Preset Counters, electronic
LCD Preset Counter – Type 901
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Further product features
• Data security, thanks to exchangeable • Count and reset input electrically sepa- • Simple preset entry: one key per decade • 2 line LCD display count, preset and level Technical data:
2 pcs user exchangeable lithium-batteries height of figures 7 or 4.5 mm [0.276 or 0.177“] power operations of the output relay and an bidirectional optocoupler input for the reset Reset, count and keyboard lock is connected Immunity to interference: EN55011 class B bistable relay with potential free contact (programmable as normally closed or normally Programming:
Operating the counter:
The counter is programmed using the keys on the front. The menu is shown on the display. The following modes are Press the red SET button or apply a pulse to the reset input to set the counter to zero in the adding mode or to the preset in Presetting:
3. Output (normally open or normally closed) The preset value is indicated on the lower row of digits. To set 4. Display Hold during automatic cycles in steps of 100 ms it, use the 6 presetting buttons assigned to each decade. The set value will be accepted with the next set or reset operation.
5. Decimal point up to max. 3 decimal places.
Overflow and underflow:
Function of the output:
In the adding mode the overflow is 999 999 to 0; in the subtract- ing mode it is 0 to 999 999. The output signal remains unaffected.
Relay is active , when actual value > preset Lo-Bat-indicator:
When the battery charge is too low, Lo-bat appears in the lower Relay is active , when actual value < 0 display. This flashes on a two second cycle. When lo-bat is When the relay is active a colon will appear at the bottom left indicated, the battery should be changed as soon as possible.
Changing the battery:
The unit retains the programmed values if the batteries arereplaced within 2 minutes.
Preset Counters, electronic
LCD Preset Counter – Type 901
Terminal block:
Example of connection:
Panel cut-out 45 x 45 mm [1.772 x 1.772“] 901 with front bezel No. 2
Panel cut-out 50 x 50 mm [1.969 x 1.969“] Delivery specification:
Counter 901
2 Lithium batteries
1 Screw terminal
1 Front bezel for screw mounting
Panel cut-out 50 x 50 mm [1.969 x 1.969“] Panel cut-out 50 x 50 mm [1.969 x 1.969“] 1 Spring clip1 Template for panel cut-out1 Operating instruction 901 with front bezel No. 3
Order Code:
Panel cut-out 50 x 50 mm [1.969 x 1.969“] Replacement part :
7-pin screw terminal RM 5.08 1 . 7: N100548


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