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Open Heart
Provides support for healing broken, wounded hearts and restoring them to their full loving potential Open Heart™ supports the heart with the courage to heal pain, grief and emotional wounding, helping one forgive and reconnect to the full stream of cosmic love while allowing the power of love to flow abundantly from an open heart. A blend of intuitively selected Flower Essences (and, in the sprays, harmonizing Essential Oils). Flower Essence Combination:
Healing Waters - supports deep healing &
transformation in all areas of one’s life. • September Strawberry - blesses the heart with
combined essences of over 30 sacred waters of the the courage to do new things. helps one to stay in one’s heart when challenged, to maintain • Fairy Ring - opens one’s heart to restore
grounding, and to speak one’s truth without relationship with the Elementals & the Natural Realms. helps one to attune to the subtle • Lunar Eclipse - draws off the negativity &
tension of the heart & works to align the heart • Lake Superior Psychic - offers constant source
chakra with true & transcendent love ~ the pure of pure deep energy & support. deeply cleansing & purifying to one’s aura after intense growth or • Jupiter~Full Moon - encourages trust &
courage to embark on important projects & to • Wood Avens - encourages the self-esteem, self-
support & confidence needed to truly be of service • Lemon - helps heart release tension & grief
Rosa Rugosa - works with the profound levels of
Essential Oils:
emotion that permeate one’s being after traumatic • Elemi [Philippines, organic practices] -
Squirrel Corn - helps to restore expressiveness
rejuvenates, space-clearing, reduces anxiety & & full giving through the heart by healing the grief tension. has centering effect on the emotions, & pain held in the heart’s memory. • Red Clover - redistributes overly heady energy,
Benzoine [Thailand, wild-crafted] - uplifting &
allowing calm receipt of information from stabilizing. warming & toning to the heart. emotions & physical body. clear connection of energizing while helping with emotional pain. reduces tension, stress, sadness & melancholy. • Tall Wormwood - promotes forgiveness.
gives confidence while releasing worries. helps one to release the tiny daily struggles & • Jasmine Sambac [India] - optimism, self-
emotional wounds that create such stress & awareness, confidence, sensuality, openness, connection, inspiration. quiets stress & tension. Statements about the products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The creators of the products are not physicians, and their ideas, procedures, and suggestions are not intended to substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. If you are pregnant, nursing or using antabuse, please consult your physician before taking. Great Lakes Sacred Essences
Davana [India, organic practices] - spiritual,
Using Tinctures
meditative, heart-opening. combats anxiety. Gently shake the bottle before each use. capable of making a scent unique to the individual. Gently shaking the bottle “wakes up” the essences. Pink Lotus [India, wild-crafted] - relaxing,
Take 3-4 drops in your mouth. Add 3-4 drops to your calming, warming. imparts clarity & freshness drinking water, your cooking, your bath, your body while grounding the heart. supports one’s spirit lotion, a decorative water fountain, a bowl of water in & harmonizes inner will with Divine will. your room (and stir occasionally), your laundry, your healing & balancing to sexual energies. dishwater, your cleaning solutions, your plant water, • Lime [USA, organic] - refreshing, purifying.
your pet’s water bowl or anything else that feels uplifting to the heart. promotes self-love, “right” as you are intuitively guided. calmness, compassion, alertness. balances emotions. The tincture can be used frequently, so take it whenever you feel a need for the support it offers. Rose Otto [Bulgaria] - comforting, healing to the
heart. instills confidence, compassion & Every time you take it your emotional body becomes more balanced, allowing the truly beautiful support of Nature to be realized as the frequencies of your In a Base of
emotional, spiritual and physical bodies lift to higher Prayer-Intoned Spring Water.
Using Sprays
Gently shake the bottle before each use. Avoid spraying in eyes. For external use only, to be sprayed around body or surroundings. Gently shaking the bottle “wakes up” and blends the flower essences with the essential oils. Spray above your head and let it rain down on you. Spray your palms. Spray yourself in the shower. Spray a handkerchief and breathe in as needed. Spray your bed sheets, rooms at home, car, classroom, office or work space. The spray can be used frequently, so spray it whenever you feel a need for the support it offers. It charges the space around you, clearing negative patterns and creating supportive energies that allow your emotions to become more balanced. It also affects others coming into that space, offering healing energies and allowing relationships to become more harmonious. Spray any space that feels “right” as you are intuitively guided, and expect a beautiful story of fantastic change to unfold. Great Lakes Sacred Essences


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