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Will my doctor automatically prescribe
generic drugs?
You can receive the highest level of benefit from Kansas City prescription drug coverage by 1. Ask your physician for the generic equivalent in a prescription situation; 2. If a generic is not available, ask your physician for the preferred brand name 3. Confirm with your pharmacist that you are receiving the most cost effective prescriptionalternative.
Important Facts About G E N E R I C D R U G S The pharmaceutical industry has produced a What process must a generic drug go
Do all drugs have generic equivalents?
stream of new drugs in recent years aimed at through to be approved?
No. Some drugs are protected by patents for up fighting more health conditions than ever. While A generic drug meets the same stringent performance to 20 years and are supplied by only one company.
this is a result of innovative research and and bioequivalence standards set by the U.S.
achievement, society is paying a high price for manufacturers can produce its generic equivalent.
manufacturing process of all drugs is strictly regulated Currently, about half the drugs on the market are by the U.S. government and the same standards are Retail spending on prescription drugs soared nearly 20 percent annually in recent years according to How can I get generic drugs?
figures tracked by the National Institute for Health What’s the difference between a generic
Healthcare professionals strongly support the use Care Management Foundation (NIHCM). One of and brand name drug?
the most effective ways to help control some Because a generic drug must meet the same Association, the largest organization of medical pharmaceutical costs without reducing quality scientific standards established by the Food and doctors, states that generic drug products are patient care is to take advantage of generic drugs. Drug Administration (FDA), must have the same acceptable for use by the American public. Ask Generic drugs typically cost from 30 to 75 percent active ingredients and must have the same medical your doctor or pharmacist if any prescriptions you less than brand name drugs. With a cost benefit effect as a brand name drug, there is very little are currently taking can be filled with a generic like this, it is important you know the facts about difference between the two except name and price.
What are generic drugs?
A generic drug is made with the same active ingredients and is available in the same strength and dosage form as the equivalent brand name product.
Generic drugs are named for the chemical compound Ingredient prices based on 34-day supply
Generic price reflects BCBSKC maximum allowable cost (MAC), Brand price reflects average wholesale price (AWP)



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