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Environmental declaration Page 1 of 2
Product name:
Product application:
Transport regulations:
With battery supply:
ADR, UN 3091 class 9 (lithium battery inequipment) With mains supply:
Kamstrup A/SIndustrivej 28, StillingDK-8660 SkanderborgDenmark Environmental policy:
Product materials:
Weight %
With mains
With battey
Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) *
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) *
Polypropylene (PP) *
Polycarbonate (PC) *
* Plastic
Undesirable substances:
- Brominated flame retardants (in the circuit board material (approx. 15 %) and may also be present in some of the components on the circuit board) Packing materials:
1 pcs box weight
5 pcs box weight
Recommended disposal: Cardboard recycling Production:
All activities at Kamstrups facility takes place in accordance withKamstrups certified ISO 14001 Environmental management system.
(copy of certificate can be delivered upon request).
Environmental impact
Power consumption:
from use of the product:
Emissions to air:
Emissions to ground water:
5509-600 JR, 2003-06-12, Kamstrup A/S, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Environmental declaration Page 2 of 2
The customers are offered the possibility to return worn out Kamstrup by Kamstrup:
meters to Kamstrup for disposal/recycling, if contractually agreed.
When the Energy meters meters are disposed of by Kamstrup minimum20 % of their weight is being recycled.
Disposal must be in accordance with local regulations.
by the customer:
In order to facilitate recycling of materials, Kamstrup recommendsthat the meters are separated in the parts listed below: Part:
Primary materials:
Cables with tempe- Copper, silicone & steel Transformer *
* Only in configurations with mains supply( ) The SAN plastic from the Calculator top and the PP plastic from the Connection unit can only be recycled if front plate and non-plastic parts are removed.
Special handling
Liquid Crystal Display:
precautions when

Lithium batteries:
Do not short the lead wires.
Do not dismantle or burn the batteries.
Transport to disposal:
See transport regulations on page 1.
Further questions:
Contact Kamstrups Quality & Environmental department
5509-600 JR, 2003-06-12, Kamstrup A/S, DK-8660 Skanderborg, Denmark

Source: http://www.honeywell.se/datablad/Matare/M66-CDE_MVD.pdf

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