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Transcripts for 21 of Billy Mays’
Most Popular Infomercials
Information collected by Tom Trush, copywriter and marketing strategist, Write Way Solutions 602.305.6755 – – Impact Gel:
Are you on your feet all day? Does the contact pounding cause your ankles, knees and
back to ache?
Hi, Billy Mays here for the world’s greatest insole, Impact Gel.
Why am I smashing my hand with this hammer? To show you the amazing protection
you get from Impact Gel.
And this hammer is real.
The same gel technology is used in our Impact Gel insoles.
If you have sore, tired, aching feet, Impact Gel absorbs more shocking pressure than
other insoles. Unlike regular insoles that break down over time, Impact Gel is injected
into the areas that provide pressure relief where you need it most – the heals and balls of
your feet.
The gel never breaks down. And when impact occurs, the insole soaks up the shock and
the force now ripples throughout the gel pads. No regular insoles can do that.
Even after continuous pounding, these M&M’s don’t break.
Imagine the relief you’ll feel in all kinds of shoes. They even work in cowboy boots. I
use them, and they work.
Talk about shock-absorbency … I’m going to run over my hand with this 6,000-pound
car. That’s the power and protection of Impact Gel.
Whether you’re a runner, a professional or a stay-at-home mom, you deserve the comfort
of Impact Gel. Stop spending hundreds on inferior insoles. Remember, nothing absorbs a
shock quite like Impact Gel.
Call now and get a pair of our Impact Gel insoles for only $29.99. But that’s not all.
We’ll also send you a pair of our Impact Gel inserts free. They’re perfect for dress shoes
and casual wear. But I’m still not done.
Call right now and we’ll double the offer. Just pay separate shipping and handling.
That’s right, you’ll get two sets of insoles and two sets of inserts, a $90 value, all for
Here’s how to order.
Grater Plater:
What would happen if you combine a cheese grater with a plate? You’d have a plate that
Hi, Billy Mays here for the Grater Plater! It’s no ordinary plate. Watch this.
Grate cheese with ease – Parmesan, Romano, even Asiago. There’s no wrong way to use
it. Back and forth, side to side, round and round, all the cheese stays in the plate. Pass it
around the dinner table and grate as you go.
Use it for pasta, pizza or salads. For zest, it’s the best. Whether is a lemon, lime or
orange, you get perfect results each and every time. You can’t mince garlic with one of
these and if you use a press, it’s a mess! Watch this.
You can puree garlic fast, quick and easy, and all the natural juices stay right in the plate.
It gives you the consistency of garlic butter without the butter. Add a little olive oil and
herbs, and it becomes a dipping plate.
Soft enough for little hands and it won’t even pop a balloon! The secret is the hardened,
tempered ceramic design that never dulls. It’s triple glazed so nothing sticks.
Don’t cut a finger trying to grate ginger with one of these. The Grater Plater is the best
ginger grater. There’s no strings and all the essence stay right on the plate. Use it for
baking, chocolate, cinnamon – even coconut is no match for the Grater Plater.
Call now and we’ll send you the Grater Plater for just $10.
But I’m just getting started. With every order, we’ll include the Roll ‘n’ Peel. Take a
clove and give it a roll. Peel all the garlic you like without ever touching it. You’ll even
get the gathering brush to mix all the flavors together and top your favorite foods.
But call right now and we’ll double this entire offer absolutely free. Just pay separate
shipping and handling. You get it all, a huge value all for just $10.
Here’s how to order.
Hi! Billy Mays here for OxiClean, the stain specialist, powered by the air you breathe,
activated by the water that you and I drink. It’s Mother Nature-approved and it’s safe on
your colored fabrics.
Use it on carpets. OxiClean seeks out organic stains, pet stains, food stains. it gets down
into the matting, into the padding. It even takes red wine and grape juice out of white
carpeting. It cleans, it brightens, it eliminates odors all at the same time. Don’t just get it
clean, get it OxiClean.
Make a paste. Make it 10 times as powerful! The longer you let it set, the easier it is. It
will whiten your grout and get rid of your toughest stains.
Sometimes soaking is the solution. If you use bleach, you’ll ruin your clothes! OxiClean
won’t hurt the material -- even lace! It has the power of bleach without the damaging side
effects of chlorine.
When your laundry detergent just isn’t enough, super charge it with OxiClean. One scoop
in every load of laundry, it will make your whites whiter. It will make your brights
As a stain remover, it’s the best! Grass stains, clay stains. Long live your laundry!
OxiClean, the stain specialist.
We sold millions of our two-and-half-pound tubs for $40. But if you call now, we’ll cut
the price in half, only $19.95. You’ll also receive the Squirt Bottle and the Super
Shammy absolutely free.
If you call during this show, you’ll receive a bottle of our world-famous Orange Clean
made with pure orange oil. It cuts through the grease and the grime whether it’s baked on
in the oven or caked on the stove. You get all this for just $19.95.
But call in the next 20 minutes, and we’ll super size your OxiClean from a two-and-a-half
pound tub to a whopping six-pound bucket! Nearly triple the amount, but you got to call
Here’s how to order.
Mighty Putty:
Hi, Billy Mays here for Mighty Putty, the easy way to fix, fill and seal virtually anything
fast and make it last!
Mighty Putty is not a glue, but a super-powered epoxy that you can mold to any shape
and apply directly to most any surface for an everlasting bond.
Ordinary epoxies are a mixing mess. With Mighty Putty, you just cut like dough, simply
knead to activate, apply and let dry.
It has the muscle to support up to 350 pounds.
Rebuild a damage tool to work like new or make car repairs and save money. Drills,
holes and screws can ruin your project. With Mighty Putty, you just cut, activate and
Here’s something you can’t do with glue: Mighty Putty seals leaks instantly. Use it on
pipes and faucets for a permanent seal. As you knead, it activates, turning from green to
white to show it’s ready to hold on tight.
It has the strength to pull this fully loaded 80,000-pound tractor trailer! Now that’s the
power of Mighty Putty!
Whether it’s tile to wood, metal to glass, any job big or small, Mighty Putty repairs them
all. Fill cracks in ceilings, walls, and floors. Mold it to furniture, sand and paint for a
seamless repair.
And it’s ideal for all your crafting projects.
There’s nothing you can’t do with Mighty Putty.
Call now and we’ll send you two powerful sticks of Mighty Putty for only $19.99. But
through this exclusive TV offer, we’ll double it and send you two more sticks free.
Mighty Putty will pay for itself the very first time.
But I’m not done yet. Call right now and I’ll triple the offer, and send you six sticks of
Mighty Putty for the same old price of $19.99.
Order now!
Orange Glo:
I love beautiful wood. Don’t you?
Well, let me show you how to take care of all your wood with Orange Glo wood cleaner
and polish, made with pure orange oil. It cleans, polishes and protects all at the same
time. It cuts through the grease and the grime, especially on kitchen cabinets.
Orange Glo puts down an invisible shield, an invisible barrier that protects your wood
from water spots and stains. Look at this: You could even see the difference.
“I’ve used other cleaning products but I keep coming back to the original Orange Glo. It
cleans and polishes the wood. The shine lasts from cleaning to cleaning.”

Orange Glo revitalizes your wood and restores its natural luster. It even covers those
annoying nicks and scratches.
“And now, all my wood surfaces are clean and shiny, and my whole house smells like
fresh oranges
Now, let me show you our brand new polishing cloths with all the power of pure orange
oil. They’re not only soft, but they’re tough enough to get the job done. For fingerprints,
dust, grime, they leave an incredible shine and a fresh orange scent.
When you call, you’ll receive a 32-ounce bottle of our Orange Glo, two canisters of our
brand new polishing cloths … all for just $19.99. But call right now, and we’ll include a
bottle of our amazing wood floor cleaner absolutely free. It cleans and protects your
wood floors in one easy step restoring their natural luster.
These Orange Glo products will take care of all you fine wood. That’s not just our
pledge, that’s our promise.
So you get all this: 32 ounces of our Orange Glo, two canisters of our brand new
polishing cloths, and our amazing wood floor cleaner. That’s a huge value all for just
$19.99. But you got to call now.
Here’s how to order.
Big City Slider Station:
Hi, Billy Mays here for the Big City Slider Station, the fast and easy way to press and
cook delicious sliders. Those restaurant mini burgers everyone loves.
No more squishing and squashing or flipping and flopping. With the Slider Station, just
scoop, press and cook right on your stove.
The unique design cooks both sides at once, so you never have to flip ‘em. And in just
two minutes, you’ll have five mouth-watering sliders.
Use dinner rolls, potato rolls, any bun. You can double or triple-stack ‘em and watch your
family attack them. Topped with pickles, onions, ketchup or cheese, Big City Sliders are
sure to please!
The double-sided, non-stick surface is so slick not even burnt on cheese will stick.
Whether its ground beef, chopped or sirloin, just scoop, press and cook. No flipping and
no hassle.
Make healthy turkey, chicken and veggie burgers with these, and join the craze with me,
Billy Mays!
You could also cook ‘em on a bed of onions for that classic diner taste. Or use the Slider
Station as the ultimate burger press to load the grill in no time.
And watch this: On a busy school morning, five perfect egg sandwiches in an instant.
Moms are going to love it! And when you’re done, clean-up iss a breeze.
Call now and receive the Big City Slider Station with measuring scoop for just $19.99.
We’ll also include this Slider Station Recipe Guide loaded with my favorite creations like
the barbecue bacon cheddar and the original Billy Burger free.
But call right now, and we’ll send you the quick prep slicer perfect for onions, pickles,
and mushrooms – at $20 value free. Just pay separate shipping and handling.
You get it all! Big City Slider Station, Measuring Scoop, Recipe Guide and Quick Prep
Slicer all for just $19.99.
Order right now!
Ding King:
Hi! Billy Mays here with an amazing new product, you got to see it to believe it – it’s
called the Ding King. It’s the do-it-yourself dent and ding remover with professional
What do you when you get a dent or a ding in your car? Up until now, you either had to
drive around that way or spend hundreds of dollars to have it fixed.
Not anymore. The Ding King gives you the power to remove that dent or ding in minutes,
and you do it yourself.
Here’s how it works: Simply apply the special bonding agent to the super strong dent-
puller and place it firmly in the middle of the dent. Now put the pulling bridge over it and
twist on this special wing knot. It’s like dialing the dent away.
You see it happen instantly, right before your eyes … like magic. The dent is gone. And
look your car is like new again! It’s like the dent was never there.
You want your car or truck to look good. Nobody wants to drive around with dents and
dings. Take a look at this ding … it’s a doozey. But don’t pay a fortune to have it
And why risk higher insurance rates when you could remove it quick and easy with a
Ding King? Just turn the wing knot and watch that awful dent just disappear.
Use it just once and it’s more than paid for itself. Ding King works on any finish and it
works on all these makes and models. That’s just about every car and truck made, and I
want you to put it to the test. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.
Call now and you’ll get the Ding King Kit complete with everything you need.
Auto body shops pay as much as $300 for the same kit. The Ding King is yours for only
29.95, but you’ve got to call now.
Here’s how to order.
Dual Saw:
There really is only one way to truly grasp just how advance this is, and that’s to watch it
in action.
The Dual Saw is built tough, but it’s the way that it cuts that counts. Watch this!
Power, precision, versatility, strength. The Dual Saw, the one tool with the power to cut it
With its laser cut, dual and double-tungsten carbon blades and its patented counter-
rotating technology, the Dual Saw really is a cut above the rest. Watch it plunge-cut
straight into the toughest materials, and then cut with craftsmen-like accuracy, moving
both backwards and forwards. No other saw can do that.
The counter-rotating blade technology lets you sink the Dual Saw’s precision teeth into
any material with no kick, no biting and no vibration. It really is the only way to cut.
Each tooth is laser hole to create a sharper, higher quality blade that gives you cleaner
cuts time after time.
Use it on any type of wood, like decking, wood flooring and all types of home
improvement projects. It’s perfect for plastics, PVC and plexiglass. It cuts a straight line
without burning or melting.
Use the same blade to cut into all types of material– from copper to diamond plate.
Compared to the ordinary grinder on the left, even construction-grade rebar won’t take
the Dual Saw.
The counter-rotating technology is so advanced that it took millions of dollars and eight
years to develop, and has been proven in fire rescue situations.
It’s time to make the Dual Saw an asset to your tool collection. Use it to save money and
do-it-yourself. Drop a sink into a bathroom or kitchen, install an AC return fan quick and
easy. And for hardwood flooring, it’s the best!
Take it outside and get a straight line every time for decking and fencing. It’s the portable
powerhouse that fits in the palm of your hand.
Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a first time user, nothing compares to the Dual
Saw. It’s the ultimate combination of precision engineering and blade technology. No
other saw even comes close.
The Dual Saw makes all kinds of jobs easier. No drilling pilot holes, no more torn up
surfaces. Like a train on the track, it knows how to do one thing – and that’s cut. If it has
to be cut, cut it with a Dual Saw.
You could spend hundreds on different tools to get the job done or you get it all done with the Dual Saw. It’s the one tool that you don’t want to be without! The Quick Chop:
Hi, Billy Mays here for the original quick chop, the fastest, easiest, safest way to chop
mince or dice any vegetable – guaranteed.
Here’s how it works: Just place the vegetable on the board, give it a tap and you’ve got
finely shredded cabbage in seconds for crunchy coleslaw. If you like salads, put all your
ingredients in at the same time.
Chicken salad, ham salad, even shrimp salad is all done with just a few taps.
It has the power to chop nuts – almonds, walnuts, pecans. Use them for toppings for ice
cream Sundays.
Quick chop even has the muscle to chop ice . amazing!
Make delicious, mouth-watering salsa in seconds. It even works on tough vegetables like
Quick chop peels and chops garlic with just one tap. Keep tapping for freshly minced
The secret is the six carbon steel blades, combined with the rotating action. Each time
you tap, it rotates and chops on a different angle – and never misses a thing.
One tap and you’ve got sliced onions. A few more taps for diced onions. Keep tapping
for finely minced onions.
It’s faster than a knife and the only tears you’ll cry are tears of joy.
Clean-up is a breeze – just rinse it or put it in the dishwasher.
Call now and you’ll get the original Quick Chop with rotating action for only $19.99. As
a special bonus, we’ll also include our Quick Grater free. It comes with both course and
fine blades, and it’s the best grater you’ll ever use for grating all types of cheeses.
But to make this the best deal on TV, we’ll double the offer. You’ll get a second Quick
Chop and a second Quick Grater. Just pay separate processing and handling.
That means you get two of the original quick chops and two of the quick graters for only
Here’s how to order.
Handy Switch:
Are you fed up with trying to find a lamp switch in a dark room? Tired of getting out of
bed every night just to turn off the light?
Hi! Billy Mays here for the Handy Switch, the new line of this light switch that lets you
controls any lamp from anywhere.
Just pick the lamp you want to control and plug it in into the remote receiver, then simply
peel and press the Handy Switch in place. It’s that easy. And because it’s wireless, there
are no tools or wiring to worry about.
Place the Handy Switch on the wall where you enter the room, or next to your bed so you
don’t have to get up to turn off the light. Place one upstairs so you don’t have to go back
The powerful radiofrequency lets you control any lamp up to 50 feet away. Just plug the
lamp with the receiver, and place the Handy Switch where you want it.
And because it’s wireless, you could put a light switch where you never had one before.
Perfect in a child’s room to put the light switch within easy reach.
Or how about turning on all your holiday lights with the flick of a switch? You could
even pull one in your car so you could turn the lights on before you go inside.
With Handy Switch, the switch you need is always right at hand. So stop stumbling
around in the dark looking for the switch and stop getting out of bed just to turn off the
Call now and you’ll get the Handy Switch for only 19.99. You’ll also receive our Handy
Stick Up Light absolutely free. Just peel and place in a closet, under a cabinet – anywhere
you need extra light.
Yes! You’ll get the Handy Switch and the Stick Up Light all for only 19.99. But call right
now and we’ll double this entire offer. Just pay separate shipping.
That’s right, you get two Handy Switches, two remote receivers and two Stick Up Lights
– all for only 19.99. But you can only get this special two-for-one offer by calling now.
Tool Band-it:
Tired of fumbling with your tools or wasting time trying to find them? Did you ever wish
you had an extra hand?
Hi, Billy Mays here for the Tool Band-it.
When two hands are just aren’t enough, reach for the Tool Band-it. It’s a lightweight
magnetic band that provides a safe secure place to hold all your tools and parts.
The tool bandit uses powerful neo-magnetic technology. It holds wrenches, screwdrivers,
nuts, nails, and bolts, even a heavy hammer.
You always have the right tools where and when you need them. Stop dropping,
dragging, stretching. Take the nails out of your mouth.
Whether you’re up a ladder, under a car or in those impossible to work areas, your tools
and parts are always in easy reach.
Turn any belt into a tool belt with the Tool Band-it. It’s perfect for crafters, carpenters,
mechanics or do-it-yourselfers.
A job that takes two can now be done by one. The Tool Band-It will help you organize
any project – and you’ll never lose those small pieces again.
So whether you’re working on a house, hanging curtains or fixing a car, any job big or
small, the Tool Band-it tackles them all.
The tool bandit is your handy helper. It even has the power to hold this 25-pound weight
… that’s amazing!
Call now and, through this exclusive TV offer, you’ll get the original Tool Band-it for
Who needs a tool box when the tool Band-it saves you time, space and money? But order
right now, and I’ll send you a second Tool Band-it absolutely free. Just pay shipping and
And here’s the best part: I’ll send you a set of my world-famous Hercules Hooks, a $10
value, free. You get not one, but two original Tool Band-its and our world-famous
Hercules Hooks, a $50 value, for only $19.95.
Try it risk-free for 30 days or your money back.
Here’s how to order.
Hercules Hook:
Hi, Billy Mays here for the Hercules Hook, one of the fastest and easiest ways to hang
just about anything without any tools.
No more pounding, drilling or damage to your wall. With the Hercules Hook, you just
push, set and hang.
It has the muscle to hang and hold up to a 150 pounds. Now that’s super strong.
Use them to hang an entire family picture gallery in no time. Proudly display all your
achievements and awards in your office or kid’s room. Or hang a big bulky cabinet
without breaking your back.
Heavy or light, big or small, it hooks, hangs and secures them all. The secret is its
reinforced-steel design that penetrates any drywall and braces itself to the back to a hold
up to a 150 pounds. Now, that’s the strength of Hercules.
They’re so strong you could safely hang a heavy wall-sized mirror or this giant garage
storage rack with confidence.
Want to move something? They come out just as easy. Perfect for apartments or dorms
because it only leaves a pin-sized hole. Whether you’re hanging a picture or doing a
complete room makeover, the Hercules Hook will save you time and money.
Call now and you’ll receive 10 Hercules Hooks for only $14.99.
Order right now and we’ll double the offer and send you 20 Hercules Hooks. We’ll also
include our Laser Marker Precision Leveler … yours free.
But it gets even better, we’ll send you a set of 10 Hercules Hooks whenever you need
them free for life – just pay shipping and handling. But you’ve got to call now to get this
incredible offer.
Hi, Billy Mays here. If you’re having problems with hard water buildup, soap scum, ring
around the toilet, calcium lime and rust stains, then you need Kaboom.
Spray Kaboom on a shower door and it gets the tough stuff that the others leave behind.
Kaboom! And the soap scum is gone.
If you got a shower head that’s clogged with hard water deposits, set it free with
Kaboom! It’s got the power to break down and dissolve calcium, minerals, dirt and
debris. Put the power back in your shower with Kaboom.
Other cleaners have harsh fumes, not Kaboom! It has a gentle, fresh scent.
Use it on the tile around your tub and shower. It gets rid of all kinds of stains and keeps
grout looking like new. It even has the power to remove a ring of rust.
Your tub is where soap scum and hard water really build up. Kaboom attacks it easily in
one easy step without gloves and without harsh fumes. It even cuts through mineral
deposits in this flower vase with ease.
Use it on cement and watch stains like rust disappear.
Kaboom tackles your toughest stains inside and out without ammonia and without bleach.
Other cleaners drip and run. Ultra-scrub stick, non-grip formula cleans to all surfaces. It
penetrates and dissolves tough grime like soap scum and hard water stains. Its scrubbing
granules even clean tile and grungy grout.
Mighty Mendit:
It happens … you rip, tear and never have time to repair. Wait! Before you throw it away,
let Mighty Mendit save the day.
Hi, Billy Mays here for Mighty Mendit, the fast, easy way to mend, hem and wear it
again … saving you money.
Mighty MendIt is not a glue, but a flexible bonding agent that grabs and adheres, and
interlocks the fibers of virtually any fabric for a permanent repair.
Sewing takes forever. But with Mighty Mendit, just apply, gently touch and mend it.
It has the strength to withstand storm-force winds! Amazing!
Easily mend the hem of your dress to look your best.
Even if you sit and split, Mighty Mendit will quickly fix it.
Mend pillows and comforters right on the bed, or make furniture repairs and save money.
Mighty Mendit dries crystal clear and is safe for most any fabrics. Plus it’s machine-
washable. Even after 50 washings, the bond still stays strong.
Whether it’s denim, leather or lace, you can use Mighty MendIt anytime anyplace.
We even repaired this parachute with Mighty Mendit, and it still has the strength to safely
bring down this skydiver from 13,000 feet. Now that’s the power of Mighty MendIt.
Plus, it’s ideal for scrapbooking or craft projects. You’ll find hundreds of money-saving
Call now and we’ll send you a large bottle of Mighty MendIt for just $19.99. That’s
enough for an entire houseful of repairs.
Order now and I’ll triple the offer absolutely free. We’ll even include a travel size and
money-saving idea guide.
But I’m not done.
We’ll send you a bottle of Gemit. Now, you could add bling to just about anything …
yours free. You’ll get everything for just $19.99.
Order now!
Samurai Shark:
Does your kitchen have a drawer full of dull knives? There’s nothing more frustrating
than trying to slice a ripe tomato with a dull knife.
Hi, Billy Mays here for the HomeSmart Samurai Shark, the ultimate sharpening tool that
puts a razor’s edge on dull knives, tools, scissors or just about anything with a cutting
The secret to the Samurai Shark are the tungsten-carbide sharpening blade, along with
their unique angle that give you a precision edge each and every time.
Countertops, cutting boards, plates and dishes … these are the things that dull your
This knife is so dull, it won’t even cut this much. But with the Samurai Shark, it’s as easy
as one, two, three and you get professional results each and every time.
The retractable sharpening blade allows you to easily sharpen serrated edges. No other
sharpener does that.
When it comes to sharpening scissors, ordinary sharpeners are tough to use. But whether
it’s scissors, tools or knives, big or small, the Samurai Shark sharpens them all.
If you’re an outdoorsman, take it with you when you go hunting or fishing to keep those
filet knives razor sharp. It fits in your glove box, tool box, even your tackle box.
We’ll send you the original Samurai Shark for only $10. If it’s not the easy sharpening
tool you’ve ever used, simply send it back.
But through this exclusive TV offer, we’ll send you a second Samurai Shark absolutely

Simoniz Fix It:
Uh-huh! That’ll leave a mark … and another … and another! Stop the scratches!
Hi, Billy Mays here. If scratches, dings and nicks drive you crazy, don’t get frustrated,
get Fix It, the fast-action scratch remover from Simoniz.
Minor surface scratches like these would cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. With Fix
It, fixing that scratch is as easy as one, two, three.
One, apply Fix It to the scratch.
Two, use a Simoniz Power Buffer to push Fix It’s high-tech formula deep into the pores
of the surface.
Three, just wipe it away.
It’s that easy.
The secret to Fix It is its fast-action formula with millions of microscopic polishing
agents that penetrate the scratch, restoring the paint to the original shine.
Any car, any color. Fix It fixes minor surface scratches, door dings and swirl marks like
Got a really deep scratch? Never fear. Fix It Pro is here.
This is the secret scratch repair formula Body Shop Pros used to make deep clear-coat
scratches disappear like magic. With its easy-to-use applicator, simply apply, let dry. And
you’re done. The resins fill the scratch while UV hardeners cure in sunlight, filling and
sealing the scratch in no time flat.
This is the one-two scratch removing power-punch you’ve been waiting for. And right
now, it’s only $19.95.
Call now and we’ll also include the finishing kit with the Hand-Held Power Buffer, Soft
Touch Pads and Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth – a $30 value, yours free.
But call right now and we’ll send you the Simoniz Turbo Vac, the car vac with the
muscle to pick up any mess – a $30 value, yours free. Just pay handling and processing.
You get it all! Fix It for surface scratches … Fix It Pro for deeper scratches … The Power
Buffer … Micro Fiber Cloth … and Turbo Vac – an $80 value for only $19.95.
Ask our operators about Fix It for the home. That works like magic. Here’s how to order. Steam Buddy:
Tired of wrestling around with an ironing board and big, bulky iron? What if you could
put the power of your dry cleaner right in the palm of your hand?
Hi, Billy Mays here for the Steam Buddy, the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove
wrinkles from all your clothing guaranteed. Steam-press your shirt right on the hanger,
tackle tough denim lightning fast in just one pass.
Ordinary irons are dangerous and heavy. The Steam Buddy is lightweight, heats up in
seconds and not only removes wrinkles, but odors too.
Wore it once? Use the power steam to refresh and deodorize, and save you money.
De-wrinkle that rayon blouse in seconds. Rejuvenate a suit jacket that you’d normally dry
The secret is the on-demand steaming element that puts the power of this professional
unit right in the palm of your hand. It instantly generates a controlled burst of super-
heated steam, giving you powerful professional results every time.
Stop burning and melting and start steaming. Use it on sequins, rhinestones, beads, even
printed material is easy to press.
Don’t let buttons and pockets slow you down when you could glide right over them with
the Steam Buddy. Tough enough for linen. Safe enough for silk.
And it’s not just for clothes. Steam sheers and curtains, table cloths, sheets and bedding.
It’s safer for you and your clothes.
Professional steamers can cost hundreds of dollars. Call now and you’ll get the original
Steam Buddy for only $19.95.
I’m so confident you’ll love the Steam Buddy. Try it risk-free for 30 days or your money
back. We’ll also include the fabric brush free. Use it on velvet, velour. Bring life back in
the dull fabric.
Order right now and we’ll send you our Professional Creaser. It puts a razor-sharp crease
into all types of fabric and gives you that tailored look.
You get it all! The Steam Buddy … the Fabric Brush … and the Professional Creaser –
an $80 value for only $19.95. Here’s how to order.
Awesome Auger:
Everybody loves the beautiful garden … but not the blisters, bending and backaches that
come with it.
Hi, Billy Mays here with the Awesome Auger, the world’s most efficient and powerful
yard tool you’ll ever use. Just attach it to any size drill. Pull the trigger, plant and grow.
It’s great for preparing soil for all kinds of planting. Use it to plant trees, shrubs and
bushes. It works like magic for tilling and cultivating the garden. And it’s perfect for
aerating compost piles.
It takes all the work out of digging post holes, removing dead trees, bushes, roots and
stumps. It takes the hard work out of yard work.
Made of solid steel, its spiral, laser-sharp edge gives you the muscle to blast through
rock-hard clay, cut through the thickest roots and easily power out rocks and stubborn
Call now and get the Awesome Auger for only $19.95. As a special bonus, we’ll also
include the Ground Aug to plant bulbs by the dozens, with lightning speed. And it’s
perfect for raised flower beds, large potted plants and window boxes.
But call right now and we’ll send you the Weed Aug that removes embarrassing weeds
and dandelions. Just reverse and remove. You can also use it to make paint and concrete
in seconds. And it even comes with the Awesome Auger Power Extender to make all
your garden and yard work easier.
The Weed Aug and the Power Extender for a $30 value, but they’re yours free. Just pay
shipping and processing.
And with every order, we’ll also include this powerful drill. A $40 value, but you’ll get it
Just pay shipping and processing.
You’ll get it all! The Awesome Auger … the Ground Aug … the Weed Aug … the
Power Extender … plus the Power Drill – a whopping $120 value for only $19.95.
Here’s how to order.
The Gopher:
Hi, Billy Mays here for The Gopher, the handy helper that reaches so you don’t have to.
Use it for reaching up high or for picking up down low. In the laundry room, it’s the best!
It will get that odd sock in an impossible-to-reach area. Any object, big or small, it grabs,
fits and lifts them all.
If you can’t get to it, then the Gopher is great. Grip and lift in one easy motion. With just
one finger, The Gopher locks on so you could pick up, take out and put back without any
The secret is the suction action, combined with the easy-locking handle that gives you the
power to reach without stretching or bending.
Under the bed or under the sink, just squeeze and retrieve with one simple step. It picks
up what you don’t want to touch, and it’s much safer that the stool or a chair.
Use it outside in the yard. It takes the bending and reaching out of your daily chores.
Whether you’re small or tall, the Gopher has the power to pick up and reach it all. It’s
precise enough to pick up this paper clip, yet strong enough to hold this five-pound bag
of sugar.
If you own a car, trunk, boat or RV, it’s the perfect companion. And when you’re done, it
folds for easy storage. When something’s out of reach, just go for it.
“No matter what I have to pick up, whether it’s outside or inside, with the Gopher, it’s
within my reach.”

Similar products sell for as much as $35. Call now and you’ll get not one, but two
Gophers for only $19.99.
But call in the next five minutes, and we’ll include the MagnaGopher absolutely free. The
powerful magnetic tip is perfect for picking up keys and other hard-to-reach metal
That means you’ll get two Gophers and the MagnaGopher – a whopping $80 value all for
just $19.99. But you got to call now.
Here’s how to order.
What Odor?
Are you tired of using sprays that only mask odors?
Hi, Billy Mays here for What Odor? The first time you usedit, you’ll be saying, “What
It seeks out smells at the source. In the bathroom, it eliminates embarrassing odors with
one spray. Unlike other products that only mask the smell, What Odor? completely
eliminates it forever.
It’s safe around children and pets. Spray it around the litter box and you’ll say, “What
The secret is the nontoxic, all-natural formulation of 41 essential oils that eliminates the
worst odors! Sour milk … moldy, rotten cheese … cat urine … with just one spray …
What Odor?
Use it everywhere. It eliminates the smell of smoke on contact from clothes, drape,
carpet, even cars. For cooking odors like fried fish or seafood, even a smelly garbage can,
it’s the best! And it’s great for a pail of dirty diapers.
This is a real live skunk, the worst smell of all! I’ll spray myself down with some What
Odor? and it gets rid of the worst smell of them all, a skunk!
That’s the power of What Odor?
Why spend hundreds on products that don’t work? What Odor comes with an odor-free
money-back guarantee!
If you got a real mess and want to clean like the pros, then you’ve got to see this!
Hi, Billy Mays here with Zorbeez, the most absorbent material I’ve ever used. It has the
strength and the muscle to pick up and hold over 20 ounces of liquid.
Look at this! Zorbeez attracts liquid like a magnet! It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, soda,
even red wine!
Watch how this powerful vacuum action pulls and cleans the stain from out of the carpet
– just that quick.
The secret is in the X27 fiber technology, making Zorbeez over 27 times more absorbent
than cotton! Forget towels that just drip. And, unlike sponges that smell, Zorbeez is odor-
free and leaves a path of clean.
Now, you could clean and dry and never leave anything behind! You’ll be amazed as just
how much they absorb – and they’re machine washable.
Dry your entire car, even your dog! Use any cleaner for streak-free windows.
An average family uses up to two rolls of paper towels every week. That’s cash in the
trash. Save money and even help save the environment.
You get two jumbo Zorbeez plus three extra large for only $14.99. But call right now and
I’ll send you another five Zorbeez absolutely free! That’s 10 Zorbeez for only $14.99!
And as a special bonus, we’ll also include our Micromen Microfiber Duster free. It’s
great for blinds, plants, glass, and more – and attracts just like a magnet!
That’s a $60-value all for only $14.99. And here’s the best part: We’ll send you a set of
Zorbeez free whenever you need them for life. Just pay shipping and processing. But you
got to call now.


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CURRICULUM VITAE 1962 Graduated Elementary and High School in Givatayim, Israel. Attended Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. M.D. Degree, Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School. Served in Medical Corps, Israel Defense Forces. Resident in the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Respiratory Unit and Instructor at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Me

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Tratamiento con suero salino hipertónico nebulizado Declaración de Consenso de la Junta Directiva de la Sociedad Española de Fibrosis Quística 1- El suero salino hipertónico (SSH) nebulizado actúa hipotéticamente atrayendo agua del interior de la pared bronquial hasta la luz de las vías aéreas y, de esta forma puede promover la hidratación de las secreciones respiratorias y

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