Assessment of the efficacy of acetaminophen in the treatment of post weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome in field conditions

Patrick Pommier1, Alassane Keita1, Eric Pagot1, Jos Smeets2, Tom Nell2, Bertrand Ridremont3
1CTPA, ZOOPOLE développement, BP 7,22440 Ploufragan, France, 2Intervet International BV, PB 31, 5830AA Boxmeer, The Netherlands, 3 Intervet S.A., BP17144, Beaucouzé, France Introduction and objectives
2. Results
In this clinical field study, the safety and efficacy against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M.h.) in pigs of Safety: On 3.1% of the piglets from the MHyo and
simultaneous administration of Porcilis MHyo and MHyo+PRRS groups a minor and transient local reaction Porcilis PRRS was assessed in comparison with a could be observed one day after vaccination. By day 4 all positive control group that received only Porcilis MHyo reactions had disappeared. No systemic reactions or effects and a negative (unvaccinated) control group. on the temperature were observed, except for an immediate reaction in one piglet after the first MHyo injection. The 1. Materials and methods
pig dropped down, showed erythema and polypnoea during about 3 minutes, then recovered rapidly and uneventfully. Porcilis MHyo is an inactivated vaccine against M.h., containing α-tocopherol as adjuvant. Porcilis PRRS is Efficacy: No significant differences between the MHyo
a live vaccine against PRRS. For simultaneous use the and MHyo+PRRS groups were observed on lung lesion freeze-dried PRRS was dissolved in the aqueous scores (Table 2) and mortality. Porcilis MHyo reduced the MHyo just prior to use. The trial was a partially rate of pigs with pneumonic lesions at slaughter from 53% blinded, randomised, controlled field trial and was to 33% (p<0.001). The mean lung lesion score was also conducted on two farms in France, both being significantly reduced, from 3.79 to 1.74 (p<0.001). No serologically positive for PRRS and infected by M.h., significant difference in ADG was observed between the as confirmed by lung lesions at slaughter. MHyo and MHyo+PRRS groups during any period. Vaccination with MHyo significantly (p<0.05) improved the ADG during the fattening period (from 759 g/d to 776 g/d). No effects were found for the other periods (Table 3). Table 2: Results of lung lesion scores by vaccination group * % of lungs with lesions/ total number of lungs scored Animals were monitored closely from 3 days before until 14 days after second vaccination. Local reactions, Table 3: ADG (g/day) by period and vaccination group temperature (on 10 selected animals per group and per farm), feed intake, and general health were used as parameters for safety. To determine vaccine efficacy, the lungs of the pigs were examined at slaughter and 776 ± 120
scored for specific lesions of M.h. infection (Goodwin 777 ± 112
and Whittlestone, Br Vet J, 1973, 129, 456-462). 759 ± 121
Animals were weighed at weaning, at transfer to the fattening unit and before slaughter. Mortality was recorded between weaning and slaughter. The animal 3. Discussion and Conclusion
was the statistical unit. First the effect against M.h. infection of the simultaneous vaccination was evaluated Neither the rate of pigs with lung lesions nor any of the by comparing the results of the MHyo+PRRS and other parameters showed a significant difference MHyo groups. Then, data of these two groups were between MHyo and MHyo+PRRS groups. So, it can be combined and compared with the unvaccinated control concluded that simultaneous vaccination with Porcilis group. Proportions were tested using Cochran Mantel MHyo and Porcilis PRRS is as safe and efficacious as Haenszel tests. Lung lesion scores, being ordinal data, vaccination with only Porcilis MHyo. Vaccination with were rank-transformed and then analysed by ANOVA. Porcilis MHyo significantly reduced incidence and extent Weight gain and temperature were analysed by of lung lesions and improved ADG during fattening. ANCOVA. Statistics were made using Systat software.



Annals of Oncology 24 (Supplement 2): ii24–ii29, 2013Intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma: currenttreatments and future perspectivesJ.-F. Dufour1,2*, I. Bargellini3, N. De Maria4, P. De Simone4, I. Goulis5 & R. T. Marinho61Hepatology, Department of Clinical Research, University of Berne, Berne; 2University Clinic for Visceral Surgery and Medicine, Inselspital, University of Berne, Berne,S


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