Entryscan data

GE Security delivers a key component of the total In addition, cocaine, heroin, THC and methamphetamine checkpoint security solution with EntryScan3. A high- can also be identified in a nonintrusive manner.
throughput, non-intrusive walk-through portal that EntryScan3’s patented detection technology allows for enables rapid detection of both explosives and narcotics.
the efficient and accurate detection of the most Microscopic traces of C4, nitroglycerin, PETN, RDX, Semtex and TNT can easily be detected and identified. EntryScan3®
Walk-through Portal for Explosives
and Narcotics Detection

GE Security’s walk-through portalenables the detection of the broadestspectrum of concealed explosive andnarcotic contraband in seconds.
• Airports and seaports
Patented ITMS Technology Advantage
GE Security’s patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS®) technology
detects a wider range of substances with greater accuracy and speed. ITMS
detectors increase ionization efficiency, the main factor for determining
detection sensitivity. Due to the trap and membrane design, ITMS technology
operates well in dusty and humid high traffic areas, maintaining its precision
performance even in harsh “real world” environments.
(For a detailed explanation of ITMS technology and its advantages, please request our “ITMS: The Science Behind the Technology” technical supplement.) Leading Sample Collection Technology
GE’s patented Ion Trap sample collection system takes advantage of a
Upward flow of “human convection plume.” natural airflow phenomenon called the “human convection plume.” Thiseliminates the need for forced air from a fan, which would stir upcontaminants, dirt and dust, and enables EntryScan3 to acquire cleaner Schlieren optic images (above) reveal samples for higher detection sensitivity. This design also requires fewer that all vapors and particles emitted moving parts resulting in quieter operation, reduced weight and improved plume flowing upward around thebody at approximately one-half Easy Operation and High Throughput
meter per second (0.5m/sec). Simple The EntryScan3 automatically controls traffic with a clear visual prompt, yet highly efficient, the “human signaling individuals to enter the portal. If traces of explosives or narcotics convection plume” was first used for are detected—or a person leaves before being prompted to exit—an alarm instantly sounds to facilitate rapid containment. By maintaining traffic control, the EntryScan3 avoids re-screening subjects or allowing individuals to leave the area before complete results are obtained. EntryScan3’s onboard computer handles all data logging automatically, including time, date and University and is now employed with sample analysis for each alarm. For court evidence, a complete history of sampled data can be recalled and printed at any time.
maximize sample collection andanalysis in the EntryScan3. Plasmagrams instantly provide more detail.
Easy touchscreen control is available in virtually any language. For clear, mistake-proofoperation, software functions also have three levels of access: operator, supervisor andadministrator. Detailed sample information from “ion signature” spectrum analysis is displayedas a plasmagram. An intensity map and 3-D view show even more detail. EntryScan3 softwaretakes only minutes to upgrade in the field should new threats appear. Self-diagnostics simplifyupkeep and ensure peak performance.
Features and Benefits
Sensitivity /
• Patented ITMS® technology increases ion population, enabling detection of microscopic Selectivity
• Advanced detection algorithm increases selectivity and minimizes false positives Versatile
• Detects the widest range of targeted substances • Semi-permeable membrane excludes dust and dirt and allows continued operation in environments that have high traffic, humidity or contamination • Identifies multiple explosive or narcotic substances from a single sample • Expandable libraries to accommodate unique user requirements • Automated, visual and audio prompts with customizable settings help control and maintain • Self-contained, low-noise air system eliminates the need for separate, large air compressor Cost Effective
• Reduces capital investments by providing a single solution for both narcotics and explosives • Patented regenerative dryer eliminates the need for monthly dryer replacement, reduces maintenance downtime, and lowers consumables cost • Small footprint, unit size, weight and power requirements reduce installation and operating Reliable
• Rapid, automated calibration assures operational accuracy • Maintains a low, stable, humidity level in the detector allowing for consistent and reliable • Automatically saves test results, preventing intentional or unintentional modification or Ease of Use
• Touchscreen menus on a graphical user interface are easy to learn and operate • Built-in printer for fast hardcopy results or printing at a later date for use as evidence or • Quick analysis and results in as little as 13 seconds U.S. Transportation • EntryScan3 has successfully completed the TSA trace explosive detection laboratories
• Successfully deployed in airports, prisons and other high risk facilities (TSA) Approved
Headquarters & North America Sales
205 Lowell StreetWilmington, MA 01887 USA Detector Type:
< 1% false positive rate on typical subjects Analysis Time:
U.S. Government & Military Sales
Sample Acquisition:
TEL: +1 866 430-1913 FAX: +1 202 862-2654 Safety Class I:
Latin America
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Signal Processing:
Recognition of multiple peaks and multiple explosives Output to bar graph display or time-of-flight plasmagram display Detection Modes:
Substance Libraries:
Narcotics: Cocaine, Heroin, THC, Methamphetamine
Explosives: TNT, RDX, PETN, and Nitroglycerine
Composed Explosives: C4, Detasheet and Semtex-H Additional substances can be added to the standard library. It is stronglyrecommended that this only be performed with GE Security’s assistance. Dimensions
Main Console
Portal Opening
Shipping Weight
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