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Dear Parents/Guardians, We have now moved into Primary 6 at the upper end of the school. Our teacher Mrs MacKenzie is delighted to be working with us. Some of us for the second time! Our topics this year are – Pollutions and Solutions Clyde in the Classroom 2014 It is hoped we will be making some visits to support some of these topics. ETH In P6 we are working hard to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness. We have been studying The Rights of the Child and learning about the responsibilities that come with these rights. The children have worked collaboratively to decide upon the 8 rights that they feel are most relevant to school. We are currently discussing these rights further with a view to using them to agree to a P6 Code of Conduct which we will all sign up to. Following the P6 Code of Conduct will earn the children free time. Whereas, failure to follow it will result in sanctions (see Killermont Primary School Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy which can be viewed on our website for a complete list of rewards and sanctions). In Mathematics we are working on a wide range of number, shape, data handling and measure topics as well as developing problem solving skills. In Languages we shall be using a novel study approach to develop our reading skills and as a stimulus for creative, functional and personal writing during our WWII topic. In addition, we will be using Literacy World and perhaps an additional novel study. We will continue to use a range of resources and strategies to develop spelling, grammar and punctuation. As an important part of their homework each week the children will embark on their Bronze Reading Challenge in the first instance. This entails reading 6 books at their own pace and choosing one of six reading challenge follow up activities to complete for each book. When they have read six books and complete all six reading challenge follow ups they will receive their Bronze Award. In both Mathematics, Languages and other curricular areas the curriculum will be delivered using a variety of approaches including active and collaborative learning in order to appeal to a variety of learning styles. In line with Killermont Primary School Homework Policy which can also be viewed on the school website P6 will receive approximately 2 hours of homework per week. This has 3 main purposes to consolidate learning; to inform parents about current class learning and to develop study skills. Homework will be issued on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Tuesday. Homework tasks should be checked and the diary signed by parents. If for any reason homework cannot be completed on time a parental note in the homework diary will suffice as explanation. Points, which count towards your child’s individual group point total, will be rewarded for each homework task completed. GEN To help with the smooth running of the classroom and to minimise disruption, it would be greatly appreciated if the children could bring two sharp pencils, a ruler, an eraser and either coloured pencils or felt tip pens or crayons each day. They should also have a filled water bottle, which will come home at the end of the day to be refilled. PE PE will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Scottish Executive intends that school children have 2 hours of PE per week. Kit should remain in school till the Wednesday morning session and be sent home at the weekend to be washed. ART Please could children bring in an overall/old shirt etc to cover uniform during art activities. CONTA Please feel free to contact me if there are any issues pertaining to your child, their education or well-being that you wish to discuss or to pass on any information you feel that I should know. My availability is as follows: • Fri: 9.15-10.00 (during assembly) or after school Initial contact should be made either by letter to me or telephone call or personal enquiry to the school office. Thereafter, I will call and arrange a mutually convenient time to talk through the issue on the telephone or face to face. I would prefer not to communicate with parents via email. The homework diary can also be another useful means of home school communication. I look forward to working in partnership with you this session. Nic

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