Antje Boijens is a consultant, trainer and a certified executive coach with more than 15 years of working experience in the business world. Her capacity to understand organizational architectures as wel as people’s drives and her thorough approach to leverage human potential make her a sought- after business coach for executives and managers. In workshops and team building processes Antje’s partners benefit from her complex methodological skil s and her commitment to achieve sustainable results and reliable working solutions. Clients who have to bridge cultural gaps can rely on her intercultural perspective and competence which she combines with humor, authenticity and strong communication skil s. Today she enjoys using her clarity, her sound knowledge and experience for clients to meet the chal enge of making business in a globalized world. By strengthening their intercultural competencies she supports people in expanding their personal success repertoire to new levels of insight and performance. Antje coaches and trains in German, English, Dutch and Russian language. Her educational and professional background is reflected in assignments from global industries to the banking sector, from international service providers to culture and administration units.
Antje is a certified Solution Focused Coach from Korzybski Institut Nederland and Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, a certified Systemic Coach (from Bil meier-Kramer-Lauterbach Training Association with VW Coaching GmbH), a certified Conflict Trainer (from Alpen Adria University, Austria) and a certified Dialogue Consultant (from the Business Institute of Kassel University). She maintains high quality standards through continuous intervision and supervision and secures her professional development through teaching and active participation in vocational trainings in Germany, Europe and the US. Since 2011 she is a guest lecturer for Intercultural Communication on Frankfurt School of Finance.
Antje holds two Graduate Diplomas on political science and on Russian philology from the Georg-August-University of Göttingen and completed teacher training with a clerkship. Instead of pursuing the school teaching profession she graduated in art as a second subject and holds a Diploma on Fine Arts from the University of the State of Hessen, Kassel/Germany. As a result she developed international activities as an industrial designer in Italy, as a culture manager in Germany and Russia, as wel as holding a four-year management and leadership position in a project of the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (Berlin) before she set up her own business in 1996 in Frankfurt as consultant, trainer, executive coach and facilitator. Today she works for clients like Lufthansa, Sanofi-Aventis, Deutsche Bank, Chemetal Lithium Division, Heraeus, Merck KG, Frankfurt School of Finance, Goethe Institut, Austrian Broadcasting (ORF), Buro Akzent/ Moscow e.a.

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