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• Find your medication in the following list, or ask your nurse to highlight it for you. • The name of each medication is followed by one or more letters. • Match this letter or letters with the information in the table below. Acarbose A
Clofazimine A
Mepron A,I
Pentoxifiylline A
Sinemet I
Accolate B
Clomipramine G
Fortovase A,G
Metformin A
Phenylpropanolamine H
Sirolimus G
Accutane A, E, I
Ganciclovir A
Methotrexate B,C,E
Phenelzine D
Acetaminophen E
Cortisone A
Glipizide E
Methylprednisolone A
Phos-Lo A
Soriatane E,I
Acitretin E,J
Cotrimoxazole E
Glucophage A
Metronidazole E
Pimozide G
Sporanox A,G
Coumadin F
Griseofulvin A,E,I
Mevacor G
Piroxicam A
Sucralfate B
Crixivan B
Hexadrol A
Mexiletine A,H
Plaquenil A
Sular, B,G
Alendronate B,C
Cuprimine B,C
Hydrocortisone A
Mexitil A,H
Plendil G
Sulindac A
Alkeran B
Cyclosporine G
Hydroxychloroquine A
Micronase E
Tacrolimus E,G
Anafranil G
Cytotec A
Ibuprofen A
Misoprostol A
Precose A
Tegretol G
Anaprox A
Cytovene A
Indinavir B
Moexipril B
Prednisolone A
Tetracycline B,C
Darvocet E
Indocin A
Prevacid B
TheoDur H
Antabuse E
Darvocet-N E
Indomethacin A
Nabumetone A
Prednisone A
Theophylline H
Naprosyn A
Prilosec B
Aspirin A
Invirase A,G
Naproxen A
Procarbazine D,E
Ticlopidine A
Atorvastatin G
Isocarboxazid D
Procardia G
Tolbutamide E
Atovaquone A,I
Decadron A
Isoniazid B, D, E
Prograf E,G
Tolectin A
Declomycin B,C
Isoptin E, G, H
Nicardipine B,G
Propafenone I
Tolinase E
Bactrim E
Demeclocycline B,C
Isotretinoin A,E,I
Nifedipine B,G
Propoxyphene E
Tolmetin A
Bethanecol B
Deprenyl D
Isradipine G
Nilandron E
Propulsid G
Toradol A
Buspar E,G
Dexamethasone A
Itraconazole A,G
Nilutamide E
Quinaglute G
Tranylcypromine D
Buspirone E,G
Diabeta E
Ketoconazole E
Nimodipine B,G
Quinidex G
Trental A
Calan E, G, H
Diabinese E
Ketoprofen A
Nimotop B,G
Quinidine G
Tylenol E
Calcium Acetate A
Diazepam G
Ketorolac A
Nisoldipine B,G
Rapamune G
Uniphyll H
Carafate B
Dicloxacillin B
Lamprene A
Nitrfurantoin A
Relafen A
Univase B
Carbamazepine G
Didanosine B
Lansoprazole B
Nizoral E
Retrovir I
Urecholine G
Carbatrol G
Didronel B,C
Laradopa I
Rheumatrex B,C,E
V Cillin K B
Cardene B, G
Dipentum A
Levodopa/Carbidopa I
Norfloxacin C
Rifadin B
Disulfiram E
Lipitor G
Noroxin C
Rifamate B,D,E
Dolobid A
Lithium carbonate A
Rifampin B
Venlafaxine A
Cefpodoxime A
Dynacirc G
Olsalazine A
Rilutek B
Verapamil E,G,H
Dynapen B
Lomustine B
Omeprazole B
Riluzole B
Verelan E,G,H
Cefuroxime A
Effexor A
Lovastatin G
Ritonavir A
Chloral Hydrate E
Eldepryl D
Macrodantin A
Orasone A
Rythmol I
Warfarin F
Chloroquine A
Marplan D
Oxaprozin A
Sandimmune G
Zafirlukast B
Chlorpropamide E
Eskalith A
Matulane D,E
Parnate D
Saquinavir A,G
Zidovudine I
Cilostazol G
Etidronate B,C
Meclofenamate A
Pen Vee K B
Selegiline D
Zinc Sulfate B
Cipro C, H
Etodolac A
Meclomen A
Penicillamine B,C
Cisapride G
Feldene A
Penicillin VK B
Sertraline G
Clinoral A
Felodipine G
Melphalan B
Penicillin G B
Simvastatin G
Avoid aged cheese, herring, salami, pepperoni, summer D sausage, raspberries, liver and over ripe avocados.
G Avoid grapefruit/grapefruit products 6-8 hours
Caffeine Interactions. It may be necessary to Check with your doctor or pharmacist as these drugs may limit your consumption of caffeine-containing Wide variations in the amount of green leafy vegetables, C before or 2-3 hours after eating
broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, mayonnaise, canola/salad/soybean oil consumed each day may change . Miscellaneous drug/food interactions. Check
the effectiveness and safety of this medication.


Nmo_760 263.283

Neurogastroenterol Motil (2006) 18, 263–283Treatment of gastroparesis: a multidisciplinary clinicalreviewThe American Motility Society Task Force on Gastroparesis (members in alphabetical order)T. L. ABELL,* R. K. BERNSTEIN,  T. CUTTS,à G. FARRUGIA,§ J. FORSTER,– W. L. HASLER,** R. W. MCCALLUM,–K. W. OLDEN,   H. P. PARKMAN,àà C. R. PARRISH,§§ P. J. PASRICHA,–– C. M. PRATHER,

Woonforum Dijle & Nete 23 november 2011 Gemeentehuis Putte Woonforum Dijle & Nete – korte voorstelling Het project 'Wonen langs Dijle en Nete' wil de opgebouwde kennis en ervaring graag delen en vermenigvuldigen . Tijdens een eerste panelgesprek (namiddag) zoomen we in op de relatie tussen vredegerecht, woningkwaliteit en herhuisvesting . We onderzoeken met 4 pan

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