Questions and Answers on the 2011 FIA-NM ARRA RFP – Q. What are the minimum number of plots that would be needed to bid on? A. The minimum bid should be a complete line item. Q. How much time would a contractor have to complete them? A. The contract will run through December of 2011. Currently, the scheduled “sunset” of the Midas Version 4.0 software is driving this deadline. New Mexico is the last state collecting data with this version, and from an analysis standpoint, all the plots in this project need to be collected using the same version. Therefore, unless there is a policy change from the National FIA program, there will be no opportunities for contract extensions. The work must be completed in this field season. Q. What data collection units will work for FIAs? What software program is used for data entry? Do I need training on that? A. The software being used for this project is MIDAS 4.0 version. (New Mexico is the only state that will be using this software, as other states have started using the 5.0 version.) Not all Personal Data Recorders support this software. Most crews are using the Allegra Juniper hand-held recorder. Other hand held recorders may work. It would be best to contact the Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis office in Ogden to discuss the use of other units. A starting point for that contact would be Bob Rhoads,(801) 625-5685. Q. When the awarded prices become available for public viewing? A. We do not regularly list awards in a public location. This information can be received by filing a request via the Inspection of Public Records Act. One way to make this request is to label it as a “request for public information” and send the question specifically identifying what information is being requested via email. Q. How to arrange to view packets? Can a person determine travel needs from viewing the packets? Is there information on distances to each plot, nature of the terrain, etc.? A. A majority of the packets are available to be viewed by appointment. Bidders will be required to sign a confidentially form, and not make any notes on exact locations or make copies of any materials. To arrange an appointment, contact Mary Stuever, Chama District Forester,575-588-7831. Depending on the history of the plot (if it has been measured before) the contents of the packets vary. Re-measurement plots have the travel directions from the last visit, usually 12 to 25 years ago. Most plot packets have a map, and either aerial photo pairs or a printout of an ortho-photo. Plot by plot, information on the nature of the terrain can be determined through this examination. Practically it would take days to gather this information from the packets. The summary database lists truck distances to each plot. Field crews regularly comment that these estimates are not reliable. Here is a summary of average truck distances by line item. Q. What does “detailed project plan outlining… number of jobs retained, number of anticipated jobs created to support the long term collection and use of FIA data” mean.? A. Proposals need to give the State a clear idea of how the project will be implemented, and as the primary purpose of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding is to stimulate the economy, proposals need to address the amount of work anticipated. For clarification, although FIA is a program that collects data annually, this ARRA project is only for this year. Q. Will there be a training session as last year? Q. How many wilderness plots and which bid items? A. The wilderness plots are included in the district line items for this RFP (last time they were a separate line item.) This table provides an estimate of plots with restricted access (wilderness or similar roadless designation) for the line items. Q. What percentage of the plots in this RFP are private plots without access granted? A. 55% will require the contractor to make an attempt to locate the landowner. Q. Are there any other responsibilities with the Pagoda micro climate stations, besides care in transport and installation? A. No. The Pagoda stations are already assembled and the sensors set before they are provided to the contractor. Q. When will the successful contractor be able to start work on the contract? A. Not until there is a signed contract. Our RFP has been scheduled to allow time to process the contract before the end of the state fiscal year. We anticipate having a contract in place as soon as we are able following the selection from the proposals. The process generally takes from 3-8 weeks.

Source: http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SFD/documents/QARFP2011FIA.pdf


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