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Of specific interest for Part-145 Organisations is the RTCA/EUROCAE
newly issued NPA 2008-01 addressing new
standards for extended range operation for two- Standards for Rechargeable Lithium. This engined aeroplanes for diversion time beyond 180 minutes (ETOPS) as well as a new introduced
Performance Standards (MOPS) for rechargeable concepts on “early ETOPS” and “accelerated Lithium battery systems to be used as permanently ETOPS”. The new standard is based on JAA installed power sources on aircraft. Compliance ETPPS/LROPS Ad Hoc Working Group and GAI with these standards is recommended as a means 20X6 which was now transferred into EASA AMC 20- of assuring that the Lithium battery will perform its 6. This NPA further proposes a revision to CS-25, intended function(s) safely, under conditions normally encountered in aeronautical operations. These standards apply to the chemical composition, received by the Agency before 6 June 2008. cell size, cell construction, cell interconnection methods within batteries, venting provisions, NPA 2008-02 issued earlier this year introduces
operational and storage environments, packaging, changes to CS-36 - Aircraft Noise standards. It may
handling, test, storage and disposal of rechargeable be of interest for TC holders. STC applicants may be Lithium batteries, installed separately or in avionics affected if external modification of the aircraft (i.e. antennas) alter the aircraft noise. Comments should be received by the Agency before 1 May 2008. DO-309 Minimum Operational Performance
Standards (MOPS) for Helicopter Terrain Of highest interest for maintenance providers is the Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) proposed relaxation of the Part-66 requirements and Airborne Equipment. This MOPS defines a the related AMC and GM for the maintenance licence Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System necessary to provide maintenance of non-complex
(HTAWS), Airborne System. The HTAWS is an aircraft. The NPA was developed since feedback to
alerting system intended to provide terrain and EASA seemed to indicate that the qualification obstacle aural and visual alerts. It is designed to requirements for the B1.2 licence are too strict for the reduce the risk of Controlled Flight into Terrain lower spectrum (in terms of complexity) of piston engine aeroplanes. The proposal introduces a B3 and
a ELA licence. B3 licence applicable to sailplanes,
powered sailplanes and piston engine non-
pressurised aeroplanes below 2000kg MTOM. ELA
(European light Aircraft) licence for non-complex
aeroplanes below 2000kg MTOM, sailplanes,
powered sailplanes, very light rotorcraft, balloons and
certain airships. Both licences have fewer experience
and training need than the current B1.2 licence
Comments should be received before 28 June 2008.
On June 3-5 2008 the U.S. Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation
Safety Agency (EASA) are meeting for an
International Aviation Safety Conference in St.
Petersburg, Florida. The U.S./Europe International
Aviation Safety Conference provides a forum for open
discussion with other civil aviation authorities and
industry representatives on current initiatives and
strategic directions. This conference also provides a
forum for interested parties to participate in
harmonization and safety enhancement activities and
to present initiatives of their own to the global
The conference will interest and be valuable to
aviation authorities, and industry, worldwide who are
working aircraft certification, maintenance, operations
and aviation safety issues, programs, and projects.
The complete Agenda as well as hotel informations
can be accessed thru the EASA website.


Michael T. Coyle EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Thirty-three years as a United States Naval Officer, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral. Extensive experience in operations, engineering and maintenance of nuclear and conventional power systems. Eleven years as a senior manager and executive in the commercial nuclear power field and two and a half years as a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor.


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