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Italy’s Partner Country showcase at HANNOVER MESSE 2010: Italy – a leading European research hub
Italy’s HANNOVER MESSE 2010 Partner Country presentation will highlight the country’s
technology skills in the areas of mobility, alternative forms of energy and energy
efficiency. The versatility of the Italian industry is based on a dynamic R&D sector, which
is making a valuable contribution to European research projects at the highest level.
More than 340 exhibitors profile Italy at this year’s Hannover Messe Partner Country presentation and include a large number of research institutions. The lead theme specifically selected for Italy’s participation as Partner Country, “The Art of Sustainability”, reflects the current priorities in the research and development activities of Italian scientists and engineers. The top-level events organized by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), to be attended by many leading Italian research directors, will provide an exclusive insight into the laboratories of Italy’s universities and industrial enterprises. In the words of Umberto Vattani, ICE President and a former Italian ambassador to Germany: “Italy is addressing the enormous challenge of designing sustainable mobility concepts for today’s cities, and is mobilizing top-level research and hi-tech solutions for The program kicks off on Monday, April 19th, with an event focusing on “sustainable mobility”, featuring companies such as Fiat, Ducati, Piaggio and Magneti Marelli. The seminar will be led by the President of the Italian Association of the Automobile Industry (ANFIA), Dr. Ing. Eugenio Razelli, and Guidalberto Guidi, President of the Italian Association of Electrical Industries (ANIE), and will present concepts developed in Italy for the conservation of natural resources as well as emissions and noise reduction. Ansaldo Electronic Driver, Scame Parre and Schneider Electric will showcase innovations for the development of electric vehicles. Speakers at a high-profile industrial forum on “energy for sustainability” include Enrico Elli, Deputy Commissioner from the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Dr. Bruno Tronchetti Provera, CEO Pirelli Eco Technology SpA, ENEL Institutional Affairs Head Dr. Francesco Giorganni, and Dr. Carlo Perego, Senior Vice President from ENI Research Center Italienisches Institut für Außenhandel
ICE Istituto nazionale per il Commercio Estero
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Italienisches Institut
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and Vice-President of the Donegani Institute in Novara, where the ENI group is engaged in application-oriented research on the optimization of photovoltaic systems and biomass. Pirelli laboratories will demonstrate how research on fine dust filters helps cutting emissions of harmful contaminants by up to 90 percent. The future of urban mobility also is a high priority at the FIAT Research Center, where engineers have their minds firmly set on the international target of “zero Stars of European research
The extensive contribution Italian research is making to high-level projects is particularly evident in the space exploration sector. Italian researchers are playing a leading role in the European Very Large Telescope project for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and also in the development of the ALMA radar system. The Franco-Italian company Thales-Alenia is responsible for the important task of the Europe-wide system integration of the individual sub- projects associated with the construction of the Galileo navigation satellite. One sub-project - the construction of the satellite itself – is run by a consortium led by a company that may be based in Bremen, but has Italian origins. The founder of the family-run OHB group, Prof. Dr. Ing. Manfred Fuchs, comes from the Southern Tyrol region and is thus fully familiar with the industrial culture of both countries. Italian subsidiary Gavazzi Space in Milan gives the group a strong base for development activities in Italy. OHB CEO Marco R. Fuchs sees Italy’s industrial versatility as one of the key reasons for the country’s impressive achievements in space exploration and research: “Rather than merely focusing on specific applications, Italy has always pursued the goal of developing and maintaining a broad base of technology skills within the country. The fact that its clusters are internationally competitive is not least due to Italy’s large reservoir of highly motivated and technology-oriented young people.” Other projects at the fair showcasing Italian industrial excellence highlight the major contributions the country’s companies are making to pan-European projects. Italy’s role in the XFEL project as well as the country’s leading-edge laser and photonics technologies will be the keynote themes on Tuesday, April 20 th, at the central pavilion in Hall 6. Italian “Industry Day” on Wednesday, April 21th, will feature presentations of top-level projects in the domain of robotics and materials research. The iCub humanoid robot project is a close collaboration between the universities of Genoa and Bielefeld. This European project takes an interdisciplinary approach to fundamental questions of cognitive understanding. The IIT institute in Liguria has developed a humanoid robot – the only one of its kind worldwide – that literally Italienisches Institut
für Außenhandel
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“learns” movement skills, such as crawling, by assimilating stimuli in its environment, in the same way a 3 1/2-year-old child would do. Professor Giulio Sandini’s international team of researchers from the fields of psychology, neurophysiology, philosophy and computer science is working to make the knowledge gained from the iCub project available to a worldwide research community. The development of new materials creates innovation opportunities in a wide range of industrial sectors. Examples of successful bilateral joint ventures in this context will be discussed in forums on environmental technology and renewable energy forms. Wednesday, April 21th 2010, is “Technology and Investment Day”. ICE Berlin will introduce the new “Technology Atlas” of Italy, and a number of Italian industry parks and research centers will present some of their current projects. The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) has designed the event as a matchmaking opportunity, inviting companies to become acquainted with the wealth of research resources and technology centers Italy has to offer and to explore possibilities for initiating custom-tailored projects. For further information please contact: Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E.) Schlüterstrasse 39 D - 10629 Berlin Germany Tel. 0049-30-88 44 03 0 Fax: 0049-30-88 44 03 11 www.italtrade.com/deutschland E-mail: berlino@ice.it during Hannover Messe: Hall 6/F01 Italia Pavilion Tel. 0049-511-89 49 70 91 Fax: 0049-511-89 49 70 94 and also in Convention Center/CC Arcades Room 222/224 Tel. 0049-511-89 20 14 0

Source: http://www.italien-on-line.de/hannovermesse2010/files/pi_forschung_ice_en_korr.pdf

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