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======================================================================== WORLDWIDE UTE NEWS An Electronic Club Dealing Exclusively in Utility Stations Special Topics Report 09 November 2003 ======================================================================== During the past few years I received quite a lot of requests for aspecial about the "non standard" stations that are typical for the frequency range of 26 MHz and higher. I finally have compiled a list that includes the most often reported stations between 26 and 30 MHz.
I do however realize that the list is far from complete.
Except for the regular services as found in frequency guides (maritime,fixed, amateur, CB and broadcasting stations), many other stations can be found between 26 and 30 MHz. Lots of fishing beacons, for instance. I have not listed them in this document but I do mention them fromtime to time in the Utility Round-up column in the WUN newsletter. Also not listed are the pirate stations that pop up every now and then or the digital utility stations. So what did I list? You will find a largetransport selection, mainly taxi companies that are often observed in the 26 MHz band; further broadcasting station studio feeds; an item about Irish church transmissions on 27 MHz; and an Australian station overview.
As I already said, I did not have the intention to jot down the ultimateHigh End HF frequency list but I hope that it contains enough info foryou to identify a number of these "non standard" stations that make thispart of the spectrum interesting. As this is a "living" list, it is quite possible that a number of the listed stations are no longer onthe air or that other stations occupy the frequencies. I really have to say THANKS!!! to all the dxers who have helped me with this list, especially Dave Crawford, Guido Schotmans, Max van Arnhem, Roger Caird and Dmitri. I couldn't have done it without you, guys. Comments and corrections are most welcome.
Broadcast Auxiliary Stations. Studio links and cue stations explained by our Belgian friend Guido Schotmans. A special kind of usage of the high frequencies is found around 26 MHz: the so-called Studio links and Cue stations (*). Especially in the United states this kind of station link is still in use. A coupleof them can also be found in Europe and Latin America. The number of these stations is small. Most of these stations are probably using much higher frequencies nowadays, because they are less affected by long distance propagation. The system of Cue links is mostly used for "pre-delay" monitoring by the stations' journalists and other personnel when doing remote broadcasts. The main broadcasting channel of the station is very often delayed for about seven seconds to allow the studio operator to remove anyone using profane language on call in shows. These feeds can also be interrupted by the studio operator to give ques and information to the personnel in the field. Stations using this kind of link usually use the narrow FM mode (NFM). For certain receivers used by hobbyists, this can be a problem, but a lot of modern tabletop receivers have this mode on board. It is also possible to tune to a station in NFM by using the AM mode and tune a little bit aside from the nominal frequency. In fact this is making use of an unintended side effect of this mode. Besides, there are also a few station links that make use of AM-mode. Of course you have to take the propagation rules into account when you'll try to hear these stations. Reception will only succeed when the reflection points in the ionosphere between transmitter and receiver will be in daylight. When you want to hear WFLA from Tampa, Florida on 25870 kHz -the station that guarantees to be most successful- you'll better try in the late afternoon. That is, assumed you are listening in Western Europe. Stations coming from the east are better heard in the morning. Reception is usually not very stable, but every now and than the signal holds at a fair to good level. Especially around 1530 hours UTC you can expect the signals to rise out of the noise. It's also interesting that you don't need specialized antennas to receive these NFM-studio links. It costs a lot more of an effort to receive local US stations on the medium wave band. Details about these stations are very scarce. They are not found in publications like the World Radio and TV Handbook or in one of the Klingenfuss publications although these are in fact utility stations. During last year, there was a lot of discussion on the internet mailinglists. The list on the previous page was compiled from own observations and from messages that appeared in the Hardcore and A-DX mailinglists. This list of studio links and Cue stations is most probably not complete and maybe we can discover new stations according as the propagation conditions proceed.
Finally, don't think that everything that sounds like a broadcast station on this high end of the shortwave spectrum is a studio or Cue link. There are also a lot of harmonics (multiple of the transmitter's fundamental frequency) around there produced by transmitters mostly of an older generation. Furthermore, it appears also that the CB-folks relay local broadcasting stations. (*) A Cue is a prompt and the most likely to be heard in connection with studio work i.e. 'Cue track 1' would mean get track one ready to play. (Jim Watson, IBB Support Engineer, Sri Lanka) Correct English word is cue, but some Americans tend to use the 25705 VEN Radio Caracas studiofeeder 25710 NFM F Radio Neige. Power 3-80 W. Most of the programming originates from R.Nostalgie. 25775 Mix F TDF, Rennes. Power 200Watt. Field trials for DRM Consortium 25845 NFM F Comite Departemental du tourisme de la Charente- Maritime. Service for tourists. 25870 NFM USA Clear Channel Communications Tampa Florida with audio from WFLA Tampa FL. Studio link has the callsign KMP360.
25870 AM USA KC. (unid) "This is KC., good morning". This channel is occasionally used by Entercom Communication. See 25870 NFM USA KMP360 WFLA Tampa, FL 25870 NFM USA WFLA Tampa, FL. Studio feeder 25880 NFM F Comite Departemental du tourisme de la Charente- Maritime. Service for tourists. 25900 NFM F Radio Neige. Power 3-80 W. Most of the programming originates from R.Nostalgie. 25910 AM USA KFXX, Portland, OR. This channel is occasionally used by Entercom Communication. See also under 25950 kHz 25910 NFM USA WJFP, Fort Pierce FL. // 26470 ID as "WJFP Community Radio", FM freqs 91.1 & 107.1 MHz. 25925 NFM F Comite Departemental du tourisme de la Charente- Maritime. Service for tourists. 25950 AM USA Entercom Communications of Portland, Washington, with audio from KPM556, KNRK-FM, KKSN-AM, KIRO, KNRK, KFXX, 26000 NFM F Comite Departemental du tourisme de la Charente- Maritime. Service for tourists. 26035 NFM F Comite Departemental du tourisme de la Charente- Maritime. Service for tourists. 26070 NFM F Radio Neige. Power 3-80 W. Most of the programming originates from R.Nostalgie. 26100 AM USA Entercom Communications of Portland. See also under 25950 kHz 26100 USA WJXX Ch25 Jacksonville FL 26100 NFM USA WKRN TV (Ch 2) Nashville TN. "News 2 at 5".
26100 USA WLNK 107.9 Charlotte NC. 26100 NFM USA WLOX TV (Ch 13) Biloxi MS. "You are watching WLOX-TV Newswatch 13 at 5". 26110 USA Jacor Broadcasting, Cincinnati OH with audio from WKRC Cincinnatti "55-KRC". Callsign is KPK406. 26117 NFM ??? Unid pirate. Dance music 26143 NFM CAN 26143-26150 kHz. CKTM Television 26150 NFM USA KOLN TV Ch 10 Lincoln NE. "You're watching KOLN ." 26150 NFM USA WFOR TV Ch4 Miami FL. 26150 NFM USA WISH TV Ch8 Indianapolis IN. 26150 NFM USA WLKY TV Ch32 Louisville KY. 26150 NFM USA WSTM TV Ch3 Syracuse NY. 26150 NFM USA WTVT TV Ch 13 Tampa FL. 26190 NFM USA KSL Salt Lake City UT. "KSL News Radio 11-60." CBS News feeder. Callsign KOH710 or KA5553. 26200 NFM USA WSTP TV Ch10 St.Petersburg FL. 26250 NFM USA WESH TV Ch 2 Orlando FL. "News Channel 2" 26250 NFM USA WISH TV Ch 8 Indianapolis IA. ID as "Wish TV, Channel 8, Indianapolis". 26250 NFM USA WISH TV Ch8 Indianapolis IN. 26250 NFM USA WMAR TV Ch2 Baltimore MD. 26250 NFM USA WOWT TV Ch6 Omaha NE. 26250 NFM USA WPLG TV Ch10 Miami FL. 26250 NFM USA WTVN Columbus, OH. Studio link (on MW: 610 kHz)26250 NFM USA WTVN, Columbus OH. Callsign KPF231 26250 NFM USA WVTM TV Ch 13 Birmingham AL. Promo for NBC pgms. ID as "NBC 13". 26300 NFM USA WHBQ TV Ch 13 Memphis TN. "Judge Judy" ad; "13 News" and Fox IDs. 26300 NFM USA WJLA TV Ch7 Washington DC. 26300 NFM USA WNCN TV Ch17 Raleigh NC. 26350 NFM USA KMBC TV Ch9 Kansas City MO. 26350 USA KUSA Denver, CO. TV feeder for KUSA. Also heard on 26450 kHz. 26350 USA UNID Spanish speaking, Miami FL. 26350 NFM USA WITN -TV Ch7 Washington NC. 26350 NFM USA WTOL TV Ch11 Toledo OH. 26350 NFM USA WTSP TV Ch 10 St.Petersburg FL. "10 News" ID.
26370 USA WHOO (=WMMA) Orlando, FL. 26380 NFM USA WNDU TV Ch16 South Bend IN. 26400 NFM USA KMGH, Denver, CO. Also heard on 26450 kHz. ID "7 News".
26400 NFM USA WGHP TV Ch8 High Point NC. 26400 NFM USA WLNK 107.9 Charlotte NC. 26450 USA Jacor Broadcasting, Cincinnati OH. 26450 NFM USA KMGH TV, Denver, CO. 26450 NFM USA KRON TV Ch 4, San Francisco, CA. 26450 USA KUA360 Heftel Broadcasting, Hawaii HWA 26450 USA KUSA Denver, Colorado, USA. TV feeder for KUSA. Also heard on 26350 kHz. 26450 NFM USA WEBN 102.7 audio. 26450 NFM USA WHO TV Ch 13 Des Moines IA. "WHO-TV 13 News".
26450 USA WKRC? 26450 NFM USA WLW Cincinnati, OH. Studio feeder 26450 NFM USA WLW Cincinnati, OH. Studio link 26450 NFM USA WLW Cincinnati, OH. Studio link 26450 NFM USA WLW Cincinnati,OH. "700 WLW". Also heard on 26110 kHz.
26450 NFM USA WTVT TV Ch13 Tampa FL. 26470 NFM USA WJFP, Fort Pierce FL. // 25910 kHz. For details see 25910 kHz. 26577 NFM G Unid pirate from Birmingham. Pop music 27215 NFM HOL Unid pirate from Amsterdam. Pop music 27430 USA KAM780. Turners TV & Stereo, Butler (East of Mississippi) 27960 AM CAN XKC 89, Toronto, ONT 27960 AM CAN XKC 891, Farnham, Quebec 27960 AM CAN XKD 56, Cochrane, ONT 27960 AM CAN XKT 633, Toronto, ONT 29810 LSB ARG Military feeder to Antarctica with audio from R.Continental, R.Mitre, R.Rivadavia, R.Planeta 20200 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 25475 NFM B Pagers 25785 NFM LAm 2FG callsigns till well after 2100 UTC 26015 AM LAm 2FG calls. Accent Uruguayan or Argentinian. 26015 AM LAm 2FG calls. Uruguay or Argentina 26100 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26150 NFM HOL Pagers 26175 AM LAm 35 calling 30 in Spanish 26200 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26215 AM LAm 3FG calls in Spanish 26250 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26300 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26306 AM LAm Spanish. 2 fig callsigns. Probably Latin America 26350 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26359 AM LAm Many stations in Spanish 26359 AM LAm Multiple stations audible, probably Northern Latin America based26400 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26450 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26450 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26500 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26545 AM LAm Spanish. 2 fig callsigns. Probably Latin America 26550 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26565 AM LAm Numeric callsigns 26565 AM LAm Numeric callsigns in Spanish 26600 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26650 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26650 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26665 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26700 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26745 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26750 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26800 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26825 AM LAm Spanish. 2 fig callsigns. Calling 44, 28. Probably Latin Americs26850 NFM ??? Female paging 26850 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26850 NFM HOL Pagers 26900 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26900 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26935 AM LAm 100 calling 13 in Spanish 26950 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 26950 AM LAm Numeric callsigns, some prefixed with "movil" in Spanish 27020 NFM RUS POCSAG pager. "TECTOBOE >>>231" (test message 231) 27064 NFM ??? Pagers + voices 27070 FM ??? POCSAG pagers. Possibly Russian 27075 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27228 AM LAm Spanish. 2 fig callsigns. Probably Latin America 27244 NFM USA Pagers 27500 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27510 NFM USA Pagers 27510 NFM D Pagers 27550 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27600 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27650 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27700 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27750 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27800 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27850 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 27885 NFM GRC Unid hospital in Athens. Pager + voices 28165 NFM TUR Turkish gas delivery (tank stations and lorries) 28195 NFM TUR Turkish gas delivery (tank stations and lorries) 29355 NFM USA Lunch delivery, probably North-East USA 29710 NFM USA Charles T. Willi AM s, LA. KZT595 29710 NFM USA Comsec Associates, Inc., CA WPMG657 29710 NFM USA J.M Wilmers Radio Service, MD KGG295 29710 NFM USA John N. van Dyk, NJ. WPRG307 29710 NFM USA John R. Frazier Inc., SC. KEA330 29710 NFM USA Robert W. Wood Jr., TN. WNLP453 29710 NFM USA Vulcan Materials Co. Inc., VA WPWG349 29725 FM LAm 2FG calls in Spanish 29730 NFM USA Easy Way Corp., NY. WPQB860 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, GA KNJL360 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, LA KAZ846 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, LA KC4623 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, LA KIL793 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKB239 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKB240 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKJ515 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKQ548 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKS315 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKS545 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KKU919 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS KNGF352 29730 NFM USA International Paper Company, MS WPUM998 29730 NFM USA Jeffrey R. Alland, CT. WPRI499 29730 NFM USA KKN925. Int. Paper Company, MO. 29730 FM LAm Phone conversation 29730 NFM LAm UNID LAm whistler WLL phone conversation. 29750 NFM USA AM erica SAR,. WPMG404 29750 NFM USA Davis Oil Service Inc., ME KCH306 29750 NFM USA Frank E. Harkness, WA. KVT206 29750 NFM USA John Harkness, WA. WNCD493 29750 NFM USA Plum Creek Timberlands L.P., KXU418 29750 NFM USA Plum Creek Timberlands L.P., FL KU3554 29750 NFM USA Rick Ochs Lumber Inc., PA KXJ947 29750 NFM ??? Simplex arabic phonecall 29750 NFM USA Weyerhauser Company, NC. WNKW804 29760 NFM ??? Arabic wireless telephone? 29770 NFM USA Comsec Associates, Inc., CA WPMG657 29770 NFM USA Foley Timber and Land Company L.P., KIS226 29770 NFM USA Tri W. Logging, AR. KNIR922 29770 NFM USA Weyerhauser Company, NC. WNKW803 29790 NFM USA Action Lock Co, NC. WPMR347 29790 NFM USA San Whitfield Timber Co Inc., MS KCQ414 29800 NFM HOL Hospital pagers 29825 NFM RUS Full duplex phone conversation 29940 NFM B Pizza delivery, Sao Paolo, Brazil 29945 NFM RUS Phone central 30000 NFM ??? Unid Arabic station 30020 NFM CAN Pagers 30220 NFM CAN Pagers Cumbre DX kindly permitted us to publish an Special from January 2002. I have added a list of church stations at the end of the article.
Cumbre DX Special 382.4 January 23, 2002http://www.cumbredx.org Contributors Mike Barraclough UNITED KINGDOM, Roger Caird IRELAND,Ken Fletcher UNITED KINGDOM, David Hodgson TN, Hans Johnson FL,Alan Pennington UNITED KINGDOM IRELAND Irish church services have been heard in the 27 MHz range onSundays during the 1200 and 1300 UTC. The practice of broadcasting Irish Church services on CB frequencies has been going on for severalyears now. Both the standard US Citizen Band channels and the UK CBchannels are used. Housebound parishioners (the sick or the elderly) are issued with pre-tuned CB capable receivers and can listen in to the Mass from home. In Dublin there are at least 27 channels in usecatering for about 45 churches, and churches in Cork, Limerick andGalway are also jumping on the band-wagon.
"The details below only refer to Churches in the Dublin area. It isquite possible that what you have been hearing are from other cities in Ireland, or even the UK. It can be quite difficult to identify which churches are using these frequencies. The only hints available are during the "church notices" read out during the Mass, where acomment might give an idea of the area the church is in. Unfortunately,they never identify themselves! Most activity is during the weekends:Saturday evening, [Irish local time = UTC] Sunday morning 1000-1300UTC and evening 1800-2000 and weekday evenings 1800-2000. Funeralsusually 1700 UTC and then 1000 UTC the following day & weddings can be at any time!" On Sunday, January 13, I heard activity on four different frequencies.
Roger Caird had this to say about these different channels: 27730, 1235, Church organ and chior. Prayer by Priest. "Frequency is actually27.73125 NFM (UK CB channel 14). There are three churches in the Dublinarea on this frequency. The one I have logged most often at this time on a Sunday is actually quite close to my home. Drumcondra CorpusChristi, Griffith Avenue Dublin, 9 Ireland."27780, 1240, Church service, with CB QRM. "This frequency (27.78125NFM, UK CB Channel 19) is also shared by 3 churches. This is probably a Roman Catholic church on the Navan Road, on the north side of Dublin.
27790, 1255, Chior then Priest. "27.79125 NFM (UK CB Channel 20). I'mnot too sure about this one. The frequency is shared by two churchesoutside Dublin. The most likely, going by the time is: Roman CatholicChurch, Kill-o-the Grange, Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin."27680, 1312, Prayer, Communion given by Priest. "27.68125 NFM (UKChannel 09) This church is in the same general area as the one on27.79125. The time of the Tx is a bit odd. I'm assuming you are usingUTC? Most Masses start at 1000, 1100, or 1200 or at 15 minute intervalsin the hours and 1312 would have been a very long Mass! I've noted thatthis transmitter is a bit over modulated. There are several churches inthis suburb, but I think the most likely one is St.Michaels Church,Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire." "I suppose they must be using something other than standard CB rigs,I don't think an over-the-counter CB base station would stand up toseveral hours of continuous TX several times a week. Some churches leave the TX live between masses! They do appear to use normal 27 MHz1/2 wave whips in most cases. I'd suspect they use something around 25W. Some frequencies are almost unusable on occasions with up to threechurches transmitting simultaneously. It probably doesn't affect thelisteners who will be within a mile or so of their church. My 1/2wave GP picks them up from about 20 miles away. If you do try for a QSL, (I doubt that they are equipped with QSL cards!) that might be able to tell you what company set up the equipment for them. Thesepeople might be able to give you more accurate details of what churchare on what frequencies. For your information, the UK CB frequencies are from 27.62125 to 27.99125 at 1 kHz spacing, i.e. 27.62125, 27.63125,27.64125 etc. all NFM. Some of the Tx on the US CB frequencies use AM."(Caird [Ireland] Jan 20/3 via Hodgson)27225 is the frequency I heard on Jan 20 at 1225 [Johnson]. There is achurch in the Dublin area who transmits on this frequency but I haven'tidentified it yet. Some transmissions can be very difficult to identify.
Sometimes you get a hint of the area of the city the church is locatedin, by the comments of the priest. (Caird Jan 23 via Johnson).
Many Churches nationwide broadcast on the CB radio band (27-28 MHz)during mass times. There are 80 channels used for CB. All churchestransmit using narrow FM NFM. All the churches use one of the 80channels many nearby churches use different channels. I have personallyheard them in Dublin, Wicklow and Waterford. Some known frequencies aregiven below: 27.89125 Holy Name Church Beechwood Avenue27.78125 Corpus Christie Drumcondra27.73125 Mobhi Road Church27.405 Three Patrons Rathgar27.375 Westland Row Church The full set of 80 channels are available from CB radio Web Sites suchas http://www.radio.gov.uk/publication/press/1999/12feb99.htm They arethe CEPT FM (Band D) and UK FM (27/81) frequencies. The local priestsrecommend cheap radios which cover these frequencies to the old andinfirm who can't attend the masses. Normal radios cannot tune in tothese. [Incidentally, this problem also arose here in the UK as theRadio Authority back in 1999 issued a press release confirming theserelays of church services were illegal in the UK: DTI Press Release -12 February 1999. The Radiocommunications Agency confirmed today that it is illegal to use Citizen's Band Radio for broadcasting church services. Theannouncement follows the discovery last year that a number of churcheswere using CB Radio to broadcast church services to parishioners unableto attend the service. Whilst the Radiocommunications Agency recognisethe value of broadcasting services to the elderly and housebound,Citizen's Band radio is not an appropriate band for broadcasting. It is designed for short term social or business conversation and lengthyservices can jam the channels.] (Anon Aug 31 Irish Radiowaves messageboard via Pennington BDXC Jan 21) These are totally illegal as CB radio is only intended for personalspeech (no music allowed) two way communication. In addition many ofthese Church broadcasters run far more than the permitted 4 watts. Here in Carrickfergus I can hear at least three church broadcasters on27 MHz although I have yet to ascertain the location of these. (Mikeibid.) Cheap radios that include the CB band are used to tune in. (David ibid.) I originally come from Ireland, so know just a littleabout the situation there. I think, as you suggest, these MassBroadcasts probably are 'illegal' ones, I suspect, however that unlessthere are serious complaints from CBers on 27 MHz that the Authoritieswill turn a "blind eye", as they apparently do to long term "illegal"Evangelical Broadcasts on 3.910Mhz etc, on Sunday Afternoons/Evenings.
So far as I am aware these have been left untouched in the recentcrack-down on Pirate Radio Activity in the Irish Republic. (FletcherBDXC Jan 22)There certainly is a lot of such activity here. Only up the road thereis a church doing it every Sunday. (Murphy [County Cork, Ireland] WDXCvia Barraclough via Hauser DXLD) CB is widely used in remote parts ofIreland as well as FM relays (Cashin ibid.) Finally, a tuning tip. Tune in sideband as it is easier to hear them in SSB, albeit a bit distorted at times. If the signal improves, try AM. If it continues to improve then try FM mode. (Johnson Jan 23) (Source: Cumbre DX Special 382.4 January 23, 2002)With the help of Roger, I have made a compilation of the transmissions from Irish churches that have been heard during the past 2 years. Here we go: 26805 NFM unid 26950 NFM Church of Donore, Dublin. Church Service. 26965 NFM unid 26965 NFM unid 26975 NFM Church on Donore Ave, South Circular Rd. Dublin 8 Ireland. 26975 NFM Donore Ave, South Circular Rd. 27015 NFM Church Broadcast, Limerick 27015 NFM Parish Radio, Dublin 27030 NFM unid 27065 NFM Brookwood, Artane? 27065 NFM Possibly Collins Avenue-Donnycarney, Artane or North Strand 27065 NFM YDG, Maryfield, Ardcollum Ave. 27065.9 NFM Coolock Health Centre, Cromcastle Rd. 27065.9 NFM Maryfield Ladies Group, Artane? 27065.9 NFM St Davids Park. 27075 NFM unid 27105 NFM unid 27135 NFM Our Ladies of Victories, Glasnevin 27135 AM unid 27185 NFM unid 27215 NFM unid 27225 NFM Poss Dollymount?? Poss Clontarf 27285 NFM Our Ladies of Dolours, Glasnevin. 27285 NFM Piercestown, County Wexford, 27295 NFM Church Broadcast, Brookwood, Artane, Dublin 27295 NFM Church Broadcast, Kilcock, Co. Kildare 27295 NFM Church Broadcast, Newtown??? 27295 NFM Kilcock, Co.Kildare 27295 NFM Mass (1st Communion) kids of St.Josephs 27295 NFM MIP id as Artane (VdP Artane/Beaumont) 27295 NFM MIP, Scoil Dara 27295 NFM Newtown Church 5 primary schools in parish. 27295 NFM St Brendans School, Scoil Neasain pupils 27295 NFM St Marys Sch Killester 27305 AM unid 27315 NFM unid 27325 NFM Church Broadcast, Dublin 27335 NFM Church Broadcast, Ballymote, Co. Sligo 27335 NFM Church Broadcast, Dublin 27345 NFM Church Broadcast, Dunboyne, Co. Meath 27345 NFM Church Broadcast, Limerick. 27345 NFM Dunboyne 27355 AM Church Broadcast, Dublin. Probably Swords Road. 27355 NFM Church of the Holy Child, Larkhill 27355 NFM mip Lorcan Est. Holy Child Junior Sch. 27375 NFM Church Broadcast, Dublin 27375 NFM Macken Villas, Pearse St. 27375 NFM Westland Row Church 27395 NFM (3 different services heard at the same time) 27405 NFM "St.Patricks Hall" "Christ church Presbyterian Rathgar" 27405 NFM Church Broadcast, Rathgar (confirmed) 2 churches?? 27405 NFM Three Patrons Rathgar 27621.25 NFM Church service Berkley Road ? Phibsboro Dublin 27621.25 NFM Church service, Dublin 27621.25 NFM Royse Rd, Synott Pl.Phibsboro Rd. 27661.25 NFM unid 27681.25 NFM Church service, Dun Laoghaire 27731.25 NFM Church service, Corpus Christi, Drumcondra 27731.25 NFM Church service, Dalkey (confirmed) 27731.25 NFM Church service, Griffith Ave. 27731.25 NFM Girls (Confirmation? Mass Sallynoggin-Glasthule 27731.25 NFM Glendalough??? 27731.25 NFM Mobhi Road Church 27731.25 NFM Wedding in Corpus Christi, Drumcondra 27781.25 NFM Belgrove Rd School, Clontarf 27781.25 NFM BTSB at School Hall beside Church [Navan Rd] 27781.25 NFM Church Service, Belgrove Rd. Clontarf. 27781.25 NFM Church service, Navan Road 27781.25 NFM Church service, Rathfarnham ? 27781.25 NFM Community Ctr rear of Church. St. Oliver Plunket 27781.25 NFM Corpus Christie Drumcondra 27781.25 NFM St Anthonys St Brigids Cemetry? 27791.25 NFM Church Service, poss Balbriggan? or Kill o the Grange? 27791.25 NFM Mass. Open Day at Loretto College 27791.25 NFM Poss. Dun Laoghaire 27811.25 NFM Anne Devlin Pk, Ballyrownan????? 27891.25 NFM "Abbeyfield" Killester? 27891.25 NFM "the Beachcomer" "St.Brigids Hall" 27891.25 NFM Church Service, Howth Road, Killester (confirmed) 27891.25 NFM Church service, St Peters, Phibsboro? 27891.25 NFM Holy Name Church Beechwood Avenue 27891.25 NFM Sandyford ?? 27891.25 NFM St Josephs 27891.25 NFM St Marys College 27891.25 NFM St.Brigids 27951.25 NFM unid 27961.25 NFM Dollymount area, St Fintans Grove 27961.25 NFM St Fintans Pk & Road. 27961.25 NFM Sutton 27981.25 NFM unid Dispatchers from various countries are heard on a large number of frequencies. Most of the logs below represent Latin American stations. One taxi station from Thailand and a couple from the USA complete the first part of the list. The second part focuses on Russia and Ukraine. 24915 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24935 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24945 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24955 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24965 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24975 NFM ARG Unid taxi 24995 NFM ARG Unid taxi 26235 AM ??? Latin American dispatchers. Spanish comms. 2 fig callsigns 26565 AM ??? Latin American dispatchers. Spanish comms. 2 fig callsigns 26814 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26820 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26830 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26840 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26860 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26880 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26945 AM ??? Latin American dispatchers. Spanish comms. 3 fig callsigns 26948 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26950 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 26955 AM ??? Dispatch. Probably Columbian. Numeric callsigns 28035 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28044 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28045 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28055 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28065 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28075 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28085 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28095 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28205 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28264 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28272 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28295 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28305 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28315 NFM ARG Unid taxi 28665 NFM THA Transport Company in Bangkok. Base station and cars 29710 NFM USA Bauchman Towing Inc, NH WPPU746 29725 AM CLM Dispatcher from Bogota. Spanish comms. 2 fig callsigns29730 NFM ??? Taxi combination of English and Spanish 29770 NFM USA Woody's Auto Repair & Towing Inc., NH WPMC435 29770 NFM USA Taxi combination of English and Spanish, possibly New York City 29770 NFM USA Bushwick Car Service Inc., NY WNIM264 29790 NFM USA Year 2000 Car & Limo Service Corp., NY WPUU495 Russian and Ukrainian transport companies (mostly taxi companies) arereported by dxers from all over the world. A couple of volunteersfrom Eastern Europe have compiled the following list of callsigns andfrequencies of transport related stations throughout Russia plus some from Belarus and Ukraine.
Location Callsign Freq. Remarks------------------------ ----------------------- ----- ----------------::: BELARUS Minsk Sokol 27065Minsk Spas-Servis-eniya 001 27275 24h ::: KAZAKHSTANAlma Ata SOS 27 27065 0900-2100 localUst'-Kamenogorsk 81 27065 SARUst'-Kamenogorsk 81 27180 SARUst'-Kamenogorsk 81 27185 SAR ::: RUSSIAArkhangel'sk Dvina 27185Astrakhan' Devyatka Astrakhan' 27065 0900-2400 localAstrakhan' Mayak 27185 24h SARBelgogrod Orel 26965 24h TaxiStariy Oskol Ikar 27635 SAR InfoBryansk Vega Devyat' 27065 24hBryansk Vega Transit 27185 24hBryansk Vega 27855 24hChelyabinsk Vega 27065 Not activeChita Zhemchug 27065 24hChita Zhemchug 27385Angarsk Angarsk 27185 24hAngarsk Angarsk 27265 24hBaikal'sk Zhemchug 27065Bolshaya Rechka Zhemchug 27185Bratsk ? ?Bugul'deyka Zhemchug 27065Irkutsk Zhemchug 27065 24h SARIrkutsk Zhemchug 27185 1100-1400 and 1900-2200 localIrkutsk Nadezhda 27185 24hIrkutsk Nadezhda 27275 24hIrkutsk Zhemchug 27385 24hKuytun Zhemchug 27185Listvyanka Solntse 26315 24hMikhaylovka Zhemchug 27265Shelekhov Zhemchug 27365 24hTayshet Zhemchug 27065Tayshet Zhemchug 27385Tulun Zhemchug 27065Uso'l'e Sibirskoye Zhemchug 27315 24hUst'-Ilimsk Zhemchug 27185Yelantsky Zhemchug 27065 Ivanovo Navigator 26135 0800-2200 localIvanovo Krepost' 27065 24hIvanovo Krepost' 27185 24hKaliningrad Mirazh 27065Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Sputnik 27295 24hPetropavlovsk-Kamchatka Gorizont 27375 24hKhabarovsk Poisk 26685 24hKhabarovsk 911 27065 24hKhabarovsk Keri 27185 24hKhabarovsk 911 27635 24hKomsomolsk Amur ELSI 27235 24hKostroma Sluzhba Spaseniya 27065 24hKostroma Sluzhba Spaseniya 27185 0900-1700 local on work daysArmavir Devyatka Armavir 27065 24hKrasnodar Devyatka Krasnodar 27375 24hArtemovsk Krik 27065Zheleznogorsk SPS 27015 Not activeZheleznogorsk SPS 27015 24hBabynino Aktsiya 27515Detchino Aktsiya 27515Kaluga Spaseniya 27065 24hMedyn ? 26975Obninsk Aktsiya 27515Sukhininchi Aktsiya 27515Zhizdra Aktsiya 27515St. Petersburg Krik 26985 24hSt. Petersburg 911 27065 24hSt. Petersburg Avtopiter 27185 24hSt. Petersburg Neva 27635 24hLipetsk Groza 27065 24hMagadan Atka 27185 24h UVD (tax police)Bogorodskoye & Verea Bogorodskoye 27775Dmitrov Sluzhba Spaseniya 27005 24hDomodedovo Domodedovo 27395 24hDubna Devyatka Dubna 27965 24hElektrostal' Pomosch' 26965 24hElektrostal' ? 27585 TaxiKashira Patrul'naya 27185Kashira Patrul'naya 27775 0900-2100 localKlin Devyatka Klin 27065 24hKolomna Sluzhba Spaseniya 27075Krasnogorsk Spaseniya 26985 Not activeKrasnogorsk ? 27175 24h Ambulance serviceMoscow Galileya 26065 24h TaxiMoscow Spas-stolitsa 26155 24h Tow truck companyMoscow Blyuz 26175 24h TaxiMoscow Kruiz 26225 24h TaxiMoscow Almaz 26395 24h transport companyMoscow Klakson 26395 24h TaxiMoscow Miledi 26415 24hMoscow Stolitsa 26445 24h TaxiMoscow Soyuznik 26985 24h SAR serviceMoscow Petrovka 26985 24h info (central police station)Moscow Zapad 26985 24h SAR serviceMoscow Redut 26985 24h SAR serviceMoscow Sluzhba Spaseniya 27065 24h Info channelMoscow Sluzhba Spaseniya 27185 24h InfoMoscow Poleyot 27515 Daytime only (FM + LSB)Moscow Sluzhba Spaseniya 27665 0900-1900 local.
Telephone serviceMoscow Master 28105 24h Technical car assistanceMoscow Tsentral'naya 28235 24h TaxiMozhaisk Mozhaisk Tsentral'naya 27485 24hNaro-Fominsk Chyornaya Akula 27015Odintsov Sluzhba Spaseniya 27395 24hOdintsov Zakaz 28275 24h Energy companyPeschki Devyatka Peschki 27065 Not activeProtvino Protvino-Syem' 27035Puschkino Spaseniya Puschkino 27055Sergiev Posad Desyatka Sergiev Posad 27075 24hSergiev Posad Cosad Tsentr 27965 TaxiStupino Stupino Devyat' 27065 Not activeYegor'evsk Tsentral'naya 27015Zelonograd Krik 26985 Not activeZhukovskiy Topaz 27735Zvenigorod Spaseniya 27395Murmansk Devyatka 27065 24hBalakhna Volga 27835 TaxiGorodets Baza 27235 TaxiNizhniy Novgorod Parus 27065 24hNizhniy Novgorod Volga 27275 TaxiNizhniy Novgorod Parus 27685 24hNizhniy Novgorod Trassa 27755 TaxiTransvolga Perviy 27715 TaxiTransvolga Dispetcherskayja 28025 TaxiNovgorod Devyatka Novgorod 27065 24hNovosibirsk Solomon 27135 0800-2200 local.
Transit serviceNovosibirsk Petrovka 27265 24hOmsk Schtorm 27065 24h SAROryoel Sluzhba Spaseniya 27185 24hPenza Avtospas 27185 0800-2200 localVladivostok Magnit 27355 24hPskov Devyatka Pskov 27065 24hVelikie Luki Molniya 27065 0800-2120 localMaykop Devyatka Maykop 27065 24hBarnaul Petrovka 27065Kyaktha Zhemchug 27065Ulan-Ude Baza 27385 24hCheboksari Devyatka Cheboksari 27065 24hCheboksari Devyatka Cheboksari 27205 24hInta Dzhejiran 27285 24h Municipal emergency serviceSyktyvkar Sluzhba Spaseniya 27065Vorkuta Baza 26795 24h TaxiVorkuta Yavka 27065 24h TaxiVorkuta Brigada 27135 24h TaxiKosmodemyansk Devyatka 27065 Not activeYoshkar-Ola Sluzhba Bezopasnosti 27065 24h Security serviceKazan Spas-Kazan' 27185 24hNaberezhnye Chelny Devyatka Chelny 27065 24hIzhevsk Iskra 27065Rostov-onna-Donu ? 27065Sacht'i Trassa 27395 24hTaganrog Si-Bi Tsentr 27085 24hTaganrog Si-Bi Tsentr 27175 24hRyazan' Zashita 26965 24hRyazan' Oka 27015 24h Telephone serviceRyazan' Devyatka 27065 24hKholmsk Lavina 27065 24hYuzhno-Sakhalinsk Tsentral'naya 26755 24h TaxiYuzhno-Sakhalinsk Devyatka 27845 24hSamara Groza 27065 24hSamara 3021 27185 24hTol'yatti Sluzhba Spaseniya 27035 24h Tol'yatti ? 27060 Repair serviceTol'yatti Zapadniy 27765 24h TaxiTol'yatti Kaskad 27805 24h TaxiSaratov VersijaVersiya 27185 24hGagarin Luch 27465Smolensk Tsentral'naya 1040 27775Stravopol Navigator 26985 24hEkaterinburg Sluzhba Spaseniya 27065 24hEkaterinburg Spravochnoe-19 27185 24hEkaterinburg Lardo 27435 24h TaxiTamblov Tamblov Devyat' 27065Novomoskovsk Devyatka Novomoskovsk 27065Tula CBS 27185 24hBologoye Devyatka Bologoye 27065 24hDvina Devyatka Dvina 27065 24hKimry Devyatka Kimry 27065 24hKonakovo Devyatka Konakova 27065 24hRzhev Devyatka Rzhev 27065Toropyets Devyatka Toropets 27065 24hTorzhok Devyatka Torzhok 27065 24hTver' Devyatka Tver 27065 24h SARTver' Tver-Atvo 27185 24h Technical car assistanceUdomlya Devyatka Udomlya 27065 24hVyschniy Volochek Devyatka Vyschniy 27065 24h VolocheyokTobol'sk Grad 26965 24hTobol'sk Listopad 27405 24hTyumen' Kedr 27065 24hTyumen' Poleyot 27185 24hUl'yanovsk Groza 27065 24hUl'yanovsk Groza 27185 24hBayanday Zhemchug 27385Kutulik Zhemchug 27265Sakhyurte Zhemchug 27185Ust'Ordynskiyl Ust'-Orda 27185Kovrov Kovrov Devyat' 27065 24hMurom Murom Devyat' 27065 24hPokrov Pokrov Devyat' 27065 24hSuzdal Suzdal Devyat' 27065 24hVladimir Mayak 27065 24hVladimir Zarya 27415 TaxiVyanzniki Vyanzniki Devyat' 27065 24hVolga Motus 27065 24hVolgograd Motus 27065 24hCherepovets 999 27065 24hVologda 999 27065 24hVoronezh 911 27065 24hPereslavl'-Zalelsskiy Sluzhba Spaseniya 27035 24hPereslavl'-Zalelsskiy Sluzhba Spaseniya 27065 24hPereslavl'-Zalelsskiy Sluzhba Spaseniya 27185 24hYaroslavl' Spaseniya 27065 24hYaroslavl' Viktoriya 27185 ::: UKRAINEArtyomovsk Krik 27065Chernigov Angel 27180 24hKhar'kov Zashita 27065 24hKhar'kov Server Pitera Pena 27105 Info channel.
Starts at 2200 localKhar'kov Spaseniya 27185 24hKhar'kov Tango 27225 24h Info channelKhar'kov Radar 27265 2200-2230 localKhar'kov Zashita Dva 27265 0900-2100 localKherson Zashita 27065 24hKherson Radar 27185 Repair serviceKherson Radar 27275 Paid service, info, telephone Kiev Baza 25395 "Elit" Taxi (tel. +380-44-2144444)Kiev Delta 26015 TaxiKiev Okean 26125 Taxi (tel. +380-44-2461036)Kiev Volna 26265 Taxi "Autotax" (tel. +380-44-4510021)Kiev Pervy 26365 TaxiKiev ? 27175 TaxiKiev Sluzhba Spaseniya 27175 24hKiev ? 27865 TaxiKiev Baza 27965 TaxiKrivoy Rog Devyatka 27065Odessa Elen-servis 27010 24h Frequency Station/organisation--------- ------------------------------26100.5 Australian Maritime Safety 26124 Globe Wireless Inc 26127.6 Department of Defence 26139 Department of Defence 26141 Department of Defence 26142 Department of Defence 26144 Department of Defence 26149.4 Telstra Corporation Ltd 26167.4 Department of Defence 26180 Department of Defence 26201.5 Department of Defence 26230 Department of Defence 26301.5 Department of Defence 26336.5 Department of Defence 26341.5 Department of Defence 26346.5 Department of Defence 26351.5 Department of Defence 26356.5 Department of Defence 26398 ACA Central Office 26398 Department of Defence 26485 Department of Defence 26501.5 Department of Defence 26575 Department of Defence 26589 Department of Defence 26590.5 Department of Defence 26601.5 Department of Defence 26610 Department of Defence 26640 Department of Defence 26680 Department of Defence 26710 Department of Defence 26740 Department of Defence 26775 Department of Defence 26786.5 Department of Defence 26790 Department of Defence 26835 Department of Defence 26841 Department of Defence 26865 Department of Defence 26978 Ajax Cooke Pty Ltd 26978 Anglo-Australian Telescope Board 26978 Australian Hospital Care 26978 Carrazza and Co Pty Ltd 26978 Community and Health Services 26978 East Grampians Health Service 26978 Ford Motor Company of Australia 26978 Greater Murray Health Services 26978 Health Dept of Western Australia 26978 Incitec Ltd Gibson Island 26978 Kishu Railway Co Ltd 26978 Manning Base Hospital 26978 Mercy Hospital Albury 26978 Myer Stores Ltd 26978 North Forest Products, Tamar 26978 Penford Australia Limited 26978 Penrith RSL Club Limited 26978 Penrith Rugby League Club Ltd 26978 Sheridan Australia Pty Ltd 26978 Sola International Pty Ltd 27000 Department of Defence 27010 Department of Defence 27045 Department of Defence 27090 Department of Defence 27120 General Motors Holden Australia 27145 Department of Defence 27212 Angliss Hospital 27212 Ardmona Foods Limited 27212 Australian Steel Company 27212 Barraba Hospital 27212 Bridgetown District Hospital 27212 Caterpillar of Australia Ltd 27212 Department of Health Qld 27212 Ford Motor Company of Australia 27212 Granville Tobacco Processors Pty 27212 Greenwich Hospital 27212 Health Dept of Western Australia 27212 Hidwon Pty Ltd 27212 Holiday Inn Adelaide 27212 Hospitals of Australia Ltd 27212 Illawarra Area Health Service 27212 Illawarra Retirement Trust 27212 Julia Farr Centre Inc 27212 Medical Benefits Fund 27212 Monash University 27212 Northern Sydney Area Health 27212 Pittwater RSL Club Ltd 27212 Port Kembla Copper Pty Ltd 27212 Prince of Wales Hospital 27212 Queensland Health Dept 27212 Red Cliffs & Community Aged Care 27212 Rydges Hotels Ltd 27212 Shoalhaven District Hospital 27212 St John of God Hospital 27212 Sutherland Hospital 27212 Tabover Pty Ltd 27212 Tanunda Lutheran Home Inc 27212 The Corporation of the Little 27212 Thompsons Kelly & Lewis Ltd 27212 Vinidex Tubemakers Pty Ltd 27245 Department of Defence 27270 Department of Defence 27345 Department of Defence 27350 Department of Defence 27445 Department of Defence 27505 Environmental Protection 27505 Filip Morobe 27505 Manly Hydraulics Laboratory 27505 Sydney Ports Corporation 27505 Victorian Channels Authority 27505 WA Dept of Transport Maritime 27525 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 27525 Victorian Channels Authority 27530 Commissioner of Police NSW Police 27545 Department of Defence 27545 Environmental Protection 27545 Filip Morobe 27545 Manly Hydraulics Laboratory 27545 Victorian Channels Authority 27565 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 27565 WA Dept of Transport Maritime 27595 Filip Morobe 27595 Sydney Ports Corporation 27595 Victorian Channels Authority 27610 Department of Defence 27611.5 Department of Defence 27640 AAPC Northern Hotels Pty Ltd 27640 Aherns (Suburban) Pty Ltd 27640 Australian Archives 27640 Canberra Masonic Homes 27640 Coca-Cola (Aust) Pty Ltd 27640 Flower Drum Pty Ltd 27640 Garrett Hotels Pty Ltd 27640 Highpoint Tavern Pty Ltd 27640 Hobart Regional Water Authority 27640 Mercure Inn Karratha 27640 RL Hunt 27640 Somerset College Ltd 27640 Tatura Milk Industries Ltd 27650 Environmental Protection 27655 Sydney Ports Corporation 27655 WA Dept of Transport Maritime 27670 Acacia Court Pty Ltd 27670 JK Malissa 27670 Milstern Sales Pty Ltd 27670 Riverina Broadcasters Holdings Pty Ltd 27670 Wyong Shire Council 27680 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27680 Queensland Department of Transport 27690 Auspine Limited 27690 Graincorp Operations Limited 27690 Mount Gambier Pine Industries Pty 27690 Waratah Gypsum Pty Ltd 27695 Bureau of Meteorology 27695 Environmental Protection 27695 Hamersley Iron Pty Limited 27695 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 27695 Sydney Ports Corporation 27710 Reliable Conveyer Belt Pty Ltd 27715 Environmental Protection 27715 Sydney Ports Corporation 27715 WA Dept of Transport Maritime 27720 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27720 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27730 Channel 9 South Australia Pty Lty 27745 Bureau of Meteorology 27745 Manly Hydraulics Laboratory 27745 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 27745 Sydney Ports Corporation 27750 Department of Defence 27750 Reliable Conveyer Belt Pty Ltd 27750 Surf Life Saving New South Wales 27820 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27820 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27820 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27840 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27840 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27860 Air Sea Rescue Squadron Whyalla Inc 27860 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27860 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Inc 27860 Bunbury Lifeboat Foundation Inc 27860 Cairns Marine Radio Club Inc 27860 CH Perkins 27860 Coast Watch Radio and Marine Rescue Squad Inc 27860 Commissioner of Police 27860 GA Tonkes 27860 Lakes Entrance Ocean Rescue 27860 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27860 Low Isles Preservation Society 27860 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27860 Mossman Boat Club Inc 27860 Mount Martha Yacht Club 27860 Norah Head Search and Rescue Board 27860 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27860 P O'Connor 27860 Point Leo Boat Club Inc 27860 Price Boat Club 27860 Queensland Department of Transport 27860 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27860 Sandringham Yacht Club Inc 27860 Syd Metrop Fishing Clubs Association 27860 The South Australian Sea Rescue 27860 Torrens Island Boat Club 27860 V.M.R. Mornington Volunteer Mari 27860 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bowen Inc 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bundaber 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladston 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27860 Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday 27860 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27870 Volunteer Marine Rescue 27880 Air Sea Rescue Squadron Whyalla Inc 27880 Alan Ronald Robinson 27880 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27880 Barrier Reef Sea Adventures Pty 27880 Barry John Murphy 27880 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Inc 27880 Cairns Marine Radio Club Inc 27880 CH Perkins 27880 Coast Watch Radio and Marine 27880 Coffs Harbour Deep Sea Fishing Club Ltd 27880 Coffs Harbour International 27880 Commissioner of Police 27880 Crescent Head Blue Water Club 27880 Darwin Surf Life Saving Club 27880 Derby Volunteer Marine Rescue 27880 Fishmac Pty Ltd 27880 GA Tonkes 27880 Gippsland Safety Council Inc 27880 James A Hayes 27880 Lakes Entrance Ocean Rescue 27880 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27880 Low Isles Preservation Society 27880 Maryborough Sailing Club 27880 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27880 Mossman Boat Club Inc 27880 Mount Martha Yacht Club 27880 Norah Head Search and Rescue Board 27880 NR Foord 27880 NSW Volunteer Rescue 27880 P O'Connor 27880 Paulsen Fisheries Pty Ltd 27880 Point Leo Boat Club Inc 27880 Port Macquarie River Cruises 27880 Preassigned Access Records 27880 Price Boat Club 27880 Queensland Department of Transpo 27880 Rochedale State High School 27880 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27880 Sandringham Yacht Club Inc 27880 Sewah Charters Pty Ltd 27880 Syd Metrop Fishing Clubs Association 27880 The South Australian Sea Rescue 27880 Torrens Island Boat Club 27880 University of New England 27880 Urunga Amateur Anglers Club 27880 V.M.R. Mornington Volunteer Mari 27880 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bowen Inc 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bundaber 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Currumbi 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladston 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Hervey 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Victoria 27880 Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsund 27880 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27880 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27880 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27880 Whalley R & CA 27890 BHP Steel AIS Pty Ltd 27900 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27900 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Inc 27900 Bunbury Lifeboat Foundation Inc 27900 CH Perkins 27900 Coast Watch Radio and Marine 27900 Derby Volunteer Marine Rescue 27900 GA Tonkes 27900 Lakes Entrance Ocean Rescue 27900 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27900 Low Isles Preservation Society 27900 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27900 Mossman Boat Club Inc 27900 Mount Martha Yacht Club 27900 Norah Head Search and Rescue Boa 27900 NSW Volunteer Rescue 27900 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27900 P O'Connor 27900 Point Leo Boat Club Inc 27900 Price Boat Club 27900 Queensland Department of Transport 27900 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27900 Sandringham Yacht Club Inc 27900 Syd Metrop Fishing Clubs Associa 27900 The South Australian Sea Rescue 27900 Torrens Island Boat Club 27900 V.M.R. Mornington Volunteer Mari 27900 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bowen In 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bundaber 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladston 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27900 Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsund 27900 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27900 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27910 Air Sea Rescue Squadron Whyalla Inc 27910 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27910 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Inc 27910 Bunbury Lifeboat Foundation Inc 27910 Cairns Marine Radio Club Inc 27910 CH Perkins 27910 Coast Watch Radio and Marine 27910 Derby Volunteer Marine Rescue 27910 GA Tonkes 27910 Lakes Entrance Ocean Rescue 27910 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27910 Low Isles Preservation Society 27910 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27910 Mossman Boat Club Inc 27910 Mount Martha Yacht Club 27910 Norah Head Search and Rescue Boa 27910 NSW Volunteer Rescue 27910 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27910 P O'Connor 27910 Point Leo Boat Club Inc 27910 Price Boat Club 27910 Queensland Department of Transpo 27910 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27910 Sandringham Yacht Club Inc 27910 Syd Metrop Fishing Clubs Associa 27910 Telstra Corporation Ltd 27910 The South Australian Sea Rescue 27910 Torrens Island Boat Club 27910 V.M.R. Mornington Volunteer Mari 27910 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27910 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bribie 27910 Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladston 27910 Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay 27910 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27910 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27940 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27940 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27940 Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Inc 27940 Bunbury Lifeboat Foundation Inc 27940 Cairns Marine Radio Club Inc 27940 CH Perkins 27940 Coast Watch Radio and Marine 27940 Derby Volunteer Marine Rescue 27940 GA Tonkes 27940 Lakes Entrance Ocean Rescue 27940 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27940 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27940 Mossman Boat Club Inc 27940 Mount Martha Yacht Club 27940 Norah Head Search and Rescue Boa 27940 NSW Volunteer Rescue 27940 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27940 P O'Connor 27940 Point Leo Boat Club Inc 27940 Price Boat Club 27940 Queensland Department of Transpo 27940 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27940 Sandringham Yacht Club Inc 27940 Syd Metrop Fishing Clubs Associa 27940 Torrens Island Boat Club 27940 V.M.R. Mornington Volunteer Mari 27940 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27940 Volunteer Marine Rescue Bowen In 27940 Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladston 27940 Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay 27940 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27940 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27940 Westernport Safety Council Inc. 27960 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27960 Boral Resources (VIC) Pty Ltd 27960 Commissioner of Police NSW Polic 27960 Department of Defence 27960 Hobart Ports Corporation Pty Ltd 27960 Largs Bay Sailing Club Inc 27960 Milang Regatta Club Inc 27960 NSW Volunteer Rescue Association 27960 P O'Connor 27960 Price Boat Club 27960 Royal South Aust Yacht Squadron 27960 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27960 Torrens Island Boat Club 27960 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 27960 Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay 27980 Air Sea Rescue Squadron Whyalla Inc 27980 Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 27980 Commissioner of Police 27980 Darwin Surf Life Saving Club 27980 Norah Head Search and Rescue Boa 27980 NSW Volunteer Rescue 27980 Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Assn 27980 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol 27980 Surf Lifesaving Queensland Inc 27980 The South Australian Sea Rescue 27980 Victor Harbor Goolwa Sea Rescue 28213 Wireless Institute of Australia 28253 Wireless Institute of Australia 28256.5 North East Radio Group Inc 28260 Wireless Institute of Australia 28262 Wireless Institute of Australia 28264 Wireless Institute of Australia 28268 Darwin Amateur Radio Club Inc 28270 Townsville Amateur Radio Club In 28650 Department of Defence 29120 Manly Warringah Radio Society 29120 RB Gillespie 29120 Rodney Leonard Neilson 29120 West Australian Repeater Group 29140 Wireless Institute of Australia 29520 North East Radio Club Inc 29540 Stephen Hans Reining 29540 Wagga Amateur Radio Club (Inc) 29560 Southside Amateur Radio 29570 Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club 29580 West Australian Repeater Group 29620 Illawarra Amateur Radio 29620 Wireless Institute of 29640 Stephen Hans Reining 29640 Wagga Amateur Radio Club (Inc) 29660 Commex Communications Corporatio 29670 Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club 29680 West Australian Repeater Group 29697 Department of Defence 29700 Department of Defence 29705 Manly Hydraulics Laboratory 29705 Woodside Energy Ltd 29720 Department of Defence 29730 Department of Defence 29760 Sydney Ports Corporation 29825 Environmental Protection 29825 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 29825 Phillips Petroleum (91-12) Pty 29825 Woodside Energy Ltd 29870 Oceanroutes Australia Pty Ltd 29870 Sydney Ports Corporation 29870 Woodside Energy Ltd 30000 James Cook University of North "WUN SPECIAL TOPICS REPORT" is a special edition of the newsletter from the first dedicated electronic utility club in the world; the Worldwide UTE News (WUN). 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2010-2011 Annual Report 14N solid-state NMR spectroscopy of pharmaceuticals and their polymorphs Stanislav L. Veinberg,a Christopher R. Mireault,a Kristopher J. Harris,a Luke A. O’Dellb and (a) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario (b) Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario In a previous


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