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While looking to comply with a state mandate to reduce energy consumption, the City of Elgin discovered an opportunity to recoup lost revenue stemming from under-recorded The Challenge
Located just 19 miles east of the Texas state capital in Austin, the City of Elgin is home to
about 7,500 people. Despite its modest size, Elgin’s proactive city manager was deter-mined to find an energy solution that would help the city comply with a new state law.
Texas Senate Bill 5 mandated that municipalities “implement all cost-effective, energy-efficiency measures to reduce electric consumption in existing facilities.” The law also required them to “adopt a goal to reduce electric consumption by 5 percent each year for five years, beginning Jan. 1, 2002.” • Drive-by meter reading system • Programmable thermostats Although the law focused on electric consumption, the city manager wanted to look at all utility sources. While surveying Elgin’s energy management systems and energy usage, TAC® discovered that the city was missing out on revenue collection opportunities due to aging residential and commercial water meters.
Water flow degrades a meter’s performance over time. Although a water meter’s life span is about 15 years, most only have a 5- to 10-year warranty and, like many cities, Elgin did not have a consistent meter change-out program in place. Improved revenue generation and guaranteed energy savings The SoluTion
CuSTomer BenefiTS
TAC proposed an energy solution that would enable the city to comply with Senate Bill 5 while using the guaranteed • accurate recording of water usage
• improved revenue collection
• Solutions funded by energy savings and
revenue generation
City of elgin
and retrofitting the lighting fixtures in all municipal buildings. In addition, TAC governmenT Profile
action if it is losing more than 15 percent replaced an aging air conditioning system of its billing potential. TAC’s survey at the police station and installed more for government facilities, a building
revealed that 26 percent of Elgin’s water solution that delivers energy
efficiency, comfort and security is
The BoTTom line
critical and necessary. TaC’s proven
solutions and reliable service
enue for more than 9.5 million gallons of provide government officials with
a controlled, dependable indoor
cording of water usage was sufficient to environment backed by savings
that help protect the investment of
TaC has proven experience
in working with government
agencies to take advantage of
building management solutions
TAC also helped the City of Elgin comply meter reader just three hours a month to that maximize energy efficiency
with Texas Senate Bill 5 by installing en- and performance. This is all
part of Building iT solutions for
government facilities – designed
for economy, operational efficiency
and the flexibility to address future

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