The new Thermo Electron EPD-N2combines excellent photon dosimetry with full-spectrum neutron response, making thisdosimeter ideal for those working inmixed neutron/gamma fields. EPD-N2™
Electronic Personal Gamma-Neutron
- Advanced radiological performance, 25keV-10MeV (photon), thermal – - Excellent performance in mixed gamma/neutron fields - Excellent performance for low-dose measurements - Direct display of Hp(10) for neutrons and for photons - Outstanding immunity to electromagnetic interference - AA battery, lithium or alkaline, interchangeable - Compatible with current or upgradeable Thermo Electron EPD readers, Analyze • Detect • Measure • Control™
- Sensitive to x- and γ-radiation (E > 25keV) and neutrons - Display and enabled functions controlled by button on front face of EPD - Direct readout of Hp(10) for neutron & photon dose - Multiple diode detectors with converters and energy compensation shields - Display units: Sv & rem (with prefixes µ, m), set via internal software - Generally in accordance with ANSI standards 13.11, 13.27 & 42.20 (photons performance) and most aspects of IEC 61525 (neutrons & photons) high impact plastic, easily renewed, strong - Dose display & storage 0µSv to > 16Sv, auto-ranging - Resolution for display: 1µSv (< 10mSv/1rem) ( γ, and neutron under best - Resolution for storage: 1/64µSv (~1.5µrem) (γ), 1µSv for neutron dose - Dose rate display: 0µSv/h to > 4Sv/h (400rem/h), auto-ranging, variable Photon dose rate (2 ), photon dose, combined photon + neutron dose, neutron dose rate, over-range, failure, count - down timer, low Alarm tone, pattern, sound level, mutability - ‘Beep’ for γ-dose with configurable sensitivity- Alarm sounder: sealed, typically 97 dB(A) @ 20cm on ‘loud’ - Short term and Total dose registers for Hp(10) γ & n - Storage of peak photon & neutron dose rates, with date & time 8h/24 with use of ‘OFF’ standby state: - 23 most recent alarms or events stored with date & time ~ 500 dose data points for γ & neutron dose Assumptions: average dose rate < 5µSv/h (<0.5mrem/h), IR communications < 5s, 2x/day, audible alarm sounding <2h total during battery life With a single calibration, the neutron dose estimated by the EPD- N2 will be within approximately + 30% of the true value for many workplace fields IP55 (protection against dust ingress & low pressure jets of water from all directions) - Internal detector self -test under CPU control Exceeds MIL STD 461D RS103; » IEC 1283 & This specification sheet is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Thermo makes no warranties, expressed or implied, in this product summary.
2003 Thermo Electron Corporation, question everything, and Analyze. Detect. Measure. Control are trademarks of Thermo Electron Corporation. LITEPD-N2 12/04 Rev.A Rest of Europe:
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