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Items Needed:
(prescription attached)
Tuck’s pads or Vaseline – especially if you had hemorrhoids (optional)

5 days prior to colonoscopy:
• Arrange for a ride. If you do not have a ride, we will have to cancel the procedure.
• Purchase your laxative medications above.
• Consider obtaining a protective ointment such as Preparation H, Desitin, or Vaseline to protect the anal area during the
prep. You can start to apply it after the first laxative is taken.
If you are taking Coumadin (Warfarin), or other blood thinners contact our office for specific instructions. Aspirin 81
mg can be taken. Plavix should be stopped 5 days prior.
Stop taking anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin and Advil 5 days before the colonoscopy.
• If you have a history of heart valve problems or valve surgery or need antibiotics before surgeries, please notify us.
• Check with your insurance carrier if you need pre-approval and that you understand your financial responsibility for the
procedure. If you are having a colonoscopy for screening purposes (having no problems, but having the exam for
preventative purposes), verify with your insurance company that “Screening Colonoscopy” is a covered benefit. There should
be a number on the back of your insurance card to call.
• Stop taking iron and vitamins with iron 5 days before the colonoscopy.
• Make any needed arrangements to be off work or school on the day of the colonoscopy.
• Read and familiarize yourself with the preparation instructions below.
• Please call us at 937 568 7070 with any questions.
3 days prior to colonoscopy:
• Review and plan dietary needs for the next 2 days.
• Confirm your ride and insure that your schedule is clear the day of the procedure.
• Cancellations must be received 5 days in advance to avoid being charged a $50.00 fee.
2 days prior to colonoscopy:
• Eat well balanced meals but try to avoid nuts, popcorn, raw fruit, raw vegetables and salads.
• Write down a list of any allergies and of all your prescription medications and non-prescription products (over-the-counter,
anti-inflammatory, herbal, vitamins, etc.) you are taking. Bring these lists with you on the day of the colonoscopy.
One Day before Procedure:
Maintain a clear liquid diet all day! Do not eat solid food of any kind! Do not take aspirin over 81 mg or aspirin related
It is very important to increase fluid intake to prevent dehydration
, please make sure to drink at least 8 glasses (2
quarts) or more of fluids such as Gatorade or a similar product, preferably not just plain water. Take your usual prescription
medications (except the ones listed above).
Sometime between 12 Noon and 6:00 PM take 4 bisacodyl tablets with a glass of water.
Follow instructions on Half-Lytely prep for mixing the solution.
Begin drinking the HalfLytely solution 2 hours after taking the bisacodyl. Try to drink 1 glass (8oz) every 10 minutes. Be sure
to drink ALL of the solution.
If you become nauseated during the ingestion of the prep; stop the prep for 45 minutes then resume.
You may continue to have clear liquids until midnight. After midnight do not eat or drink anything except you should take
medications with sips of water.

On The Day of the Procedure:
You may have clear liquids until 5 hrs prior to your procedure.
You may not drive or make any important / legal decisions for 24 hours following your procedure due to
impairments caused by sedating medications.

Special Instructions:
Diabetic Patients:

Monitor your blood sugar at regular times during the prep. Please test your blood glucose level the morning of your procedure and call the endoscopy center if it is less than 80 or greater than 240. Bring your glucometer, test strips and insulin with you to the procedure
Insulin dependent:
Please check with the nurse regarding specific instructions for taking your insulin It is our recommendation that you take half the dose of insulin the evening before your procedure and avoid the dose on the morning of your procedure Please drink plenty of clear liquids (8 oz per hour) up to 8hours prior to your procedure
On oral medication (sugar pills):

Please omit the evening dose of your oral diabetic medication the day before your procedure and the morning of your procedure Please drink plenty of clear liquids (8 oz per hour) up to 8 hours prior to your procedure
Asthma Patients:
Please use your regular inhalers the morning of your procedure Bring your inhalers with you to the procedure
High Blood Pressure:

If you take heart or blood pressure medications, please take them early in the morning of your procedure with a small amount of water.
Patients taking Herbal Supplements:
Stop garlic pills, ginseng, ginkgo, St. John’s wort, Kova 7 days before procedure.

CANCELLATION POLICY: To help serve other clients better, we require you to provide us a
minimum of 5 days notice. Failure to do so may result in charges as detailed in our financial
policy. Cancellations must be received 5 days in advance to avoid being charged a $50 fee.

Clear Liquid Diet

 Juices: (no pulp, should be able to see through) ¬ Apple juice or cider ¬ White Grape juice ¬ Grapefruit juice ¬ Cranberry juice ¬ Tang ¬ Hawaiian Punch ¬ Lemonade ¬ Kool-Aid  Tea (No dairy including cream and milk)  Coffee (No dairy including cream and milk)  Clear gelatin (Jell-O) – without fruit  Popsicles (without fruit or ice cream) ______________________________________________________________________

1. Is there any way that I can make this taste any better?
You can try sucking on hard candy. You can rinse your mouth with water or a mouthwash. Do not eat or drink anything while you are drinking this solution. 2. Why avoid red liquids? The red color can persist in the colon and potentially look like blood. 3. One of the medications I was instructed to take the morning of my procedure is red, can I take it? Medications for blood pressure, heart conditions, and seizures should be taken the morning of your exam regardless of the color. 4. I feel like vomiting and don’t think I can drink any more. What should I do? It is important that you continue drinking the solution if at all possible. Without a clean bowel, the doctor will not be able to see the inside of your colon to complete the examination. If you do vomit, wait 45 minutes, and begin drinking the solution again. If not improved, call us (have a phone number of a pharmacy that is open, in case we need to call in a prescription) 5. I drank a lot of the solution and haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. What should I do? Keep drinking. Most people have a bowel movement after an hour; some patients may take 2 hours or longer. 6. I am taking the prep and am now having loose, watery stools. Do I still need the rest of the prep? Yes, you may have solid stool higher in the colon that needs to be eliminated. 7. I already have diarrhea before taking the prep, do I still have to take the laxative? Yes, you must take the prep as directed by your doctor. Your colon is approximately 6 feet long. The entire colon must be emptied for your physician to see the colon clearly. 8. I see yellow color in the toilet bowl and a few flecks. What do I do? If you have drank the entire solution or if your last bowel movements were clear enough that you were able to see the bottom of the toilet, you should be fine. It is OK if you may have some flecks of material. The yellow color is a result of bile that normally colors the feces. This shouldn’t interfere with the examination. 9. My bottom is so sore. What can I do? To clean the area, avoid rubbing, gently pat with a wet washcloth. Apply Vaseline™, Preparation H™, or Desitin liberally. 10. Can I drink alcoholic beverages? We strongly suggest you do not drink any alcoholic beverages prior to your procedure since they can cause dehydration and some wines may thin your blood. 11. Can I drink any nutritional supplements? You may drink Ensure (chocolate or vanilla) or Slim-Fast with Soy Protein/Lactose Free. These drinks are water based, not milk based. 12. Can I chew gum or suck candy? Yes, but nothing with soft centers or red color. 13. What if I am still passing stool the morning of my test? Take a tap water enema until you run clear. If this does not work, call the office. Yes, your may wear you dentures to the endoscopy suite. However, you may be asked to remove them prior to the procedure. 16. I have been instructed not to take anti-inflammatory or blood thinners several days before the procedure. What can I take for headaches and pain relief? You may take Tylenol as directed. Aspirin 81 mg can be taken. If higher dose should be stopped. You can only have the broth. No noodles, chicken, or vegetables allowed. 18. Can I have the colonoscopy done if I am on my menstrual period? Yes, the procedure can still be performed. We ask that you use a tampon if possible (not absolutely necessary).
Please feel free to call 937.568.7070 if you have any questions.
Date of colonoscopy: ________________
Arrive at: _______________________ AM/PM
Your procedure will be performed at the following Location:


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Zacarías Duarte Castellón Doctor en Ciencias (Ph. D) de la Universidad de Paris XI, Francia Especialista en Patología Toxicológica y Experimental 8 años de experiencia en Gerencia del Instituto de Medicina Legal 27 años de Experiencia en Medicina; Patología, Ciencias Biomédicas y Forenses 78 Publicaciones técnicas y científicas publicadas en revistas de Inglaterra, Francia, Alema


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