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Medical Terminology Integumentary System – Diseases and Disorders Name ________________________________________ Period _______ This is a fungus ___________ infection of the feet ________ that is common within the United States. It is more prevalent in males than in females. The cure rate is very high. It causes scaling and blisters between the toes _________. Severe infection may result in inflammation _________ and itching ________. Transmission usual y occurs through direct contact with contaminated articles such as shoes, towels, or shower stal s. The disease is: _________________________________________________ This disorder is caused by a parasitic form of lice. These lice feed on human blood and lay their eggs (nits) in body hairs ___________. After the nit hatches, the lice must feed within 24 hours or die; they mature in 2-3 weeks. It is common in overcrowded areas and poor hygiene. It commonly affects the younger school children. It is spread through sharing clothing, hats, combs, and hairbrushes. Treatment includes application of shampoo containing Lindane. A fine-tooth comb dipped in vinegar removes nits from hair. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ This is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous ___________ glands. It affects primarily adolescents and strikes males more often and more severely than females. The possible primary causes include hormonal dysfunction and overproduction of sebum ________. Predisposing factors include heredity. Androgens ____________ stimulate sebaceous gland growth and the production of sebum, which is secreted into the hair fol icles that contain bacteria. The bacteria secrete lipase ___________. This enzyme _______ interacts with the sebum to produce free fatty acids, which provoke inflammation. The hair fol icles may produce more keratin, which joins with the sebum to form a plug in the dilated fol icle. It may be treated with benzoyl peroxide, retin A, accutane, or antibodies. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ This is more commonly known as hair loss. It is most common in males. The primary cause is genetic, but may also include chemotherapy, radiation, and endocrine ___________ system disorders. It may be treated with application of minoxidil. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ Curriculum
This disorder is marked by stark-white skin patches resulting form the destruction and loss of pigment cel s. The condition affects 1% of the U.S. population in young adulthood. The cause is unknown, but genetics seem to play a factor. It may also accompany disorders to the endocrine system. Treatment depends of the extent of the disorder. Michael Jackson claims to be a victim of this disorder. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ These are common, benign, viral infections in the skin and adjacent mucous membranes. They occur most often in children and young adults. The mode of transmission is direct contact. The resulting skin ___________ manifestation wil vary, but general y is a raised, hard area. Treatment of this disorder includes cryotherapy _____________and acid therapy. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ This is a chronic ______________, recurrent _________________disease marked by the epidermal _________________ proliferation. Its lesions appear as red ______________ raised areas covered with silvery scales. This disease is most common in adults. The causes include genetics, trauma, emotional stress, and environmental conditions. There is no cure. Treatment includes removal of the scales, steroid creams, ultraviolet _______ therapy, and antihistamines. The disease is: _________________________________________________ These are located on the areas of repeated trauma, most often the feet, and are acquired skin conditions marked by hyperkeratosis _________________ of the stratum _________ corneum. When found on the feet, they are most often caused by il -fitting shoes. It is known as a ______________. The other disorder is the result of thickened skin, produced by external pressure or friction. It is common in manual laborers. This is known as a ______________________. This is a localized area of cel ular necrosis ________________that occurs most often in the skin ___________ and subcutaneous ________________ tissues over bony prominence. Pressure interrupts the normal flow of blood to the tissues ___________________. If the pressure continues for 1 to 2 hours, tissue death ____________________ can occur. Eventual y the skin opens producing a wound. The sores are most commonly found in people with limited mobility – the elderly and spinal cord injury victims. The best treatment is prevention – turning patients frequently and keeping the skin dry and clean. The disorder is: _________________________________________________ Curriculum


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