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Organ Transplant Nutrition Therapy
• This nutrition plan can help most people stay healthy after a transplant. For example, good nutrition can reduce potential problems such as high blood fats, blood sugar, blood pressure, excess weight, and can strengthen bones. • If you have any health problems, you should contact a registered dietitian for more information about what you should eat. Recommended Foods
Food Group
Recommended Foods
• Nonfat or fat-free cheese • Low-fat ice cream Meat and other foods
with protein (baked,
grilled, broiled, boiled,
• Dry beans and peas • Unsalted nuts • Tofu • Egg whites • Unsweetened canned and frozen fruit (except grapefruit) • Unsweetened juice (in small amounts) • Unsweetened dried fruits Vegetables
• Unsalted canned or frozen vegetables • Unsalted vegetable juices • Whole grain breads • Whole grain pastas, rice, brown wild rice • Whole grain, unsweetened cereals Fats and Oils
• Olive oil • Canola oil • Trans-fat-free margarine • Nonfat or low-fat salad dressing Seasonings
• Fresh or dried cooking herbs • Onion or onion powder (not onion salt) • Garlic or garlic powder (not garlic salt) • Salt-free and sodium-free seasonings Copyright American Dietetic Association. This handout may be duplicated for client education. Organ Transplant Nutrition Therapy—Page 1 Foods Not Recommended
The following foods should never be eaten: • Grapefruit or grapefruit juice (if you are taking cyclosporine or prograf because grapefuit interferes with the metabolism of these drugs) • Raw, rare or undercooked fish, poultry, pork, beef, or eggs • Unpasteurized milk or cheese • Unpasteurized juices or ciders • Fresh sprouts (such as bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts) • Food that is spoiled or moldy; food that is past its "use by" date • Alcohol (ask your doctor if you can safely drink any alcohol) Organ Transplant Nutrition Therapy—Page 2 If your weight is stabilized and in order to maintain overall good health, the following foods may be
eaten in small amounts or infrequently. See the Foods Recommended for better food choices.
Food Groups
Small Amounts Recommended
Meats and other foods
• Fried meats (chicken, fish, pork, beef) with protein
• Canned beans • Egg yolks (do not eat more than 3 or 4 per week) • Processed meats such as ham, bacon, sausage, corned beef, hot dogs, Vegetables
• Vegetables or vegetable juice with salt • Pickled or salted foods, such as pickles, relish, olives, or sauerkraut • White bread, regular pasta, and white rice • Pancakes and waffles • Salted crackers Fats and Oils
• Oils other than olive oil and canola oil • Butter • Regular salad dressings and toppings Desserts
Seasonings and Other
• Packaged foods made with salt, such as soups or condiments Beverages
• Sport drinks • Vegetable juices with salt Organ Transplant Nutrition Therapy—Page 3 Sample 1-Day Menu
Large salad with spring greens, fresh vegetables, 3 ounces 1 medium piece fresh fruit Caffeine-free iced tea Raw vegetable sticks with nonfat ranch dressing Evening Meal
1/2 cup sliced strawberries in 1 cup nonfat yogurt Approximate Nutrition Analysis:
Calories: 1,550; Protein: 95g (24% of calories); Carbohydrate: 213g (54% of calories); Fat: 38g (22% of calories); Cholesterol: 146mg; Sodium: 1,257mg; Fiber: 17g Organ Transplant Nutrition Therapy—Page 4


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