Case report:

Case Report:
An 82 year old male with diffuse infiltrating glioblastoma multiforma
remains in remission eleven months after initial surgical debulking and treatment
with a patented herbal formula.

LaRochelle, Paul Jay, MDCM, FRCS[c], FAAOS

An eighty-two year old severely diabetic male presented to the emergency room with aphasia and right sided weakness on January 15, 2003. Initially, he was diagnosed with a stroke and heparinized. However, further examination of the CT scan showed an expansive mass in the junction of the left parietal and frontal lobes. Debulking surgery was delayed while his coagulation was corrected and in the first 12 hours he received decadron and patented herbal formula. By the following morning the patient’s speech and weakness had improved. His oncologist offered a survival of one month and possibly two months with radiation. On 20th the patient underwent a craniotomy and debulking of the tumor. The pathology showed a diffuse infiltrating glioblastoma multiforma. The patient rapidly improved and was discharged to home; walking and talking. An initial A.M.A.S. was borderline positive at 105 (ref. <130). The patient and his family refused radiation. The patient’s biggest problem was his severe type II diabetes which required diligent adjustments of Humalog, Glucatrol, and Glucosal to partially control his labile blood sugar. On March 5th an MRI showed post operative changes in the left temporoparietal region with a 2x3 cm. enhancing mass without surrounding edema. The A.M.A.S. at that time was normal at 64. On April 13th the patient deteriorated with worsening hemiparesis and speech function. An MRI identified a 4.5 cm. enhancing mass with vasogenic edema visible surrounding the tumor. This increased intracranial pressure was initially treated with IV DMSO without success and then with increased decadron which decreased the pressure and the patient’s speech and weakness improved; but at the expense of worsening control of blood glucose. On May 1st an MRI, in direct comparison to the previous MRI showed considerable improvement. There was mild effacement of the body of the left lateral ventrical but no midline shift. There was considerable reduction in the peri-tumoral edema. The tumor was approximately the same size with no new lesions or growth seen. In June and July the patient’s diabetes was usually out of control. He had considerable lower leg edema with stasis and weeping, which responded to elevation and sequential compression boots. An A.M.A.S. on July 31st was once again elevated at 149 (ref. <135) As of December 2003 this 82 year old patient is unable to walk without assistance secondary to a right foot drop and is only able to converse in Spanish, his native language.
The patented herbal formula synergistically combines herbal extracts and
phytochemical compounds with a liposomal delivery system in an easy to administer
suspension. The phytochemical compounds include Chrysin, Coriolus versicolor, 3, 3’
Diindolylmethane, Resveratrol, Tumeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Quercitin, and L-
Selenium Methionine.
Michael Farley, N.D., developed the patented herbal formula as a primary tool in
treating diseases of immunodeficiency. As such, life threatening diseases such as cancer
and AIDS have routinely responded to the patented herbal formula, literally bringing
those patients from a bed-ridden state back to normal function.
Cancer rates increase when the immune system is suppressed from immunodeficiency diseases. Children with immunodeficiency diseases have an increased rate of lymphoma, leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease. HIV positive patients with immunosuppression have many types of cancer including Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cervical cancer, and Hodgkin’s disease. Organ transplant patients and autoimmune disease patients have an increased incidence of cancer due to the use of immunosuppressive drugs. Researchers believe the immune system plays an important role in prevention, recognizing, and destroying cancer cells. The use of natural compounds for the treatment of cancer is growing throughout the world. Most of these compounds have low toxicity and benefit the whole patient. The
following is the case report:

This 82 year old severe diabetic has lived nine and a half months longer than expected with glioblastoma multiforma. He can no longer walk because of a foot drop
and most days, is not able to converse in English but does understand his native language,
Spanish. In January, his initial AMAS test was 105(borderline). In March it then it
dropped to 64(normal) and in July, at a time of particularly high blood sugars it went up
to 149(abnormal). Considering his severe diabetes and his severe, usually fatal brain
cancer this patient is doing relatively well.


This extremely labile, elderly diabetic has out lived his expected survival, by a factor of six. His major medical problems are related to his severe type II diabetes; and the continued use of corticosteroids exacerbates the difficultly of controlling his blood glucose level. The excess glucose, with the increased insulin need to control it synergistically increases the proliferation of cancer cells and with the adverse nutritional affects; causes the herbal formula to be less effective. This can be seen in the undulateting fluctuations in the AMAS results. This also correlates to the patient’s changing speech patterns as cerebral edema waxes and wanes. Unfortunately, intravenous DMSO in this patient’s case was unable to reduce the cerebral edema and later, Decadron
was utilized which made his glucose levels almost impossible to control.
In this case, a severely, largely uncontrolled diabetic patient has survived, in
relatively good heath six times longer than expected, without any radiation.


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