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Hip Arthroscopy Post-Operative Instructions
1. Physical Therapy should be scheduled for post-op day #1.
2. If oozing from surgery site occurs, and the dressing appears soaked with bloody fluid,
please change the dressing as needed. This normally occurs after fluid irrigation during
surgery, and will resolve within 24-36 hours.
3. Icing is very important for the first 5-7 days postoperative, and ice is applied (ice packs
or ice therapy) as often as possible or at least for 20-minute periods 3-4 times per day. Ice
should not be applied directly on the skin.
4. You may remove the dressing on post-op day #2.
5. Apply Band-Aids to wound sites and change them once a day. Keep the wound clean
and dry.
6. Please do not use bacitracin or other ointments under the bandage.
7. Showering is allowed on post-op day #4 if the wound is dry. MAKE SURE EACH
8. Do not soak the hip in water in a bathtub or pool until the sutures are removed.
9. Driving is permitted on post-op day #5, if the narcotic pain medication is no longer
being taken and you feel comfortable getting into and out of a car. Driving a manual car
may take up to 3-4 weeks.
10. Please call the office to schedule a follow-up appointment for suture removal about
10-14 days after surgery.
11. The anesthetic drugs used during your surgery may cause nausea for the first 24
hours. If nausea is encountered, drink only clear liquids (i.e. Sprite or 7-up). The only
solids should be dry crackers or toast. If nausea and vomiting become severe or the
patient shows sign of dehydration (lack of urination) please call the doctor or the
12. If you develop a fever (101.5), redness, or yellow/brown/green drainage from the
surgical incision site, please call our office to arrange for an evaluation.
13. Enclosed are prescriptions for you to use post-operatively.
Indocin SR 75mg, 1 tablet by mouth with food for 10 days only
Prilosec (Stomach Prophylaxis) 20mg, 1 tablet by mouth daily (take on an empty stomach
1 hour before breakfast for 10 days only)
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Begin after 10 days of Indocin
EC-Naprosyn 500mg, 1 tablet by mouth two times per day or Celebrex 200mg , 1 tablet
by mouth daily
*Take 1st dose on the evening of surgery*
PAIN MEDICATION: Norco / Percocet 1 or 2 tablets by mouth every 4 – 6 hours as
ANTI-NAUSEA (if applicable): Compazine 5mg, 1 tablet by mouth 3 times a day as
ANTI-SPASM (if applicable): Zanaflex 4mg, 2 tablets by mouth every 6 hours as needed
14. You may take a baby aspirin (81 mg) daily until the sutures are removed in the office.
may lower the risk of a blood clot developing after surgery. Should severe calf pain occur or significant swelling of calf and ankle, please call the doctor. 15. Local anesthetics (i.e. Novocaine) are put into the incision after surgery. It is not uncommon for patients to encounter more pain on the first or second day after surgery. This is the time when swelling peaks. Taking pain medication before bedtime will assist in sleeping. It is important not to drink or drive while taking narcotic medication. If you were prescribed narcotic medication (i.e. vicodin, hydrocodone, darvocet) you can supplement those medications with 200 mg or 400 mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. You should resume your normal medications for other conditions the day after surgery. 16. Follow weight bearing instructions as advised at discharge. Crutches may be necessary to assist walking. Extremity elevation for the first 72 hours is also encouraged to minimize swelling. 17. If unexpected problems occur and you need to speak to the doctor, call the office. Important Contact Information Jessie Hammond (Administrative Assistant): (216) 844-6094 Fax Number: (216) 844-5970 After Hours: 216-844-6097 (you will be connected to the answering service)


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Summerwind Homeowners Newsletter March 2002 Debra Mikolaizik, Editor: 425-226-2926 Home, 425-430-6580 Work, E-Mail or It’s almost Spring – soon flowers wil be popping up everywhere, including our bulbs we planted with the Neighborhood Grant funding a while back. We have three grant requests this Spring. 1) M

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