KONE ReNova 800 Door
Design criteria
For demanding buildings
Designed for elevators with up to 800 000 door Designed for up to 800000 cycles per year, the cycles per year. (1 cycle = open + close) ReNova 800 is the complete door solution, suited toany application.
Two and four panel centre opening – 800mm Modular design
The ReNova 800 uses the same modular design as the One, two and three panel side opening – 800mm rest of the ReNova range, but it is suitable to cover more applications than the little-brother ReNova 400, Height 2100mm, optionally 2000mm or 2200mm both in terms of structural strength, and design limitsfor mechanical and electrical lifetime.
Performance in figures
Door opening time adjustable, down to 1.8 Matching with all relevant safety requirements
The ReNova 800 has been developed to meet the Door closing time adjustable, down to 2.2 all-European requirements of increasing user comfort and safety. Also taken into account are the requirements in terms of preventing fire and assisting the access of Average noise level of less than 55 dB(A) disabled persons. The ReNova door operators carry the (at the elevator landing, 1m from the door, at CE-markings, as sign of controlled quality and safety.
1m from the floor, microphone towards the door) Setting new standards for door drives
Operating principles
The ReNova 800 door drive is genuinely a global product, Supply 1-phase AC, any voltage from 115 to with all the advantages one can think of. The ReNova 800 uses the same modular design as the rest of the ReNova Automatic adaptation to any line voltage, within range and this has clear benefits in operation, reliability, maintenance and spare parts. The ReNova 800 drive is the most modern V3F-inverter, integrated with door control electronics, forming a uniform drive module.
Average power consumption in operation 170W, Location of the motor is optimised directly above the door panels, vertically in line with the centre of gravity of the doors. This, together with toothed belt torque transmission eliminates complicated mechanical cams and the end result is, a highly increased reliability,lifetime and smoothness of operation.
Safety device options
Recommended applications
ReNova 800 is suitable for all types of elevators, especially those with high traffic intensity and performance requirements. Its wide range of applications and the800000 cycle design makes it the perfect choice for A Door control options
grade office buildings, hotels, hospitals and commercial Nudging function, with reduced speed closing Entrances and landings.
ReNova 800 has been designed to suit a large variety of
door, frame and hall entrance alternatives. For details,
please consult KONE Planning Guides and KONE ReNova
Door control (board+V3F)
Synchronous PMSM motor and gear
Drive unit
Toothed belt
Door Speed Profiles
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