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Populus received 7817 responses from adults aged 50 and over to its online poll for SAGA between 15th and 19th December 2007. Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. For more details go to Over a third (35%) of panellists say they exercise every day. 23% say they exercise every other day and another 23% say they exercise at Only 3% say they exercise once a fortnight and 2% say they do so once a month. 14% say they exercise less frequently than that or not at all. Older people are more likely to exercise every day – while 29% of 50 – 54 year olds say they do so, 38% of over 65 year olds do so. 79% say their exercise takes the form of walking, 15% going to the gym or exercise classes, 12% playing support and 27% said that they did a different form of exercise from those listed. 92% of respondents say they are very or somewhat conscious about healthy eating and women (45%) are more likely than men (34%) to say Nearly two thirds (64%) think they eat more healthily than they did when they were growing up, 10% that they eat less healthily and a quarter (25%) that they eat no more or less healthily than they did More than four fifths (83%) say that they try to avoid junk food, three quarters (76%) that they try to eat their ‘five a day’ and nearly as many (73%) avoid buying food that is high in salt sugar or fat. Only 17%, however, say that they buy so-called ‘superfoods’. Women are more likely to do any of these things than men. Two fifths (42%) of respondents said that they had suffered from stress (either in the past, or currently), a quarter (24%) from anxiety, and 22% from depression. However, nearly half (48%) said that they Respondents would be most likely to talk to their partner if they did suffer from any of stress, anxiety or depression (52%). However, men were more likely to do this (59%) than women (40%). Women, on the other hand, would be three times more likely to talk to Around a third (36%) would talk to their family doctor and a quarter (24%) would keep their feelings to themselves. Problems at work were the most likely cause of stress (45%), followed by relationship issues (32%) and family bereavement (31%). Those who are divorced would be most likely to say that relationship issues would be the most likely cause (50%) and those are widowed, the least likely to do so (16%). Respondents who were widowed were also more likely to say that loneliness would be the cause of stress (34%) while married respondents were the least likely to do so (9%). • The most popular cosmetic procedures for women were facelifts (11% would consider and 1% has had one), tummy tucks (10% would consider, 1% has had) and liposuction (7% would consider, 1% has had). However, the vast majority of female participants had neither had nor would consider any type of cosmetic surgery. • 2% of men said they would consider each of the 6 possible cosmetic surgery listed. For each of these procedures, 1% had already had it. • 6% of men and 1% of women had either had or would consider giving their partner cosmetic surgery as a present. • 92% agreed with the statement, ‘It is pointless trying to keep up with the looks of younger people – there are other benefits which come with age and everyone should simply learn to grow old gracefully – 60% agreed strongly with this and 32% agreed somewhat. • Just over a third (38%) agreed with the statement, ‘There is nothing wrond with wanting to look better whatever age you are and if that involves some cosmetic surgery there is no harm in that.’ Women (47%) were more likely to agree with this than men (34%). Just under two thirds (65%) of the panel said they were sexually 70% of married respondents said they were sexually active and 74% of those who were co-habiting. 49% of single people (either living on their own or with others) said they were sexually active, 43% of divorced people and 32% of widowed respondents. Of those who said they were sexually active, 46% said they had sex at least once a week. 26% said they did so about once a fortnight, 15% about once a month, 5% once every three months, 1% once every six months and 1% said they had sex less often than once a Those people who said they were co-habiting and sexually active were most likely to say that they had sex at least once a week (62%), followed by those who were divorced (50%). Widowed * All further questions about this topic were only asked of those who said that they were respondents who had also said that they were sexually active were least likely to say that they had sex at least once a week (38%). 34% of respondents had either used or considered using performance enhancing drugs such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Respondents who were widowed and sexually active were most likely to have used them (35%, with a further 16% having considered it). One fifth (20%) of each of single people living on their own and divorced respondents had used these drugs in the Nearly 9 out 10 (88%) of respondents said that they had been aware of their current partner’s sexual history before entering into Less than 1 out of 10 (8%) said that they used contraception with their current partner to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted infection. However, 6% of married people agreed with this statement compared to 30% of single people living with others and 27% of single people living on their own. 12% said that they did not use contraception with their current partner and that they did not about his/her sexual history. 70% agreed with the statement that their sex life was more fulfilling now than it had been in their 20s and 30s and 85% agreed that there ‘is less pressure’ today. Only a quarter (25%) of married, sexually active respondents, however, strongly agreed that sex was more fulfilling today than it had been in their 20s 85% thought that sex was less frequent than it used to be. Around a fifth (22%) thought it was more boring today.


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The 30 Seconds of Action Challenge (2012) Calling all film makers, stunt teams, martial art schools, all the aficionados of action in between, professional or otherwise! ActionFest wants to give you a chance to showcase your talent for choreographing kinetic and exciting action sequence in a competition to determine which ensemble of action-artists reign supreme. The challenge is simple.

FORHÅNDSVISNING AV IKKE INNLEVERT RAPPORT Helse Sør Øst Forskningsgruppe - Artrose Hovedkonklusjon for 2009: 26 vitenskapelige artikler (+12 i pipleline),en god etablert infrastruktur for forskningen innen hånd, kne og hofte artrose, aktive samarbeid med nasjonale kliniske forskningsmiljø, samt videreutvikling av etablerte og 2 ny internasjonale samarbeidspartnere. Målene for forskn

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