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Spa Facial Treatments. Ideal for all skin types wanting an instant boost, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant. Includes cleansing, scrub, deeply hydrating and mineralizing mask, a deeply relaxing massage for face and head. 2
Spa Facial Treatments. Stimulates the nerve endings, repairs the skin, relaxes wrinkles and increases hydration and the skin’s suppleness resulting in a visibly youthful skin. Cleansing, scrub, mask, face herbal compress massage and head massage with 3
Body Treatments. Recommended for dehydrated, dry skin. Steam sauna; a gentle refining coffee cream scrub that removes impurities polishing the skin; soothing and very hydrating lotion. 4
Body Treatments. Steam sauna; aromatherapy salt scrub with honey and lotus; hydrating lotion with Papaya. Firming and 5
Body Treatments. Steam sauna; saline aroma peeling; relaxation aroma oil massage with lotus. Cellular activity and flow out of fluid from tissue, removes toxins, raises tonus. Skin becomes smoother 6
Body Treatments. Steam sauna; coffee scrub and aroma massage with coconut oil. The coffee scrub is very popular in modern cosmetology, because of it's concentration increasing values, adjusting thinking processes, bringing wellness and reducing tiredness. Aroma massage with coconut oil is considered as extremely relaxing, bringing deep comfort and the feeling of complete regeneration. Enhance the immune and nervous system, accelerate reduction of excessive water from the organism by 7
Body Treatments. Steam sauna; coconut scrub and aroma massage with coconut oil. This massage oil will be effective in cooling down 8
Exclusive figure correction procedures « Sprite Steam sauna; sugar peeling; a unique wrapping with pepper and slim-massage. As a result, slender figure, higher skin elasticity, lowering cellulites, feeling better and being in good spirits. No.
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Stone Therapy is a unique treatment of heated and cold volcanic stones that bring about relief to sore and stiff muscles, releasing tension, to bring about tranquility and a more balanced flow of energy. Stimulates the body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace, bringing about a state of deep relaxation. 10 «Stone Pleasure»
Stone Therapy. Steam sauna; saline aroma peeling with honey and lotus; relaxing stone massage. This method strengthens immune and muscular systems, has a positive effect on central nervous system reducing headaches and stress. 11 «Chocolate Lady»
Wrapping. Chocolaty peeling; chocolate wrapping; chocolaty cream. Cocoa and avocado oil has saturate acids and vitamins that help skin cel s in collagen and elastin synthesis regulating metabolic processes in tissues. Caffeine stimulates lipolysis and withdrawal of slags. As a result you loose weight, skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Coffee grains peel keratinized cel s. 12 Exclusive figure correction procedures
Chocolate peeling; chocolate wrapping; aroma oil massage. This procedure will give you pleasure, relaxation, distress, saturate organism with pleasure hormones and give you emotional stability. More than those ingredients contained in cacao move out toxins, lower lipopexia, have lymphodrainage effect, stimulate col agen and elastin syntheses and normalize metabolism. 13 «Marine Diet»
Wrapping. Skin clearance by body saline gel-peeling; seaweed wrap; lotion. The programme includes a unique wrapping with the whole laminaria thallus that is extracted in the Arctic Ocean basin in ecological y clean White Sea zone. As a results, slender figure, higher skin elasticity, lowering cellulites, feeling better and being in 14
Wrapping. Seaweed peeling, seaweed wrap; aroma oil massage. Seaweed wraps are great for relaxation, help stimulate good circulation and have a reputation for reducing cellulite! Seaweed is rich in nutrients, including important amino acids as well as a host of vitamins and trace minerals such as copper, iron, potassium, zinc, and iodine. These nutrients are al absorbed through your skin, during the treatment, so it's no wonder that a seaweed wrap revitalizes your skin, even doing away with fine lines and wrinkles on your face, and reducing stretch marks nicely. The seaweed treatment is especially beneficial with people who have dry skin. No.
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15 Royal Thai Massage
This is the combination of traditional thai massage, aroma oil massage and herbal compress massage. Magnificent SPA therapy! 16 Exclusive figure correction procedures for men
Steam sauna; traditional thai massage; slim massage. Our masseurs help you again to feel slim and confident. 17 The Thai Foot-SPA
Combining the technique of foot massage with a scrub and salt bath will help clear the dead skin from the feet while gently refreshing the tired feet. A relaxing massage for tired legs and feet which wil help you ease muscle fatigue and reduce tension in the 18 Body Peeling (lotus, coffee, coconut, chocolate,
Body peeling to made to maintain your skin’s natural appearance and moisture to help hydrate it and leave you with a silky smooth 19 Steam sauna
The Siberian Phyto Cedar Barrel is a revolution in invigoration! Cedar – is a tree-pharmacist. Its wood produces Phytocides, which kil and suppress the growth and development of injurious microorganisms. Pleasing saturated with medical herbs shrouds the body, is condensed on skin, droplets flow down downwards, washing off perspiration and removing stress. The Tense muscles are pleasantly weakened. Resistance is worked out to stress. Kaluga, Georgievskaya st. 3
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