antibiotic useThis article contains suggestions for reducing the side effects of long-term antibiotic use. It is not a recommendation for alternative treatment of dangerous infections. Before 2005, my only patients on long-term antibiotics were HIV patients. Recently, I have noticed more common use of long-term antibiotics. We have increasing numbers of infectious diseases that are Yeastresistant to conventional antibiotic treatment. Lyme disease, Cat-scratch disease and other infectious diseases are on the rise. When your natural flora is disturbed, unhealthy imbalances occur, The precautions I recommend here are for my Lyme disease patients such as overgrowth of candida yeast. Antibiotic use not fol owed who are on long-term antibiotics. If you have been prescribed long- by probiotic use is a common cause of yeast infections. Check the term use of antibiotics for any reason, it is my hope that this article coating on your tongue. Thick and greenish? This can be an indication will inspire you to consider taking additional precautions to maintain of candida yeast overgrowth. Women often have a more unpleasant symptom—vaginal itching and burning. Sacchromyces boulardi yeast can be purchased on-line. Taking this yeast will help keep the candida down, and the antibiotics won’t kill this yeast.
Humans have over 500 species of beneficial bacteria, essential for our You can google “candida natural health” for many other digestion and for a healthy immune system. In fact, we have more recommendations and special diets for control ing yeast. bacterial cel s in our bodies than ‘human’ cel s. Sadly, the science behind antibiotics is still in a primitive state. When we take antibiotics, not only are the infectious bacteria kil ed, but most of our essential Some antibiotics, notoriously Flagyl (metronidazole), can cause nausea ‘friendly’ bacteria are destroyed as well. and/or loss of appetite. I have found that a common Chinese patent Someday, (I have been tel ing my patients for 20 years now) your herb is excellent for keeping tummies happy. “Pill Curing” is available doctor will routinely prescribe potent probiotics to fol ow all courses in most shops that sell medicinal herbs, in many natural food stores, as of antibiotics. It seems like a no-brainer, yes? In the meantime, go to well as on-line. Take this along with your antibiotics or a few minutes a supplement store or health food store for probiotics. Yogurt is NOT before. And be sure not to take Flagyl on an empty stomach.
the answer. Remember there are over 500 species of helpful bacteria being kil ed. I would suggest choosing a probiotic with a high number of species of bacteria (20+), and at least 20 bil ion viable organisms. Alcohol is not the only cause of liver disease. Our total toxic load Be sure to check the expiration date. High quality probiotics will usual y may include smog, pesticides, smoke, alcohol, outgassing from new be refrigerated.
construction materials and carpets, plastics, chemicals in shampoo, cosmetics, nail polish, hair dye and lotions, household cleaners, and If you are taking antibiotics twice daily, it does seem like a losing pharmaceuticals. These toxics go into our liver, which works ful -time battle, but naturopaths recommend taking probiotics concurrently to break them down into harmless substances. if you are taking the antibiotics long-term. N.D.s I’ve spoken to recommend a daily dose of 100 bil ion organisms, and waiting 2+ When we are taking in more toxins than our liver can process, this is a situation of ‘toxic overload.’ If this continues, it can lead to liver disease. Lesli Dalaba M.Ac. M.S. E.A.M.P. Treetop Acupuncture 206.323.3277
If you are on long-term antibiotics, no matter how healthy a diet you found for lowering liver enzymes is Livaplex from Standard Process. have, your liver will feel the stress. Regular, simple blood tests will Standard Process products are only available through qualified health show whether your liver enzymes are increasing, which indicates an care professionals. You can call and obtain what you need through me, or visit their website to find a practicioner near you. There are several herbs I have used to keep the liver healthy, including Lesli Dalaba has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine dandelion and milk thistle. The most effective supplement I have Lesli Dalaba M.Ac. M.S. E.A.M.P. Treetop Acupuncture 206.323.3277


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