Jungheinrich Nominated for German “Ecodesign 2013” Award As the sole intralogistics firm to make it to the nominating stage, Hamburg-based Jungheinrich has received a certificate of nomination for its mass-production implementation of lithium-ion technology in industrial trucks. On November 11, 2013 Jungheinrich was officially honoured for its EJE 112i – the world’s first mass-produced industrial truck that comes with lithium-ion technology and a certified ecological footprint. Parliamentary State Secretary Ursula Heinen-Esser and the President of the Federal Office of the Environment Jochen Flasbarth presented the certificate of nomination for the “Ecodesign 2013” award to representatives of the Hamburg-based firm. This is the only environmental design award issued by the German federal government, having been issued for the second time this year. The award goes to innovative products, services and concepts which, in the words of the Federal Office of the Environment, “are persuasive both in terms of their design and their environmental concept.” Made up of members from several different fields, this year’s jury nominated a total of 31 products, services and concepts for the design award – with Jungheinrich serving as the sole representative from the intralogistics sector. “We are proud Jungheinrich was nominated for this high honour on the basis of its innovative, leading edge lithium ion technology,” declared Michael von Forstner, Head of Jungheinrich Portfolio Management, accepting the nomination certificate in Berlin. As the world’s first mass produced industrial truck equipped with lithium-ion technology, the Jungheinrich forklift was officially unveiled in May 2011 at CeMAT, the world’s leading intralogistics exhibition. The Jungheinrich innovation combines energy efficient solutions with enhanced customer benefits in terms of handling and ergonomics. The EJE 112i has already been successfully put into operation by clients in several different countries. The nominated vehicle consists of an electric pedestrian pallet truck outfitted with a particularly wieldy battery in the shape of a briefcase. This small, innovative lithium-ion battery – made by Jungheinrich – provides for a 30 percent increase in energy efficiency with longer battery life for ecologically sustainable, day to day vehicle operations. This is true not only for operations in confined spaces, but also in weight-sensitive areas – for example on the tail lifts of lorries. This makes the Jungheinrich EJE 112i the ideal “chain store” vehicle, with even more efficient lorry transportation. The basis for this consists of a 150 kilogram weight reduction for a total weight of just 280 kilograms as well as the improved efficiency of the new energy storage technology. Additional advantages of this lithium-ion battery technology for forklifts consist of zero maintenance, easy battery handling and fast charging and recharging times – all made possible by the Jungheinrich-designed batteries and battery management systems. Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

Source: http://www.jungheinrich.ie/fileadmin/lang_content/ie/Company/Press/Press_releases/Ecodesign_2013.pdf

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