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Purpose of This Employee Handbook
This Employee Handbook is intended to serve as a guideline, describing the
basic personnel policies and practices ordinarily applied by North Branch
Construction, Inc. This handbook is not an express or implied employment
contract and does not confer contractual rights on the employee; its provisions
do not constitute contractual obligations enforceable against North Branch
Construction, Inc.
Management reserves the right to change the provisions contained in this
handbook at any time, without prior notice to employees. Moreover,
management reserves its right to address a situation in a manner different
from that described in this handbook, if, at North Branch management’s sole
discretion, the circumstances so warrant.
At Will Status
Employment at North Branch Construction, Inc. is at will, meaning that the
employment may be terminated by the employee or employer at any time, with
or without cause or prior notice.

Welcome to our team! You are a member of what we believe to be the finest organization in the business. Our employees have made North Branch one of New England's premier contractors. Our objective is to continue the growth we've enjoyed since our founding in 1958. We expect that through continued growth, new challenges and opportunities will become available to all members of our team. Our foundation of quality people assures our ability to adapt to the challenges that face us in the future. Our mission is to provide a level of value, quality, and service that is unrivaled in the construction industry. This leads to the highest level of client satisfaction; all else (revenue, profit, reputation, employee morale and quality of life) will follow. We hope our employees will become as proud of North Branch as we, its owners, are. One of the purposes of this manual is to let all our employees know and understand our commitment to excellence. Every employee is a vital link to our performance; we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. No matter how well we run our company, or how good our people are, we know we can all get better. Thank you for contributing to our continued success. Kenneth F. Holmes President North Branch Construction, Inc. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
North Branch Construction, Inc. (“North Branch” or “the Company”) provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to
race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, marital status,
or sexual orientation in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. This policy applies to
all terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, placement,
promotion, termination, layoff, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation, and training.
North Branch Construction maintains a policy of promoting employees from within the organization whenever possible. Such promotions are based on merit, that is, on the employee's
knowledge, performance, and qualities of conduct and attitude as demonstrated in the current job
assignment, and the belief that the company and the employee can benefit by the promotion.
Thus, a short-term employee who has performed in an exceptional manner will receive as much
consideration for a promotion as would a person with many years' seniority. The guiding policy
of the company is to choose that individual who can best provide the talents, skills and abilities
needed for each job function.
Selection of Personnel
The selection process involves finding the right individual to fit the company position being offered. It begins when the interested individual files a formal application and ends when the applicant has accepted the position. Applicants for all positions must undergo at least one personal interview. Business and/or personal references will be requested, and may be thoroughly checked before employment
is offered. Once applications are collected, interviews completed and references checked, the
interviewer evaluates the list of qualified candidates. From this list he/she selects the applicant
best suited for the position. North Branch Construction also reserves the right to require physical
exams at company the expense.

Exempt (Salaried) Employees
Executive, administrative and professional staff are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements of the law. Compensation is based on a weekly salary, and is not
supplemented when an employee works overtime.
Non-Exempt (Hourly) Employees
All other employees are compensated on an hourly basis and are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked, at 1 - 1/2 times the normal rate, after 40 hours of work in the established work week.
Full Time Employees
Full-time employees are those employed to work on a regular basis for 40 hours per week. They are eligible for all benefits described in this Handbook, so long as they meet the
applicable requirements, such as length of service.

Part-time Employees

Part-time employees are those employed to work on a regular basis for fewer than 40 hours per week. They are eligible for only those benefits that they have been promised in writing
(signed by your Manager or the President) or that are stated in this Handbook to be available to
part-time employees.
Temporary Employees
Temporary employees are those hired with the understanding that their employment will not continue beyond a stated date or beyond completion of a specified project or projects. They
are eligible for only those benefits that they have been promised in writing (signed by your
Manager or the President), and they, like all employees of North Branch Construction, Inc., are
employed at will.
Independent Contractors
Independent contractors are those non-employees who are paid on a fee-for-service basis to perform certain, specified services. Independent contractors are not considered employees of North Branch Construction, Inc., and are not covered by this Employee Handbook. WAGES/DEDUCTIONS

Payroll Information/Time Sheets
The payroll period runs from Thursday to Wednesday. Friday is payday; paychecks will be mailed to your home address. When a payday falls on a scheduled holiday, employees will normally be paid the day before. North Branch Construction is required by law to keep accurate information, including time records, on every employee, whether exempt or non-exempt. Employees are required to
notify their supervisor when there is a change of name, address, phone number, number of
dependents, or other information that may be requested.
Federal Taxes
Applicable federal taxes are deducted from the gross salary of each employee. The amount deducted at the federal rate depends on salary level, and number of claimed dependents.
Social Security/Medicare
Social Security tax is deducted from the gross salary of each employee at the current federal rate. The company currently pays 7.65% of the tax, and the employee pays 5.65% of the tax. ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE

Hours of Operation

North Branch Construction operates 40 hours per week Monday through Friday. Construction site working hours are typically 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Hours may vary depending on specific project requirements. One half hour is allowed without pay for lunch, and a 10-minute break with pay is provided in the morning. Employees are responsible for arriving at the job site on time. Upon arrival at the job site, employees should check in with the superintendent or, when instructed to do so, with the foreman, who fills out time sheets. Employees should also notify the superintendent or foreman if they leave the job site before or after the appointed time. North Branch Construction’s office working hours for non-exempt (hourly) employees are typically 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Hours may vary depending on specific job requirements.
One half hour is allowed without pay for lunch, and a 10-minute break with pay is provided in
the morning.
When you are hired you will be told whether your position is “exempt” (meaning you are exempt from the overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act) or “non-exempt” (meaning you are covered by the overtime requirements). When jobs require additional time beyond the 40-hour workweek, non-exempt employees are given the opportunity to work overtime. Additional hours are optional; under no circumstances shall a non-exempt employee, as a condition of continued employment, be required to work more than 40 hours per week. Overtime compensation is time and a half the normal rate, in accordance with state and Federal law. Overtime compensation will be paid when an hourly employee works more than 40
hours in a workweek. For overtime purposes, the workweek begins Thursday at 12:01 am and
ends Wednesday at midnight. Non-exempt employees must obtain advance permission from
their Supervisor before working more than 40 hours in a workweek.
Employees are expected to be at work on time. Where and as permitted by law, deductions in pay will be made for tardiness. Consistent tardiness is cause for reprimand and
possible dismissal, and will be recorded in the employee's personnel file.

Holiday Pay

To receive holiday pay, employees must meet the eligibility requirements (see “Holidays” section). Non-exempt employees who are asked by their Supervisor and agree to work on one of the seven holidays listed in the Holiday section will receive overtime pay at time and one half the normal rate for hours worked on the holiday. Leave time may be granted for the following reasons, with and without pay as indicated:
After one full year of service all employees are entitled to one week's vacation time off with pay. After two years of continuous service, vacation time increases to two weeks. After ten years of continued service, it increases to three weeks. Non-salaried (non-exempt) personnel will be paid 8 hours of their vacation pay anytime you are out a whole day through out the year. If for any reason you do not use all of your vacation days during the course of the year, on your next anniversary you will be reimbursed for days that are left. Project Superintendents must schedule their vacation time at least two months in advance. All other employees must schedule their vacation time at least one month in advance. The company will try to approve all requests. If the timing is incompatible with the company's needs, an employee may be asked to choose an alternate time. Vacation pay is not accruable during the first year of employment, and will not be paid Vacation time for salaried employees must be used within the year, or forfeited. Sick/Personal Days (salaried personnel & office (non-exempt) only)
All salaried (exempt) employees and office (non-exempt) employees are entitled to 5 days off (40 hours) per year for illness or personal reasons. Any day off that occurs without proper
advance notice and approval will be classified as a “sick/personal” day. It is the responsibility of
the employee to promptly inform his/her supervisor of any sick/personal days taken. Unused days
are not accumulatory from year to year. Unused sick/personal days will not be paid upon
termination of employment.
After three months of service, all full time employees will be paid for time off on the Employees will be notified as to which holiday will be taken in the case of separate national and state observances. In the event a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday before will
be the day off. In the event a holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday after will be the day off.
Religious Holidays
Employees who observe religious holidays not included in the above list may take those days off without pay, with prior notification. Bereavement
All employees are entitled to up to three days of paid leave if death occurs in one's immediate family. The immediate family is considered to be a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or
Jury Service
Any employee required to serve on a jury during regular scheduled work hours must inform his or her supervisor so that arrangements may be made for special leave of absence. Non-exempt (hourly) employees will not be paid for days missed because of jury duty.
Exempt (salaried) employees will be paid their usual pay during the first two weeks of jury duty
leave. After the first two weeks, the leave will be unpaid.
NBC reserves the right to request a Court to excuse the employee from jury duty if such an occurrence is considered a company necessity. Family and Medical Leave
The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period to eligible employees for covered family or medical needs. An employee may be eligible for FMLA leave under any one of the following conditions: 1) to care for the employee’s newborn child; 2) to care for a child who has been placed with the employee for adoption or foster care; 3) to care for a spouse, son, daughter or parent with a serious health condition; or 4) for a serious health condition that renders the employee unable to perform the functions of his or her job. The following provisions are applicable in situations covered by the FMLA: When the need for FMLA leave is foreseeable, an employee must provide at least thirty (30) days notice. If the need for leave is unforeseeable, generally notice must be provided as soon as practicable of a diagnosis of a serious health condition. Unless previously authorized by management, FMLA leaves following a birth or adoption or foster placement must be taken all at once. NBC may agree to allow an employee to use intermittent or reduced schedule, but is not required to do so. FMLA leaves due to illness may be taken on an intermittent or reduced leave schedule. An employee’s accrued, unused vacation, sick and/or personal time (when applicable) may be included as part of the 12 weeks. The employee on FMLA leave is entitled to continue to participate in the company’s health insurance program at the same premium rate for all employees as stated in the Benefits Book. (A single plan is partially paid by North Branch Construction). However, if the employee does not return to work for a reason other than the serious health condition of the employee, the employee’s immediate family member, or another reason beyond the employee’s control, North Branch Construction may recover it’s share of the cost of providing this health insurance. North Branch Construction may require medical certification to support claims for FMLA medical leave. Eligibility Requirements

Employees are eligible for FMLA if they have worked for a covered employer for at least one year, for 1,250 hours over the previous 12 months, and if at least 50 employees are employed by the employer. Military Service
For those employees who are members of the National Guard or one of the reserve military components of the United States, military leave is provided for the purpose of
performing active duty training. No loss of seniority, annual vacation or sick/personal days, will
take place because of a military leave. Requests for leave must be accompanied by a copy of
orders assigning the employee to active duty training. Upon completion of training, a certificate
must be submitted verifying that the employee engaged in training. Leaves for military service
will be unpaid.
Crime Victim Employment Leave Act
This bill establishes that employers allow employees who are victims of certain crimes to leave work to attend court or other legal or investigative proceedings associated with the prosecution of the crime. Employers are not required to compensate an employee who is a victim of a crime. North Branch will require exempt employees who need such time off to use accrued paid vacation time or personal leave time. Before an employee may leave work, he or she shall provide the employer with a copy of the notice of each scheduled hearing, conference, or meeting that is provided to the employee by
the courts.

Work Related Injury Leave
Workers injured on the job are protected under the provisions of the New Hampshire Worker's Compensation Law. An employee disabled by an on-the-job incident is entitled to unpaid leave of absence until such time as a doctor certifies that he or she is able to return to work. The Worker’s Compensation Law grants the employee certain rights regarding reinstatement to the job; these rights normally continue for up to 18 months from the date of injury. Normally, the employee's job, or a comparable job, will be offered to the injured employee seeking reinstatement unless compelling business needs make this impossible, in which case another job will be offered. PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS
The performance of hourly (non-exempt) and salaried (exempt) payroll employees may periodically be formally reviewed and evaluated by their supervisors. The results will be discussed with the individual as an aid to improvement and advancement on the job. North Branch Construction uses periodic performance appraisals to assist in making personnel decisions, including merit increases, promotions, reassignment and dismissal. The performance appraisal helps to determine and record special talents, skills and capabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also provides an opportunity for each employee to discuss job problems and interests with his or her supervisor. Performance reviews may be conducted anytime. Sometimes they are initiated by a supervisor as a result of changes in performance levels or after a particular negative or positive incident. One's performance might also be reviewed if a promotion or job transfer is offered or requested, or at the request of an employee. Performance reviews remain a permanent part of the employee’s record and are retained in the employee's personnel file. Employees may review their files upon request during normal business hours. MEDICAL BENEFIT PLAN
All full-time employees are entitled to health, dental, vision and life insurance on the first day of the month following two months of service. Depending on the particular insurance plan(s) desired, the full-time employee may have the option to choose a single, family, two person or parent/child policy. A portion of the premium(s) for such insurance is paid for by North Branch; the remainder of the premium(s) is paid for by the employee. The premium portion to be paid by the employee will be divided into four payroll-deducted payments payable in advance of the date the premium is due. A separate “Employee Benefits” booklet explains the specifics of North Branch’s Medical Benefit Plan. Part-time and Temporary employees(only if promised in writing by your Manager or the President) are eligible to participate in the plan on the first day of the month following two months of service, but are required to pay the entire cost of the policy chosen. Employees are not required to participate in the plan. No alternative compensation is offered those who choose not to participate. Once enrolled in the program, employees will receive an insurance booklet and cards directly from the insurance carrier. If you have any questions regarding coverage, please contact the Human Resources Department. When you, or a member of your family, need to see a doctor it is your responsibility (not North Branch Construction’s and not the doctor’s) to complete all of the necessary paperwork on
a timely basis.
It is a violation of federal and/or state law to harass anyone at work because of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, marital status or sexual orientation. North Branch Construction is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free of any such harassment. If you believe that you have been subject to discriminatory harassment by a co-worker, supervisor, volunteer, client or vendor, or by anyone else during the course of your employment, please report your concerns immediately to your Supervisor or to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Retaliation against an employee by any person under North Branch Construction’s control, for filing a bona fide complaint of discriminatory harassment or for providing information in good faith regarding another employee’s complaint, will not be tolerated. Once a complaint of discriminatory harassment has been filed, an investigation will be conducted. The nature and extent of the investigation will depend upon the complaint; the intent is to obtain further information about the events/conduct complained of, to enable the person(s) named in the complaint to tell their side of the story, to determine whether discriminatory harassment has in fact occurred, and to develop an appropriate resolution. You may be asked to put your complaint in writing, or the person with whom you discuss your complaint might take notes and ask you to sign them. All employees are expected to cooperate with any North Branch Construction sponsored investigation of a complaint of discriminatory harassment, upon the request of their supervisor or the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Any employee who is determined to have committed discriminatory harassment or retaliation, or who fails to cooperate with a North Branch Construction, Inc. sponsored
investigation of discriminatory harassment or retaliation may be subject to disciplinary action, up
to and including termination.

Sexual harassment is a form of discriminatory harassment and will be treated in accordance with the discriminatory harassment policy outlined above. However, because it is the subject of a great deal of controversy and misunderstanding, we have chosen to define it in more detail in this Handbook. Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature when: Submission to such conduct is made (explicitly or implicitly) a term or condition of the individual’s employment; Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting the individual; or The conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the individual’s job performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. If you feel that you have been sexually harassed during the course of your employment, or if you believe you have witnessed another employee being sexually harassed, report your
concerns immediately, as described in the “Discriminatory Harassment” section above. The
procedures outlined in that section will apply.



Policy Statement

North Branch Construction is committed to safeguarding the health and welfare of its employees and providing safe working conditions for its employees, while at the same time providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality. North Branch recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and drugs, both at work and away from work, creates actual or potential risks to the health and safety of employees, visitors and others who come into contact
with the Company through its employees or on its premises or project sites. Accordingly, North
Branch is committed to preventing the use or the presence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace,
whether on its premises or on its project sites, and the abuse of alcohol or drugs by its employees.
The purpose of this Policy is to:

1. Provide clear guidelines and consistent procedures for handling incidents of the use of alcohol or drug by employees and applicants for employment; 2. Insure that employees conform to all state and federal regulations regarding the use of 3. Provide substance abuse education for all employees and supervisory training regarding problem recognition and the implementation of this Policy; and 4. Offer assistance to employees and their families in resolving problems that affect job
Exception to this policy:

The authorized possession, use, and transportation of drugs prescribed by a Physician and according to prescription instructions, unless such use would pose a safety risk to the employee, other workers around them, or the public.

The term “Drugs” includes:
a. Drugs listed or classified by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a narcotic. Drugs normally prescribed by a physician which are used without a prescription or otherwise illegally or improperly; and other drugs, or their metabolites, which are likely to cause impairment on the job, including but not limited to amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, phencyclidine, opiates, amitriptyline, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, doxepin, gluthethimide, hydromorphine, imipramine, meperidine, methadone, methaqualone, oxycodone, pentazocine, phenytoin, phenothiazines, and propoxyphene. b. Prescribed Drugs: Any substance prescribed for use by the employee by a
c. Sample: Means oral fluid, urine, hair and blood.
d. Fit for Duty Form: Any form which is provided by a licensed medical
practitioner for the purpose of notification to an employee a duly prescribed medication would indicate a non-negative test result under this policy. Those categories can include but are not limited to, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines or opiates. The term “Alcohol” means:
Any alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of 3% or more by volume. The term “Reasonable Suspicion” means:
Reason to believe, based on the conduct or appearance of an employee, that the
employee is under the influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. When feasible,
Reasonable Suspicion shall be based on the specific, articulable observations of
two or more North Branch supervisors. Such conduct or appearance giving rise to
Reasonable Suspicion may include, without limitation:
Repeated failure to follow instructions or operating procedures; Altercations, assaults or other violations of Company safety, security or other work rules or policies; Unexplained and/or frequent absenteeism; Personality changes, mood swings or disorientation; Criminal arrest or conviction involving the use of Alcohol or Drugs; Any evidence of the manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of Alcohol or Drugs; The occurrence of an accident or near-accident that may have been caused, wholly or in part, by human error; or The receipt of complaints from co-employees or others, or persistent problems with workplace interpersonal relationships.
Prohibited Activities/Disciplinary Action
The following activities of North Branch employees are prohibited: The use, sale, distribution or possession of Alcohol or Drugs during working hours or while on North Branch premises or project sites or while operating vehicles or equipment; and Reporting to work, being present on North Branch premises or project sites, or operating vehicles or equipment while under the influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. Any employee determined to have engaged, on one or more occasions, in such prohibited activities will be subject to disciplinary action which may include, without limitation, unannounced testing, suspension or termination of employment.
Alcohol and Drug Testing Selection Criteria
Alcohol and Drug testing will be performed under the following circumstances: Pre-employment
All applicants for employment are required to submit to Drug testing, in accordance with the testing procedures described below, prior to commencing employment. Any offer of employment made prior to such testing shall be considered provisional and conditioned upon the performance of such testing and satisfactory results thereof. If an applicant fails or refuses to submit to such Drug testing, or the results of such testing are positive in any respect, the applicant will not be considered qualified for employment with North Branch and no such employment will be offered. Employees who have been out of work for any reason a period of 60 or more consecutive days will be subject to the same pre-employment testing requirements. Reasonable Suspicion
Any employee may be required to submit to Alcohol and/or Drug testing based on Reasonable Suspicion that such employee may have engaged, or be engaged, in one or more of the prohibited activities described above. Once Reasonable Suspicion exists, the Company shall transport the employee immediately to a laboratory or other testing or collection facility selected by the Company for such testing, in accordance with the testing procedures described below, of urine, blood or breathe as the Company considers appropriate under the circumstances. If the employee fails or refuses to submit to such testing, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action which may include, without limitation, suspension or termination of employment. If the Company determines, in its sole discretion, that the employee is not fit to return to work, the Company shall provide for transportation of the employee to his /her home. North Branch may also suspend the employee, without pay, pending receipt of the test results. If the test results are negative, the employee will return to work and receive compensation for any wages lost while awaiting test results. Post-accident/Injury
Any employee involved in an accident, near-accident or similar incident while operating a vehicle or piece of equipment or who suffers an injury while on the jobsite which requires medical attention maybe required to submit to Alcohol and/or Drug testing in accordance with the testing procedures described below. An employee who is subject to such testing shall remain readily available for, and submit to, such testing within 4 hours following the incident. Within 24 hours from the time of the incident, the employee shall report to Occupational Health + Rehabilitation (OH+R) for further such testing as the Company may require. Any employee who is seriously injured and cannot participate in such post-accident testing must consent to the release of medical and/or hospital records that may indicate whether there was Alcohol or Drugs in the employee's system at the time of the incident. If the employee fails or refuses to submit to such testing, or to furnish such consent, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include, without limitation, suspension or termination of employment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, nothing contained in this Policy shall be construed to require the delay of necessary medical attention or to prohibit the employee from leaving the scene of the accident in order to obtain assistance in responding to the accident, obtain necessary medical treatment for those injured, or obtain materials necessary to secure the accident site. Testing Required by Law or Contractual Obligation
Any employee may be required to submit to Alcohol and/or Drug testing to the extent required by applicable law or regulation or by contractual obligation of the Company not otherwise anticipated by the provisions of this Policy. Random/Periodic testing
A. Any employee may be required to submit to Alcohol and/or Drug testing as part of the Company’s program of random testing of active employees. This program uses an e-screen program for random employee selection throughout the year. B. If selected for a random test, the employee must go immediately to the collection area and submit a sample for drug and alcohol testing. C. Refusal to submit a sample or to properly complete documentation for a random test will be considered a refusal to test, which will require discipline up to and including termination.
Testing Procedures

The following procedures will be followed, to the extent practicable, for all Alcohol and Drug testing required by North Branch under this Policy:
1. Random Testing
If selected for random testing the employee will provide a Sample to a trained and certified test administrator designated by the company. If the test administrator receives a non-negative instant test result, the employee will go immediately to a collection facility designated by the Company and provide an additional sample to confirm the instant test results. All non-negative test results will be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO.) and will be confidential until the MRO has contacted the employee. If it is determined the employee has a valid prescription from a licensed Physician the test will be recorded as negative. If an employee has a non-negative test subsequently recorded as a negative based on a prescribed medication the employee can choose to provide a “Fit for Duty” release form from their treating physician. This
form must be given voluntarily by the employee to the certified test administrator and must verify
what category of drug the prescribed medication would show in a non-negative test sample. The
employee can also choose not to provide the “Fit for Duty” form and remain out of work until
any required testing results are returned from the company’s designated collection facility.
Reimbursement of wages for missed time is based on the policies described under 2(f) & 2(g) of
this section
2. For All Other Required Testing
a. The employee/applicant will report to a collection facility designated by the b. The employee/applicant must sign such consents, authorizations or releases as the laboratory or other testing or collection facility may reasonably require. c. The employee/applicant must provide such urine, blood or breathe samples as the laboratory or other testing or collection facility may advise or require. d. The employee/applicant will be asked to witness the labeling and sealing of all e. A certified testing laboratory will forward the test results to the designated Medical Review Officer (MRO), who shall review and verify all results before reporting to North Branch. 1. If any sample is diluted, the employee/applicant will be given the opportunity to retest one time. An adulterated sample, however, will be considered a positive result and the employee/applicant will not be given the opportunity to retest. 2. If the test is positive in any respect, the MRO may contact the employee/applicant and may request a list of medications, whether or not prescribed by a physician, taken within the last thirty days. The employee shall cooperate with the MRO in determining what Drugs, if any, were prescribed for use by the employee at the time of the test. 3. Information concerning an employee/applicant’s test results will be kept confidential and will not be released by North Branch without the employee/applicant’s written authorization. f. An employee who tests positive may elect, at his or her expense and to the extent practicable, to have a second test conducted on the same sample or samples, which yielded a positive result. g. Non-negative results later determined to be negative resulting in
reimbursable wages while awaiting test results will be allowed on the first
occurrence only. Any subsequent time away from work awaiting test results
under this policy will not be reimbursable. Vacation and Personal time will
be used for time away from work for all salaried personnel.

h. If there is a “Fit for Duty” form on file from an employee’s physician identifying the category of drug being prescribed which matches the category indicated by the collection facility’s test result the employee will be allowed to return to work while awaiting the results of any testing done under this policy.
Consequences of a Positive Test
An applicant who tests positive for Drugs not duly prescribed by a physician will be rejected for employment with North Branch. An employee who tests positive for Alcohol or for Drugs not duly prescribed by a physician will be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Company: Immediate suspension from work, with or without pay, for up to 3 months, with return to work conditioned upon completion of a course of treatment or rehabilitation, satisfactory results of follow-up testing, and/or such other conditions as the Company may impose in its sole discretion. Mandatory referral to an Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”), in which case the employee must participate in the recommended treatment or rehabilitation program as a condition of continued employment. If the employee refuses to participate or fails to successfully complete the program, he/she will be subject to termination. In all such cases, the employee must obtain a negative test result in order to return to work. Testing will be conducted at the recommendation of the EAP professional and/or substance abuse professional. The employee will be given only one opportunity to obtain a negative follow-up test. An employee who refuses to submit to any Alcohol or Drug testing will be subject to immediate discharge.
Payment for Testing
North Branch will pay for any Alcohol or Drug testing which it requires of its employees. North Branch will not pay for retesting of an employee after a positive result and will not pay or reimburse expenses incurred in connection with any EAP (Employee Assistance Program) that may be offered as a result of positive test results. North Branch encourages employees who may have problems with Alcohol and/or Drug abuse or dependency to seek professional help. North Branch has contracted, or will contract,
with an EAP provider to assist in obtaining necessary or desired treatment. Information obtained
or discussed as part of any employee referral or treatment is strictly confidential. North Branch
will ask the provider of such treatment only for information relating to an employee’s
cooperation in and successful completion of the program. The employee will authorize this
limited exchange of information between the provider and North Branch.
Return to Work and Follow-up
Any employee who has participated in a course of treatment for Alcohol and/or Drug abuse or dependency may be required to submit to Alcohol and/or Drug testing prior to returning
to work. Such an employee who returns to work shall be subjected to unannounced testing up to
six (6) times over a period of twelve (12) to sixty (60) months. If any of such testing reveals the
presence of Alcohol or Drugs, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action, which may
include, without limitation, suspension or termination of employment. In any event, the
employee shall be prohibited from returning to work until he/she has undergone further testing, at
the employee’s expense, with results acceptable to North Branch.
General Provisions
North Branch shall inform all current and prospective employees of this Policy by providing to them a copy thereof. All current and prospective employees shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by this Policy by virtue of their accepting employment, or continued employment, with the Company. Nothing contained in this Policy shall be construed to create a contract of employment between the Company and any current or prospective employee. While this Policy is intended to guide Company actions with respect to the subject matter hereof, other Company rules, policies and procedures may also be applicable to the extent they do not conflict with this Policy. Nothing contained in this Policy shall be construed to restrict or limit the Company's right to manage its workplace or its project sites, or its right to discipline its employees as it sees fit. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend this Policy at any time in its sole discretion. If any provision of this Policy is determined to be void or unenforceable under state or federal law, such provision shall be severed and all remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect. DISCIPLINE AND GRIEVANCES
In addition to expecting employees to perform their jobs competently and reliably, North Branch Construction expects employees to conduct themselves in a professional, ethical and responsible manner that is consistent with company regulations and that reflects well upon the company. We hope to instill in each employee a willingness to observe the standards of conduct not because he/she must, but because of pride in the company, and a desire to see the company
operate efficiently and attain its objectives. Failure to observe the standards of conduct may lead
to corrective action, which may or may not include the following measures:
Warnings may be oral or written, and may or may not be placed in the employee's personnel file. The warning is a statement that serves to notify an employee of certain acts that
are not acceptable to the company. It gives notice to him or her that such actions will not be
tolerated and that further action will be taken if they recur.
Reprimands are always presented to the employee in writing. They are an official notice of severe violations in conduct or work performance, or of gross negligence. The reprimand includes an explicit statement of the offense, and if applicable, of other incidents of the same nature for which the employee has received reprimands or warnings. It will cite action that must be taken by the employee to correct the offenses, and future disciplinary action he or she may expect if the offense is repeated. A copy of the reprimand will be placed in the employee's personnel file.
Suspension is the temporary removal of an employee from the worksite for a specified period of time, usually for one day to several weeks or a month. A suspension will usually not
occur unless attempts to correct deficiencies have already been made through conferences, and/or
warnings or reprimands. Exceptions include situations where a gross infraction of company
policy has occurred and prompt disciplinary action is required.
Dismissal is the permanent removal of an employee from employment with North Branch Construction. This action may be taken for a one-time intolerable infraction of the rules, or as the result of a series of infractions suggesting a continuing serious problem that has not been resolved by other methods, or in which the employee is not amenable or capable of altering his or her behavior or performance. North Branch Construction reserves its right to determine what it believes is an appropriate response to a situation, and to implement it.
Causes for Disciplinary Action
Examples of employee conduct which may result in disciplinary action or dismissal include, but are not limited to, the following: Absenteeism
Frequent absence, lack of notification when going to be absent, unauthorized
absence from the worksite, repeated tardiness.
Discourteous Treatment/Discriminatory Harassment
Discourteous treatment and/or discriminatory harassment of company clientele,
subcontractors, vendors or the employee's fellow workers and superiors. Fighting
on company property. Obscene, and/or abusive language.
Dishonesty, Theft
Falsification of employment application, company records or time sheets, failing
to be truthful with superiors about work assignments, theft of company or an employee's property. Deliberate destruction or abuse of property, tools or Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Possession, consumption or selling of drugs or alcohol on any job site, in the
office or in company vehicles. Employees must come to work free from the
influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and unlawfully used prescription medications.
Adverse affect on job performance related to alcohol or drug abuse.
Work performance consistently below specified standards, failure to cooperate.
Refusal to accept or complete work assignment, rude or inappropriate language or
Gambling on job sites or company property.
Violation of safety rules (see North Branch Construction, Inc. Safety Manual)
and/or OSHA regulations.
Possession of weapons on job sites or company property.
Company Privacy
Disclosure of company information, including, but not limited to, bids and
proposal details, policy and procedure manuals, personnel and benefit handbooks. Conviction of a Felony
Violation of any of the policies described in this handbook or otherwise
communicated to employees.

Exit Interview
Every employee is entitled to an interview upon termination of employment. This applies to voluntary, as well as involuntary, termination. Any questions regarding final paychecks and insurance continuation will be answered at this time. Grievance Procedure
A grievance is defined as "any condition of employment that the employee thinks is unjust or inequitable." It is our purpose to provide an effective means for employees to bring problems and complaints concerning their well being at work to the attention of management, without fear of recrimination. If you have a complaint regarding company policy or if you feel you have been mistreated or unfairly disciplined, you must report the problem no later than three weeks after its occurrence. Please try to resolve the problem by following the chain of command as described below: Non -Exempt (Hourly) Workers
Discuss issue with immediate supervisor. If the grievance involved the immediate supervisor, this step may be omitted. If not resolved, See CFO or Manpower Manager; if not resolved, Exempt (Salaried) Workers
Discuss issue with immediate supervisor; if not resolved It is in the best interests of both the company and the employee to resolve grievances as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances, the final decision will be reached and
communicated to the employee within three weeks of initially registering the grievance.

The intent is for all North Branch Construction personnel to look professional and be
appropriately dressed for their position and properly protected from potential workplace hazards.
Field Personnel:
Field personnel are encouraged to wear clothing and outer wear exhibiting North Branch Construction’s name/logo. High visibility garment and safety toed footwear (typically, work boots) are required to be worn on the jobsite at all times. Outerwear required for seasonal weather conditions should also be neat and clean. High visibility T-shirts will be distributed to employees and can be worn when there is no other specific performance class required as described in ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear or any updates to that standard. In all other situations a North Branch high visibility class 3 safety vest is required to be worn over other garments. In warm weather, and if workplace hazards allow, hemmed shorts are permitted, but no cutoffs. Project Superintendents are required to wear a high visibility garment and safety toed footwear on the jobsite at all times. High visibility Polo-shirts will be distributed and can be worn when there is no other specific performance class required as described in ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear or any updates to that standard. In all other situations a North Branch high visibility class 3 safety vest is required to be worn over other garments. Project Superintendents are not allowed to wear clothing bearing subcontractor/vendor insignia while on the jobsite Office Staff:
“Business casual” is the expectation; clean and neat (no holes, rips, tears, etc.) shirts/blouses, pants/skirts/dresses, and appropriate footwear are required. Fridays are “dress-down” days, when t-shirts, jeans, hemmed shorts (but no cutoffs) and sneakers are permitted.
Office Management:
“Business casual” is the minimum; for men, shirt and tie when meeting clients and design team members. Clean and neat (no holes, rips, tears, etc.) shirts/blouses, pants/skirts/dresses, and appropriate footwear are required. Collared short sleeve shirts are permitted. Shorts are not allowed. Whenever a Project Manager will be meeting with clients and/or design team members or meetings with multiple subcontractors, collared shirt and ties are required. Managers are encouraged to wear clothing and outerwear exhibiting North Branch Construction’s name/logo. Appropriate dress is required when field visits are made, a high visibility garment and safety toed footwear will be worn when in the field at all times. Also, North Branch high visibility class 3 safety vest is required to be worn over other garments when walking onto the construction site. SAFETY/ACCIDENTS
It is our policy to provide safe working conditions for all employees and to provide complete instructions covering safe working methods. It is the obligation of each employee to observe the safety regulations, to use the safety equipment provided and to practice safety at all times. Every employee is required to adhere to all rules and regulations specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the North Branch Construction, Inc. Safety Manual. OSHA regulations specify that employees have the right to refuse to perform tasks which they believe would expose them to a risk of serious injury. You may also file a complaint with the regional OSHA office requesting an inspection, if you feel you are working in unsafe or unhealthful conditions. Upon request, OSHA will withhold your name. Employees are issued a hardhat, eye protection, ear protection, High visibility t-shirts and ANSI approved class 3 safety vests with an explanation for their proper use. These company issued items are to be worn on the job as specified in the company’s safety manual. Safety toed footwear is required at all times and must meet ANSI Z41-1991 or Complies with (or Conforms to) ASTM F 2412-05 and F 2413-05; sneakers are not allowed except in unusual circumstances (which must be approved in advance by the North Branch Safety Director). Your supervisor should be contacted with any questions regarding safety procedures. If you are ever instructed by your supervisor to disregard a safety procedure you should contact the North Branch Safety Director, CFO or the company’s President at the main office. Your statement will be kept in strict confidence. It is our policy to keep all equipment and vehicles in safe operating condition and ready for use at all times. Employees are required to notify their supervisor upon noticing that a piece of equipment is in need of repair or maintenance. Equipment needing repair must be tagged and removed from service no modifications or repairs are to be done in the field, only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to repair North Branch equipment. Accidents
Employees sustaining accidents at work are protected by the terms of the Worker's Compensation Act, administered by the State Department of Labor. In order to insure full protection from the Act, all accidents must be reported immediately, whether or not medical attention is required. It is the responsibility of the injured employee to inform someone of his or her injury, and it is the supervisor's responsibility to take appropriate action and then to immediately report the incident to the appropriate office personnel. North Branch Construction currently participates in a “State Approved” Managed Care Program, which is administered by CCMSI. Under this program all North Branch employees are afforded the following rights and obligations: In the event of an injury, please do the following: If the injury is an “emergency” get care immediately! Report your injury as soon as possible after the emergency is addressed. If the injury is not an emergency, notify your immediate supervisor and coordinate getting appropriate care. 1. You have the right to choose your treating doctor. The provider you choose must be a member of the CCMSI managed care provider network otherwise you risk having to pay for the medical care yourself. 2. You have the right to emergency care at any facility regardless of it being listed in the provider network or not. Any follow up care, however, must be with an approved network provider. Please contact your case manager for assistance. 3. You have the right to seek a second opinion with a doctor of your choosing from within the CCMSI Network. If you select a non-network provider, prior approval from your case manager is required for the evaluation and any continued treatment. 4. You have the right to have your questions or concerns addressed by the CCMSI nurse case manager or claim representative. Feel free to call them with your questions or concerns regarding medical issues or money issues. 5. Nothing about this program alters your right to seek assistance or information from the NH Department of Labor, 95 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301. Their toll-free number is (800) 272-4353.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your claim representative,
or your case manager, at CCMSI. Their toll-free number is (800) 985-2583.

North Branch Construction operates a fleet of vehicles including automobiles, pick-up trucks,
rack body trucks and vans. Only personnel authorized by management are allowed to operate
any company owned vehicles. It is the operator’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe
manner and to drive defensively to prevent injuries and property damage. As such, the Company
endorses all applicable state motor vehicle regulations relating to driver responsibility. The
Company expects each operator to drive in a safe and courteous manner at all times. Company
vehicle use is only allowed pursuant to the following rules.
1. Company vehicles are to be driven by properly licensed and duly authorized employees only, except in the case of repair testing by a mechanic. 2. Any employee who has his/her driver’s license revoked or suspended shall immediately notify the North Branch Safety Director, CFO, or the company’s President at the main office and discontinue operation of company vehicles. 3. All accidents involving company owned vehicles must be reported immediately to 4. Drivers must immediately report all summonses and/or violations received for moving violations during the operation of a company vehicle to the North Branch Safety Director, CFO, or the company’s President at the main office. 5. Motor vehicle records may be ordered periodically to assess employees’ driving records. An unfavorable record, as determined at management’s sole discretion, will result in a loss of the privilege of driving a Company vehicle. In the event that such driving privileges are suspended, the company is not required to reimburse mileage for use of a personal vehicle. 6. The use of company vehicles after the ingestion or use of intoxicants and/or drugs 7. No driver shall operate a company vehicle when his/her ability to do so safely has been impaired by illness, fatigue, injury, or prescription medicine. 8. All drivers and passengers operating or riding in company vehicles must wear seat belts, whether the vehicle is equipped with air bags or not. 9. No unauthorized personnel (e.g., hitchhikers) are allowed to ride in company 10. Drivers are responsible for the security of Company vehicles assigned to them. The vehicle engine must be shut off, ignition keys removed, and vehicle doors locked whenever the vehicle is left unattended. 11. All state and local motor vehicle regulations must be obeyed. What To Do In Case of An Accident
In an attempt to minimize the results of an accident, the driver must prevent further damages or
injuries and obtain all pertinent information and report it accurately.
Secure the accident scene- pull onto the shoulder or side of the road, redirect traffic, set up road flares/reflectors, etc. Call the police. All accidents on public roadway, regardless of severity, must be immediately reported to the police and the North Branch Safety Director. Record names and addresses of driver(s), witnesses, occupants of other vehicles and any police/medical personnel who may arrive at the scene. Provide an accident report, including the following information: a. License number of other drivers. b. Insurance company names and policy numbers of other vehicles. c. Make, year, and model of other vehicles. d. Description of damage to any vehicles or property. e. Date and time of accident. f. Overall road and weather conditions. Draw a diagram of the accident scene and note the street names and locations of traffic signs, signals, etc. Do not discuss the accident with anyone at the scene except the police. Do NOT accept any responsibility for the accident. DON’T argue with anyone. Provide the other parties, if any, involved in the accident with your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and insurance information. Immediately report the accident to our Safety Director, CFO, or the company’s President at the main office. Provide them with a copy of the accident record and/or your written description of the accident as soon as possible. Cooperate fully with any follow-up from law enforcement and/or company insurance company personnel.
Vehicle Maintenance
Proper vehicle maintenance is a basic element of any fleet program, not only to ensure a safe,
roadworthy vehicle, but to also avoid costly repair expenses and unexpected breakdowns.
The Tool & Equipment Supervisor coordinates vehicle registration and annual inspection. Drivers are required to routinely inspect all Company vehicles, documenting and notifying the Tool & Equipment Supervisor of deficiencies found. Inspections should include all critical items, such as brakes, lights, tires, wipers, fluid levels, etc. Permanently assigned vehicles should be cleaned (interior & exterior) regularly to help maintain its good appearance for you and the Company. A clean vehicle makes a good impression on clients. The vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule should be referenced and closely followed
regarding recommended maintenance intervals.
Wireless Phone Usage

North Branch Construction Inc. does not allow texting or talking on a hand-held phone while operating a company vehicle or while using a company issued cell phone while operating a personal vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, answering or making phone calls or engaging in phone conversations without the use of a hands-free device. Reading or responding to e-mails and text messages on any hand-held device is not permitted when driving. North Branch Construction Inc. employees are required to: • Turn cell phones off, put on silent, or place into hands free mode before starting the • If you have forgotten to place the phone in hands free mode, pull over to a safe place before attempting to change any settings on the phone. If a call must be made or received while on the road and you do not have a hands free device, you must first pull over and place the vehicle in park. • Consider modifying voice mail greeting to indicate that you are unavailable to answer • Inform clients, associates, and business partners of this policy as an explanation of why
Reimbursement for business use of personal vehicle
With prior approval, we will compensate employees, at the established mileage rate, for using their personal vehicles to buy supplies or to carry equipment to or from a job site. North Branch uses the current Internal Revenue Service business mileage rate as the “established” rate. Employees are prohibited from using North Branch Construction's accounts for fuel.
Employees must occasionally purchase company supplies, charging them to our various store accounts in the area. If you need to make a purchase you must first obtain a purchase order
from a project manager or project superintendent. Our suppliers have been instructed not to sell
merchandise on account without receiving a proper purchase order.
Tool Policy
Employees are expected to provide all necessary hand tools required to perform the scopes of work the employee is hired to perform. North Branch Construction will provide all necessary power tools and specialty equipment. All North Branch Construction's tools and equipment are for company use only, and may not be used for personal projects. Personal tools are the responsibility of the employee who owns them. However, if an employee borrows and damages a co-worker's tool, he/she is required to repair or replace it. An employee's personal tools are not insured by North Branch Construction, Inc. Personal tools damaged or stolen from a North Branch job site, North Branch's premises or vehicles are not covered by our insurance. They are the responsibility of the employee and we would strongly suggest each employee consider insuring his or her own tools. North Branch Construction will consider replacing personal tools that undergo unusual wear and tear on one of our projects. All tool purchases must be authorized by the Project
Manager, Project Superintendent, or Manpower/Equipment Manager.
Outside Employment
North Branch Construction does not prohibit its employees from taking a second job. It does, however, expect that outside employment will not interfere with one's performance and/or attendance at North Branch. North Branch Construction employees are not allowed to work for another construction contractor, without first obtaining approval from the President.
Company Privacy
North Branch Construction employees are forbidden to divulge company information to outsiders, including the media and government representatives. Company information includes
but is not limited to bids, proposal details, estimates, financial information, project schedules,
sub-contractor lists, customer/client lists and records, and company manuals, including
employee, safety and quality control. Violation of this policy is grounds for dismissal.
Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited at our main and all construction site field offices. Smoking policy for the construction site grounds and within the building(s) under construction are established by the site Supervisor, per the requirements of the client and in accordance with New Hampshire law. If you have questions about where you may smoke and where you may not, please see your Supervisor. Any employee who smokes in an area within our facilities that is not a designated smoking area will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.


The computer, Internet access, voice mail, and electronic mail systems (collectively referred to as “communications system”) of North Branch Construction, Inc. (the “Company”) are Company property and are intended for business use only and should be used exclusively for work-related purposes. This communications system may not be used for social, religious, political, solicitation or other personal matters unrelated to the business of the Company. Inappropriate use of the communications system is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that the Company’s communications system may automatically store or record information transmitted in a backup storage mechanism. From time to time, communications stored in the system may be deleted, printed or utilized for any purpose. In addition, the Company may access the communications system and will review and monitor communications within the system, without notice to users of the system, when the Company deems it appropriate to do so. Transmissions of messages on the Company’s system are not and should not be considered confidential or private. By using the Company’s system, you are expressly consenting to this policy. The Company’s policy prohibiting all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, applies fully to use of the Company’s communications system. No one may use the communications system in a manner that may be construed by others as harassment or discrimination based on sex, race, national origin, sexual preference, age, disability, religion, or any other characteristic protected by federal or state law. The communications system should not be utilized to solicit, harass or offend or for any other inappropriate or unlawful purpose, such as accessing or distributing sexually explicit or offensive materials or sending/receiving copyrighted material, trade secrets or proprietary company information. Derogatory, defamatory, obscene or otherwise inappropriate messages are strictly prohibited. Employees are prohibited from accessing, or attempting to access, another individual’s electronic communications without appropriate authorization. Please use discretion, good judgment and common sense when creating and distributing messages. Due to security concerns, employees should avoid sending and storing sensitive or confidential Company information whenever possible. Under no circumstances may confidential information be transmitted to individuals outside the Company without prior approval of management. Violators of this Electronics Communications Policy are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.


Suggestion System
North Branch Construction encourages all employees to submit suggestions and constructive criticism to help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make general improvements. Suggestions may be addressed to a Supervisor, Project Manager or the President or may be submitted in writing and placed in the Suggestion box located in the mailroom at the main office. Solicitations
North Branch Construction does not allow the distribution of any literature, petitions or surveys or the sale of any merchandise, raffle tickets, etc., on company premises or on any job site. Tuition Reimbursement
North Branch Construction offers a generous tuition reimbursement plan to all employees who have completed at least twelve months' service. See the Employment Benefits Handbook for specific information. Training

North Branch Construction strongly promotes training opportunities to assist all North Branch personnel in reaching their career potential within the company. See the Employment Benefits Handbook for specific information.


I have read and understand the North Branch Construction, Inc. Employee Handbook (May 2012). I understand the policies described in the Handbook and agree to abide by them. I understand this manual supersedes previous policy that may have been issued, and that management may revise the Employee Handbook, and the policies and benefits described in it, at anytime without notice. I understand the Employee Handbook does not constitute an express or implied contract and that it does not confer contractual rights. I acknowledge receipt of North Branch Construction Inc’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy as referenced on page 2 of this Manual. I acknowledge receipt of North Branch Construction Inc’s Discriminatory Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policies as referenced on pages 8 and 9 of this Manual. Furthermore, I understand my employment at North Branch Construction, Inc. is at-will, meaning that the employment may be terminated by myself or North Branch Construction, Inc. management at any time, with or without cause or prior notice. Date Signed by Print Name ________________________________


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