Company Register
Please complete in typescript,
First directors and secretary and intended situation of
or in bold black capitals.
registered office
Company Number
Company Name in full
Proposed Registered Office
(PO Box numbers only, are not acceptable) This is to certify that the above is/are the Registered holders of the shares shown herein, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company agent for the subscriber(s) of the memorandum mark the box opposite and give the agent's name and address.
Note: In accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 1985 Section 36A a Company need not have a common seal, and whether it does or not, a document to be executed signed by a Director and the Secretary, or by two Directors of the Company, has the same effect as if executed under the common seal of the Company Please give the name, address,telephone number and, if available,a DX number and Exchange ofthe person Companies House should contact if there is any query.
When you have completed and signed the form please send it to the Registrar of Companies at : Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF4 3UZ DX 33050 Cardiff
for companies registered in England and Wales Companies House, 37 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2EB
DX 235 Edinburgh
¾ Maintains registers of directors, members etc.
Only £195+VAT.
If you are not entirely satisfied, return the software within 30 days for a fullrefund.
¾ Optional electronic lodgement soon to be available Forms included:6, 10, 10cont, 12, 30(5)(A), 30(5)(B), 30(5)(C), 43(3), 43(3)(E), 49(1),49(8)(A), 49(8)(A)cont,51, 53, 54, 88(2), 190, 225, 266(1), 266(3)287,288(A), 288(B), 288(C), 318, 325, 353, 363, 363cont, 363_S, 363(A), 391,403(A), 600, 600A, 652(A), 652(A)cont, 652(C) FORBES Forbes Computer Systems Ltd.
38 Station Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes MK17 8RU
Tel: 01908 584674 Fax: 01908 584676


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