Curriculum Vitae
(internal medicine); PhD(Anatomy).
52 Youssef Abbas Street, Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt Date of birth: December, 12th,1950 Married, 2 children Languages: English (very good) Arabic (mother language) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND
Bachelor degree of medicine and surgery (MB,BCh).Ain Shams Faculty of
Medicine, Cairo, Egypt, grade very good with honor
Master Degree in basic medical science (MSc Anatomy), Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt. Thesis: Blood supply of the central nervous system with special reference to the circle of Willis PhD degree in basic medical sciences(Anatomy), Ain Shams Faculty of
Medicine, Cairo, Egypt. The PhD was carried out in San Diego, Ramon
Cajal Institute, Madrid, Spain
Thesis: Quantitative and histological study of the adrenal medulla of mice with
special reference to its evolution
Msc (internal medicine), grade very good, Ain Shams Faculty of
medicine, Cairo, Egypt.
Thesis: Intraepithelial eosinophilia as a diagnostic criterion of reflux
Professor of Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology,Mutah faculty of

Professor of Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Ain shams Faculty of

Assistant professor of Human gross Anatomy and Embryology, Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt 05/1984
Lecturer of Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Ain Shams Faculty
of Medicine, Cairo Egypt
Research Fellow, Ramon Cajal Institute, Madrid, Spain
Assistant Lecturer of Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Ain
Shams Faculty of Medicine, Cairo Egypt.
Demonstrator of Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology, Ain Shams
Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt
Resident at ministry of health hospitals.

Rotating intern at Ain Shams University Hospitals

Teaching Human Gross Anatomy, Embryology and Neuroanatomy for
undergraduate medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing students. Ain Shams
Faculty of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. Cairo, Egypt.
Electron microscopy training program at Ain Shams
Research Fellow, Ramon Cajal Institute, Madrid, Spain in the
neuroendocrinology electron microscopy unit.

Teaching Human Gross Anatomy, Embryology and neuroanatomy to
undergraduate and postgraduate students at Faculties of Medicine,
dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Teaching Human Gross Anatomy, Embryology and neuroanatomy for
undergraduate students in faculty of medicine & faculty of nursing;Mutah
university, jordan
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