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1. Your name and contact information: John Smith,, 212-555-1212
2. Name of the candidate: Morgan E. Cline
3. Organization with which they were last affiliated: Cline, Davis & Mann
4. General Overview: Morgan E. Cline is one of the great account people of this industry. In many ways,
he wrote the book on healthcare client service. A pharmacist. A strategist. An innovator. An
entrepreneur. A true marketing partner, before there was talk of such things. And now, one of the most
prolific philanthropists of our industry.
5. Relevant Personal History: Morgan grew up on a Southern Iowa farm, then attended Centerville Junior
College on a scholarship. From there he moved on to Drake University College of Pharmacy for three
years, then two years at Iowa University Medical School. Then after two years in the army and three years
as a drug store pharmacists, Morgan entered the world of advertising.
6. Relevant Business History (accounts/agencies/companies of note/anecdotes): When Morgan was first
asked if he had interest in becoming an account executive, he replied “I don’t have the foggiest idea, since I
have no experience in accounting.” This produced a big laugh, and ultimately one of the greatest account
people of our industry. After short stints at Dean L. Burdick, then Robert A. Becker, Morgan found his
way to Klemtner Advertising, where he began a 17 year stint, working on some of the earliest blockbuster brands for Pfizer, including Terramycin, Vibramycin and Diabinese. By the age of 50, Morgan became the president of Klemtner Advertising. A few years later, in 1984, he together with Clyde Davis and Fred Mann, both creative directors, formed Cline, Davis & Mann. 7. Key contributions to the industry (firsts/notable contributions/distinctions):
Morgan believed in the importance of rigorous and deep research into the scientific how and why of products. To Morgan, product differentiation was often found in the most subtle turn of a medical phrase, or in the deepest recesses of an obscure clinical trial or buried in the highest-level text book. Then that product difference, small and insignificant to the untrained eye, was made big and bold through great creative advertising that magnified the wonderful science. Of his many “firsts” in big advertising ideas, Morgan and his team were the first to demonstrate the power of an antibiotic to penetrate tissue. Until this time, serum levels were the only indicator of antibiotic distribution. This was launched using a visual with “image tone enhancement,” a technological breakthrough of the day, to demonstrate the importance of tissue penetration. The line that accompanied the ad was “Tissue is the Issue.” This was then followed with striking cross-sectional images of a rat with radio-tagged Vibramycin, demonstrating extensive penetration into tissue for the first time ever. This bold, science-based and highly creative advertising became a hallmark of Morgan and his agencies, and became the imagery upon which much of the Pfizer advertising reputation was built. Another key first was one of the first truly global ad campaigns. Upon reading the P.I. very carefully for Erythrocin, Morgan uncovered and built a campaign around the forgotten fact that the drug went from bacteriostatic to bacteriocidal if the dose was doubled. The Abbott folks felt that this campaign was so important that they mandated that all countries had to use the promotional materials “as is” with no changes permitted. This was a true global campaign 30 years before people even started talking about such notions. Morgan did great work for many clients, including Lederle, Ayerst, Abbott, and USV. But the company he developed a lasting and valuable relationship for the longest run of his career was Pfizer. Morgan bled blue for Pfizer. What drove clients to be fans of Morgan Cline? Morgan’s endless drive. He believed deep research could always be deeper, creative advertising could always be more creative, and big ideas could always be bigger. But below the driven professionalism, was always the broad, small-town warmth and kindness that he never lost sight of. 8. Key contributions to society (charitable efforts/philanthropy): Morgan’s personal drive, the fire that
left this industry stronger and better, is now being channeled to re-energizing the people and the rural
communities of his youth through philanthropic donations and community-oriented investment. “I’m
paying back a lot of things given to me in my youth.”
Morgan has single-handedly revitalized the downtown area of Centerville Iowa, turning the run-down local hotel into a thriving residence for Senior Citizens. Currently underway is the restoration of the local theater, built in 1926. Morgan is donating the renovated theater to the town as a home for community plays and concerts. Morgan has also funded the creation of an assisted-living facility across the street from the local Medical Center, with a special 10-apartment wing for Alzheimer’s patients. All this in addition to donating streetlamps for the town square, bicycles for the police department, gifts to families in need every Christmas, and funding for “first responders.” Morgan’s association with the local Medical Center is also significant. He founded the Centerville St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital Legacies Foundation with two large founding grants. More recently, Morgan established a $1 million charitable remainder trust for the hospital, which is the largest single gift given to a charitable organization in the Iowa county of his birth. Also in the last five years, Morgan gave $5 million to endow scholarships in the pharmacy program at Drake, where there is now a Morgan E. Cline Hall of Pharmacy and Science. 9. Concluding thoughts: All this good work proves what we have all known, that Morgan’s heart is as big
as his ideas and the mark he will leave on this industry. Morgan was a partner to the great marketing
history of Pfizer. His science based advertising approach became a model for the industry. The ads these
approaches inspired have become icons. And the big marketing ideas he drove were the first of their kind,
and a model for blockbusters of today. Add to that Morgan’s continued commitment to community and
generous support of good causes, and the result is a man that can only complement the distinguished list of
professionals already inducted into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame.


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