1) the bacterial enzymes that inactivate penicillins and cephalosporins are

Dental Pharmacology 2006
March 2, 2006
M.E. Maguire


There are 40 questions on this exam. Please use pencil on the answer sheet. Turn in the answer sheet. KEEP the exam.
BONUS questions at the end of the exam. You are NOT
required to answer these. If you answer them, nothing will be deducted for a wrong answer. However, if you answer correctly, I will use that question to replace a question on the regular exam that you answered incorrectly. That is, if you get 30 of the 40 questions correct and answer 3 of the bonus questions correctly, then your score would be 33/40 or 82.5%. The bacterial enzymes that inactivate penicillins and cephalosporins are Among the enzymes responsible for synthesizing bacterial cell walls are Imipenem is a unique β-lactam because it serves to inactivate both penicillin binding proteins and β-lactamases*. inhibits DNA gyrase, in addition to inhibiting β-lactamase activity. A known side effect of tetracyclines is that they interferes with mental functions by inhibiting GABA transmission. While in general quinolones are safe antibiotics, a recognized side effects is prolongation of the QT interval in the heart*. Interference with folate synthesis is seen with Which of the following antibiotic classes interfere with bacterial protein synthesis? The most likely antibiotic to cause prolongation of the prothrombin time when patients are taking coumadin are Which of the following drugs is NOT used to treat Mycobacterium tuberculosis?
Which of the following drugs should NOT be used to treat influenza in the first 36
All of the following are drugs used to treat HIV infection EXCEPT
Which of the following drugs has NO antiinflammatory properties? Prophylactic use of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole in HIV protects against The mechanism of action of AZT is best described by which of the following? Which of the following is the drug of first choice in treating trigeminal neuralgia? The following receptors are all ligand-gated ion channels EXCEPT
Disulfiram, a drug used in treating alcohol abuse, exerts its effects primarily by blocking activation of the GABAA receptor. inhibiting activation of the NMDA glutamate receptor. Anticonvulsants exert their effects by all of the following mechanisms EXCEPT
modifying the activity of voltage-gated Na+ channels. enhancing the action of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). both voltage-gated Na+ channels and thus enhancing GABAA Gingival hyperplasia is a common side effect of Which of the following statements concerning benzodiazepines is NOT correct?
The duration of action of a benzodiazepine can be dependent on the half-life of an active metabolite. Benzodiazepines inhibit glutamate receptor activation.* Benzodiazepines cause short-term memory impairment. Which of the following statements about Carbidopa, a drug used to treat
Parkinson's disease, is CORRECT?
Carbidopa activates dopamine β-hydroxylase. Carbidopa inhibits aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase.* Carbidopa is converted to the false transmitter carbidopamine. All of the following statements about antipsychotics are correct EXCEPT
most classical antipsychotic drugs block dopamine receptors in the brain. some of atypical antipsychotics act at serotonin receptors. antipsychotics can cause Parkinsonian-like side effects. Bacteria can rapidly evolve to develop resistance to antibiotics by all of the
following mechanisms EXCEPT
inactivation of enzymes that metabolize antibiotics.* altering the structure of the target of the antibiotic. Which of the following drugs is contraindicated in women of child-bearing age? A patient who has been taking large quantities of aspirin might show increased postoperative bleeding because aspirin inhibits synthesis of thromboxane and prevents platelet aggregation.* synthesis of prostacyclin and prevents platelet disaggregation. synthesis of prostaglandin and prevents production of blood platelets. thrombin and prevents formation of the fibrin network. intestinal absorption of vitamin K and prevents synthesis of blood clotting factors.
29. Which of the following pharmacologic actions is NOT produced by
Which of the following conditions or effects does NOT result from prolonged
treatment with corticosteroids?
All of the following agents useful for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis can be used
simultaneously with anakinra EXCEPT
The most prominent acute toxic effect associated with acetaminophen use is primarily to treat which of the following conditions? Which of the following drugs or classes of drugs does NOT bind to or interact
with GABAA receptors?
are considered “broad-spectrum” antibiotics because they are effective against all of the following EXCEPT
most Gram-positive bacteria growing aerobically most Gram-negative bacteria growing anaerobically All of the following can be used to treat depression EXCEPT
All of the following statements concerning cephalosporins are correct EXCEPT
they are effective inhibitors of cell wall synthesis. most oral anaerobic bacteria are insensitive to cephalosporins.* Which of the following classes of antibiotics can cause ototoxicity at high doses? All of the following statements concerning prostanoid synthesis via the COX-1
isoform of cyclooxygenase are correct EXCEPT
arachidonic acid is the primary substrate of COX-1. COX-1 is expressed primarily in macrophages, monocytes and the vascular endothelium.* the downstream prostanoid synthases are soluble cytosolic enzymes. aspirin and ibuprofen selectivity inhibit COX-1 versus COX-2. Among the following receptor types, antipsychotic drugs primarily antagonize IT’S THE BONUS ROUND!!!!!!
Two drugs, A and B, have the same mechanism of action. Drug A in a dose of 5 mg produces the same magnitude of response as Drug B in a dose of 500 mg. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? Drug A is more efficacious (greater maximal effect). Drug A has a shorter duration of action. Drug A is a better drug to use when a maximal response is desired. The rate of absorption of a drug will determine Opportunistic infections in HIV infected patients can occur when the CD4 cell count is less than Which of the following agents inhibits the release of arachidonic acid from the membrane? The Browns will win the Super Bowl in 2007 because the Red Sox finally won the World Series, so miracle’s can happen. Art Modell will sell the Ravens and buy the Browns from the Lerner family. LeBron signs for $25M to play quarterback for the Browns. palm trees will suddenly sprout up on our country’s “North Shore”. George Bush drafts all the players on the other teams and sends them to Iraq.

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