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7th European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics (ECAPD7)
September 6-9, 2004, Liberec, Czech Republic
List of invited speakers (25.5.2004)

A. Bell (UK): “Temperature dependence and Non-Linearity of dielectrics with composition

R. Blinc
(Slovenia): "Polar nanoclusters in relaxors"
L. Bohatý (Germany): “Electromechanical and electro-optical properties of non-ferroelectric
polar bismuth triborate, BiB3O6”

L. E. Cross
(USA): "Strain gradient Induced Electric Polarization in Paraelectric,
Ferroelectric and Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramics"

J. Cross
(Japan): "FRAM technology and reliability"
R. S. Cudney
(Mexico): "Optical uses of ferroelectric crystals with 180o domains"
L. M. Eng
(Germany): "Nano-ferro-optics: Dielectric, Polarization, and Optical properties in
ferroelectric domains and domain walls"
M. Fontana
(France): "LiNbO3 optical waveguide devices : Study of the physical
phenomena causing the DC drift“

J. Fousek
(Czech Republic): “Technical applications of open domain-related problems“
P. Günter
(Switzerland): "Photorefractive materials for near infrared applications"

B. Hilczer
(Poland): "Functionalization of ferroelectric polymers"

V. Janovec
(Czech Republic): "Databases of ferroic phase transitions"
A. Kholkin
(Portugal): "Scanning Force Microscopy of ferroelectric relaxors"

S. B. Lang
(Israel): “Laser intensity modulation method (LIMM): Experimental techniques,
data analysis and applications“
V. V. Lemanov (Russia): "Dielectric relaxation in doped SrTiO3 in the regimes of classical
thermal activation and of quantum tunneling"

J. Petzelt
(Czech Republic): "Infrared and high-frequency dielectric behaviour and soft
modes in ferroelectric and relaxor films"
E. Ringgaard
(Danemark): “Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of potassium sodium
niobate, an environmentally friendly piezoceramic“

J. Scott
(UK): "Dielectric Properties of Ferroelectrics in Restricted Geometries: Nanotubes,
Nano-rods, Ribbon Structures, and Shoulders on [3D] Capacitor Structures"
N. Setter (Switzerland): "Ordered and disordered ferroelectric relaxors"
V. Shur (Russia): “Micro and Nanodomain Engineering in Lithium Niobate and Lithium
A. K. Tagantsev (Switzerland): "Internal BIAS field effects and Polarization imprint in
ferroelectric films"

T. Takenaka
(Japan): "Grain Orientation and Electrical Properties of Some Bismuth Layer-
Structured Ferroelectrics for Lead-Free Piezoelectric Applications"

S. Wada
(Japan): "Enhanced Piezoelectric Properties of Potassium Niobate Single Crystals
by Domain Engineering"
Hong Wang (P.R.China): "Bi-pyrochlore Dielectric Ceramics for Microwave Applications:
Current Status and Future Prospect"
R. W. Whatmore (UK): "Pyroelectric arrays using ceramics and thin films"

Yao Xi
(P.R.China): "Processing and field induced transition of PZST ceramics"

Zuo-Guang Ye
(Canada): "Piezo-/Ferroelectric Single Crystals"
Qingrui Yin (P.R.China): "Piezoresponse and Acoustic Microscopy of Some Ferroelectrics
Based SPM"

V. Zauls
(Latvia): "AFM studies of functional thin films – from surface testing to
Weiguang Zhu
(Singapore): "Ferroelectric Films for MEMS and Electronic Device


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