 Repeats 0
*Pregnancy category D (avoid use) *OK for breastfeeding? Yes

Poison schedule 4 (n/a yet)
Covered by PBS Yes (n/a yet)

* required for female patients only

List up to four MAJOR indications for this product – which are POSSIBLE FOR THIS PATIENT – and the relevant
dosage range or regimen for each, indicating the reference source (including year and page numbers) for the


Dosage range/regimen
Reduction of renal disease progression in patients with HT, type II diabetes and microalbuminuria
Why do you think this product has been prescribed for this patient? If the product has been introduced as part of
ongoing therapy for an existing condition, explain why this product has been added to therapy.
HT not control ed by irbesartan alone, addition of diuretic is rational therapy
Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Sydney PHAR4620/PHAR5507 Student Name:
Bench Number:

Does the prescription (medication, quantity and directions) appear to be a rational and appropriate choice for this
condition in this patient? Yes
(check one box). Give your reasons (briefly).
Patient changed from 150mg Avapro to same dose irbesartan plus hydrochlorthiazide. Thiazide diurectics reduce CV
morbidity and mortality in patients with HT and diabetes

What common side effects might you expect to see associated with the use of this product?

Note: Side Effects from addition of Thiazide only, ACE is continuing therapy.
Dizziness, weakness, muscle cramps, polyuria, orthostatic hypotension, electrolyte changes, especial y

What rare but dangerous side effects should you be aware of in relation to this product?

Paraesthesia, intrahepatic cholestatic jaundice, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, agranulocytosis, aplastic anaemia,
haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia, toxic epidermal necrolysis, purpura, necrotising vasculitis

For remaining answers to questions please refer to your assignment with marker’s

Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Sydney PHAR4620/PHAR5507


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