Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Model 6237M70/M71
• +1200°F (+650°C) Operation
• Integral Hardline Cable
• Single Bolt Mount
• Ground Isolated
• Gas Turbine Testing

The ENDEVCO® Model 6237M70 and 6237M71
piezoelectric accelerometers are designed specifically
for use in extremely high temperature environments
such as those experienced on aircraft gas turbines.
These accelerometers are designed for continuous operation at +1200°F with long Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). The small size and light weight of these accelerometers permit installation in cramped locations with minimal structural support.
The accelerometer is a self-generating device thatrequires no external power source for operation.
Models 6237M70/M71 incorporate ENDEVCO’s PIEZITE® Type P-15 crystal in a shear design. The
6237M70 and 6237M71 differ in their internal design and in the direction of the sensitive axis. The 6237M70 has its sensitive axis located in line withthe mounting screw, while the 6237M71 is orientedperpendicular, or transverse, to the mounting screw.
The sensing elements and integral shield are isolated from the case. These accelerometers feature an integral hardline cable with a standard length of 120 inches. Other cable lengths are also available on ENDEVCO Signal Conditioner Model 2721B is recommended for use with this high impedance TYPICAL AMPLITUDE RESPONSE
Piezoelectric Accelerometer
The following performance specifications conform to ISA-RP-37.2 (1964) and are typical values, referenced at +75°F (+24°C) and 100 Hz, unlessotherwise noted. Calibration data, traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is supplied.
Acceleration directed into base of unit produces positive output at center socket of receptacle Two places at +1200°F (+650°C)CAPACITANCETRANSDUCER (Excluding cable) Center conductor to inner shieldGROUNDING ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS
Open to environment via vent hole in splash protected area PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Triaxial, 0.095 inch diameter, Inconel jacketed, mineral oxide insulated Coaxial receptacle with 10-32 UNF threads designed to mate with ENDEVCO 3000 Series Cable Assembly or equivalent. Receptacle must be handled with care CALIBRATION
sients of greater than +100°F (+38°C) per minute.
4. The electrical resistance of piezoelectric materials decreases with an increase in temperature and can approach 10 000Ω at OPTIONAL
5. For cable lengths of less than 12 inches (0.30 m), the maximum operating temperature is +500°F (+260°C). The temperature charge deviation at +500°F (+260°C) is typically +8%.
1. Frequency response is controlled by the resonance character- 6. Maintain high levels of precision and accuracy using Endevco's istics of the transducer. Estimated calibration errors are ±1.5% factory calibration services. Call Endevco’s inside sales force at to 900 Hz and 2.5% from 900 Hz to 5000 Hz.
800-982-6732 for recommended intervals, pricing and turn-around 2. Low-end response of the transducer is a function of its time for these services as well as for quotations on our standard 3. Spurious high frequency discharge may be exhibited by this device for several minutes after exposure to temperature tran- Continued product improvement necessitates that Endevco reserve the right to modify these specifications without notice. Endevco maintains a program of con-stant surveillance over all products to ensure a high level of reliability. This program includes attention to reliability factors during product design, the support ofstringent Quality Control requirements, and compulsory corrective action procedures. These measures, together with conservative specifications have made thename Endevco synonymous with reliability.
ENDEVCO CORPORATION, 30700 RANCHO VIEJO ROAD, SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA 92675 USA (800) 982-6732 (949) 493-8181 fax (949) 661-7231


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