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Moving from Competition to Cooperation
Rev. DebraRae
May 6, 2007
Most people are familiar with competition as it relates to a sporting event—a game—that involves a starting point, a set of rules, and an end, at which point it is clear that one person or team “won” and the other, therefore, “lost.” The players are all focused on doing their best and, went he game ends, they let it go and focus their energy on being fully present in the next game. However, we’re looking at competition energy in a psychic or energetic sense, and what it looks like in our space. Competition energy in the psychic sense involves comparing, judging and ranking ourselves as compared to others. When we compare ourselves to others and rank ourselves—wherein something is better than or worse than something else—judgement is always involved. Judgement is a very conditional energy in that things are NOT accepted and celebrated as they are. As spirit, we are about unconditional acceptance and celebration of what is so when there is competition, there is an energetic whacking of our spirit. The deepest whack of competition comes from the fact that it invalidates the individuality of every spirit. It makes every spirit into an object rather than celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of each being. It’s a huge source of invalidation that the contributions of the being are not worthy of celebration. Invalidation is a source of pain to spirit. Here’s the way the competition game is played: One competes by judging and ranking him or herself as compared to another, which then hurts the other person as well as the self because spirit is about freedom and connection, not about causing pain to self and others. EVERY being has a different set of energies, experiences, pictures and karmic agreements, some of which manifest as great opportunities to gain neutrality around judgement of good/bad karmic experiences. Competition energy does not allow for the recognition of us as beings who are unique, individuated expressions of God. As there are no identical snowflakes, there are no identical beings, and each one is unique and perfect! As I’ve mentioned in previous messages, this is a planet of dualities—opposite ends of the spectrum along which we can work, play and heal at either end and anywhere in between. Competition engages dualities in that we can rank ourselves as less than or more than. The judgement brings in the “better than/less than” aspects. We can look at all those areas where there are feelings of not being good enough, unworthy and undeserving, and notice the competition pictures involved. Some are probably quite subtle; others quite blatant. Just notice for yourself. The “Commodities Game” exemplifies what happens when we engage in competition energy. One person has an orange. Three other people need the orange and are privately told what they need—one needs the pulp, one needs the rind for zest and the other needs the juice. Now they approach the person with the orange and try to convince them to give them what they need. What do you think happens? How do people typically try to get what they need? Manipulation—lying, cheating, begging, threatening—going into competition with one another to get the orange. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU REVEAL TO GET WHAT YOU WANT? Explain what happened and why (competition: trust, greed vs. cooperation: had they been able to trust themselves and each other. When we move from competition energy we move toward cooperation energy. In competition energy, almost no one gets what they need or want. In cooperation energy, most everyone gets what they need or want. Competition energy totally whacks the kindergarten space. As soon as there’s ranking, there’s no kindergarten! We’re not playing when there’s whacking; we’re not having fun in our psychic space or as spirits. We’re TRYING to get better, and that’s not kindergarten—a space of effortlessness. The clairvoyant program—regardless if it’s the first class or the Grad class—is taught in a kindergarten space because it’s safe to learn and grow—not by trying to do it correctly, but by playing (with guidance) and through repetition. Competition energy is harmful in the reading/psychic space because if the reader is noticing what someone else is seeing or not seeing, or how easily or well they are seeing, the reader has their attention and is focused on judging others instead of on noticing what he or she is there to notice for him or herself. The reader is in competition energy rather than self-healing energy. Competition energy is a powerful diversion in that it always takes us out of our space, and any time we go outside of our own space we miss seeing what is going on in our space. What energy do you miss seeing about you when you’re in competition with another? Just notice what you notice. Where is the invalidation in your space that has you choose competition? We all lose our space to competition at one point or another. It just happens! The good news is that as a trained psychic with tools, we can always get our seniority and neutrality back again. First, we use our tools to move out the energy of competition and judgement; then we fill in with gold suns of neutrality, validation and whatever else we need to bring our space into present time AND we send a hello rose of blessing, honor and appreciation to the one with whom we are in competition, regardless of which end of the dichotomy you were working (less than/more than). Let’s play with some energetic, psychic tools and experience this shift. INTER ACTIVE SEGMENT: WALK THEM THROUGH THE ABOVE MEDITATIVE PROCESS USING ENERGETIC TOOLS. The next time you find yourself engaging in competition energy, notice what’s going on in your space that makes you want to engage in someone else’s space. And, using the psychic tools, move that energy out of your space, fill in with what serves you in present time, including present time, and send that person a blessing rose of honor and appreciation, because if not for their attempt to engage you in that competition energy, you would
not have had the opportunity to learn, grow and heal from that experience.
I close today’s message with a quote from my dear friend, Jeanine:
“A true sign of wisdom is when our actions support our intention.”
And that sounds very wise to me!
When your actions disengage you from competition energy, you are
supporting your intention to learn, grow and heal in your own space and
move forward on your spiritual path.
You are not making change because you are a bad person and you are doing
it wrong. You make changes because you love yourself and you want to
improve the quality of your life. Louise Hay


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