Scientific Programme
Thursday, November 1st, 2012
Benjamin List
“Asymmetric Counteranion Directed Catalysis: A Remarkably General Approach to Enantioselective Synthesis” Friday, November 2nd, 2012
Pier Giorgio Cozzi
“Stereoselective Organocatalytic SN1-type Reactions” 09.45-10.15 Albrecht Berkessel
“Organocatalysts and Enzymes: Complementary and Cooperative” 10.15-10.30 Yoann Coquerel
“Secondary β-Oxo Amides: a New Class of Pronucleophiles for 11.00-11.45 Peter Schreiner
“Enantioselective Multicatalysis – Retrocatalysis" 11.45-12.15 Marco Bella
“Asymmetric Organocatalysis: from Academia to Industry” 12.15-12.30 Arjen Breman
“Synthesis and Organocatalytic Applications of Nor- and Homo-Quinidine 14.00-14.30 Herbert Mayr
"Structures and Reactivities of Intermediates in Organocatalytic Reactions" Alessandra Lattanzi
“Organocatalytic Stereoselective Routes to Three-membered Rings” 15.00-15.15 Giuseppe Rulli
“Organocatalysts in Aldol Reactions: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Continuously-operating Processes” 15.15-15.30 Cristele Roux
“New Access to the Tetrahydropyran Core Through Organocatalyzed Desymmetrization of Meso Diols” 15.30-15.45 Jezabel Praz
“Evaluation of the Chiral DIANANE Backbone as Ligand for Organolithium 15.45-16.00 Samson Afewerki
“Highly Enantioselective Co-catalytic Michael/α-allylic Alkylation Cascades by Combination of Chiral Amine and Palladium Catalysts: Asymmetric Synthesis of Poly-substituted Cyclopentanes with an All-carbon Stereocenter” Poster Session
Saturday, November 3nd, 2012
09.00-09.45 Darren Dixon
“New High-Performance Multifunctional Organocatalysts and Their 09.45-10.15 Gabriela Guillena
"Binam-prolinamides, Increasing the Greenness of the Aldol Reaction" 10.15-10.30 Michael Haindl
“Enamine and Iminium Intermediates - Structural Diversity Revealed by 11.00-11.45 Keiji Maruoka
“Design of High-Performance Organocatalysts for the Efficient Synthesis of 11.45-12.15 Imre Papai
"Revised Mechanism for the Organocatalytic Michael Addition of Aldehydes 12.15-12.30 Albert Moyano
“Cooperative Effects in Amino acid–catalyzed Aldol Reactions” 14.00-14.30 Rita Ventura
“New Organocatalysts Derived from Tartaric and Glyceric Acids” Eoghan McGarrigle
“Organocatalytic Glycosylations” 15.00-15.15 Benjamin Voigt
“Stereoselective Amine-Catalyzed Elongation of Unprotected Carbohydates” 15.15-15.30 Uxue Uria
“Aminocatalytic Conjugate Addition of Umpolung Reagents” 15.30-15.45 Konstantin Chernichenko
“FLP-catalyzed Hydrogenations: Advantages of Ansa-systems” 16.00-18.00 MC Meeting
Poster Session
Christoforos Kokotos
“Construction of Tertiary Alcohols Bearing Perfluoroalkyl Chains Catalyzed by Prolinamide-Thioureas” Giorgos Papadopoulos, Alexis Theodorou, Christoforos Kokotos
“Amino Acids as Organocatalysts for the Asymmetric α-Amination of Aldehydes” Michail Tsakos, Christoforos Kokotos, George Kokotos
“Primary Amine-Thiourea as an Efficient Organocatalyst for the Enantioselective Michael Addition of Aromatic Methyl Ketones to Nitroalkenes. Syntheses of Enantiopure (R)-Baclofen and (S)-Phenibut” Alice Lefranc, Adrien Quintard, Alexandre Alexakis
“Highly Enantioselective Direct Vinylogous Michael Addition of γ-Butenolide to Enals” Aikaterini Nikolaou, Victoria Magrioti, George Kokotos
“Efficient Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Hydroxymethyl Ketones Using NHC Organocatalysts” Eduardo Gomez-Torres, Gabriel Stan, Diego Alonso, Enrique Gomez-
Bengoa, Carmen Najera

“Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral Succinimides by Michael Addition of 1,3-Dicarbonyl aminobenzimidazole) Organocatalyst: Mechanistic Studies and Reaction Scope” Dimitris Limnios, Danai Spanou, Christoforos Kokotos, George Kokotos
“Primary Amine-Thioureas Based on Dipeptides as Efficient Organocatalysts for Michael Reactions” Sergei Zari, Marina Kudrjashova, Tonis Kanger
“Unsaturated 1,4-Dicarbonyl Compounds as Multifunctional Synthons” Panagiota Revelou, Christoforos Kokotos, Panagiota Moutevelis-
“Novel Ureas Based on Dipeptide Analogues as Organocatalysts for the Asymmetric Aldol Reaction” Zoe Ziaka, Savvas Vasileiadis Maria Anagnostakou
“Use of Organocatalysis of Ionic Liquids in Polymerization Reactions”

Source: https://www.jyu.fi/kemia/en/research/cm0905/eventsfolder/CM0905_Athens%20Programme.pdf


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