Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions With Bi-Peglyte pouch as before. Drink the one (1) liter of solution you need to cancel, or do so in person at the time of Do not drink anything in the last two hours before Please arrive 30 minutes before your procedure. Wear sigmoidoscopy and minor ano-rectal procedures are OHIP-insured services. Please bring a valid OHIP At this time, purchase one package of Bi-Peglyte card with you. Patients not insured under OHIP are Some patients prefer to drink the solution through a (includes 3 bisacodyl tablets) and a package of asked to pay at the time of the procedure. straw. Drinking a glass rapidly will work better than Gravol (optional). Prescriptions for insurance are There is an additional bi-annual uninsured services fee of $80.00 to cover the cost of uninsured care that Bowel movements typically start after one hour and you may require.2 This is payable to the Clinic by Do not eat any nuts, multigrains, or seeds within 3 cash, VISA or Mastercard. You will be given a days of your procedure. Please follow these receipt that you may use to claim reimbursement If you experience nausea and bloating, wait until the from your private health insurance or to claim on your income tax return. You will not be denied care preparation. You may wish to take some Gravol.
if you do not pay the fee. If you have questions about You must remain on a diet of clear fluids. At 8:00 these services or your ability to pay, please ask our Keep yourself well-hydrated. Drink as much clear am, take the 3 bisacodyl tablets with water (Do Not fluid as you like until the last two hours before your Chew or Crush). Clear fluids include water, beef or chicken broth, pop, sports drinks, clear fruit juices (without pulp), jello, tea, and black coffee. Avoid Arrange for someone to drive you home after your Please discontinue iron supplements 7 days prior to cream and milk. A clear fluid is anything that you procedure. This person should be available no later the procedure. If you take Coumadin/Warfarin, can see through that does not contain solids. Avoid than 1 hour after your appointment time. Please Plavix, Pradax or other blood thinners, insulin or anything coloured red, purple or dark (except black make sure that we are able to contact this person at diabetes medications, please ask your family physician how to manage these medications. Generally, continue to take any other medications One day before your procedure, at 6:00 pm: Dissolve You will be unable to operate a motor vehicle for 24 including blood pressure medications unless advised the laxative (1 pouch) in 1 liter of chilled water, mix hours following your procedure. Likewise, do not otherwise and stop blood thinners for the rapidly until a clear solution forms. Begin drinking engage in activities requiring alertness (such as appropriate number of days as approved by your at a rate of 250 ml every 10 to 15 minutes. Consume cycling, using power tools, etc.) or make important family physician. Ask for a pre-procedure consult at the full solution. (Read the next section and set your decisions for 24 hours after having sedation.
the Reimer Clinic if you still have questions.
1. Fees are charged under authority of Ontario Regulation 856/93, as amended (made under the Medicine Act, 1991), s. 1(1)20.
2. Fees for uninsured services are based on the OMA “Physician's Guide to In order to avoid a cancellation fee1, please contact Third-Party & Other Uninsured Services”. Individual fees may be more or Four hours before your procedure: Mix the last us at least one business day before your procedure if less than this schedule. Please ask us if you have questions about individual codes or view the information posted in the Clinic. Rev: 09/12


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Curriculum Vitae Hidetsura CHO (長 秀連), Professor, Dr. Graduate School of Science and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University , Sendai, Japan Date and Place of Birth: June 4, 1949, Fukuoka, Japan Nationality: Japanese Address (Office): 6-3, Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8578, Japan. E-mail: Tel. +81-(0)80-1424-2230 (

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